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Obama Was Unaware of Arms Transfers to Israel-

Officials 'Blind-Sided' When Israel Took Arms Without Asking

The Obama Administration has halted missile shipments to Israel and a huge new diplomatic row, which some officials are calling a “very serious rupture” is emerging tonight, after the Wall Street Journal revealed Israel was taking US weapons to use in Gaza without the permission of the White House.

According to US officials, the Israeli Defense Ministry was getting arms directly from the Pentagon stockpile in their country without asking either the White House or the US State Department’s permission. This was done in spite of the arms coming concurrent with direct US-Israeli talks on another $225 million in US funding for their Iron Dome system.

“We were blind-sided,” noted one US diplomatic, while others said they were particularly concerned that Israel took artillery instead of precision-guided arms to use during their bombardment of civilian areas of Gaza.

More: http://news.antiwar.com/2014/08/14/obama-unaware-of-arms-tra...

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