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Defense Industry Buying Votes for Militarization of Police

With images of heavily armed police confronting protesters in Ferguson, Mo., sparking a national debate about police militarization, a campaign finance research organization has released a study showing how much defense industry money House members got before a June 19 vote that rejected Rep. Alan Grayson’s amendment to block military equipment transfers to local law enforcement. The organization, MapLight, found that those who voted against it got 73 percent more in defense industry donations than those who voted in favor.


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Only individuals should be

Only individuals should be able to donate and there should be a cap on that. This means that they will have to play things smart instead of flooding the ground.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

and Only to Their Representatives

I agree but extend that idea.

Only citizens should be allowed to donate to politicians and only to their own representatives - never to someone else representatives.

Also professional lobbyist should be an illegal job.


However, the reason that corruption is rampant is because of the size and reach of government. If govt was barred from commerce, regulation, interference and manipulation in state and local govts then there would be very little reason for corruption.

No one bribes a man with no power.

Lobbying is practically as

Lobbying is practically as old as our republic, but the size and scope of our federal government is new.