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Natural sunlight in hospitals

Natural sunlight in hospitals would improve health and well-being of staff and patients

(NaturalNews) Walk through any run-of-the-mill hospital today and one will notice that there's more emphasis spent on keeping patients in bed connected to machines than there is helping patients stand to see the light and hope outside. Caring nurses are basically put to work in tunnels that have very little natural light shining through. Artificial light beams from the ceilings, from the televisions in every corner. Hospitals today are void of nature, lacking healing foods, and are sort of like caves with very little natural light and laughter.

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As I get older I find that I

As I get older I find that I love natural light but abhor fake light. First thing I do when I wake up is open the curtains. There's something depressing about those ugly orange/yellow tinged light bulbs. I do use some natural white lights but it's still not the same. I find the sun light so much more relaxing.

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When there are windows,

they don't open and are shaded by plastic blinds. The patient is surrounded by plastics and glaring lights, fed GMO "food-like products" and plenty of sugar plus toxic drugs. It is no wonder pneumonia and other diseases are often contracted in hospitals.

I have been in hospitals a

I have been in hospitals a few times and so far every patient room I have been in has had a window.(wasnt for me, visiting people and all)
I live basically next to one of the largest medical complex areas on the east coast.

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