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Philosophical Query

Why is it that so many who have 'converted' to Libertarianism (as often remarked here on DP) use the language "saw the light" or "waking up"? Also why does it seem that once having switched, seeking this ideal seems to be a life-long, if not even obsessive path?

I have my own theories (which I expect to elaborate later), but am curious to know the community's thoughts

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Once you realize that you own yourself

it becomes difficult to reconcile yourself to being treated as property by the gang named "government."

Once one has been enlightened, the light does not go off.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Coming out...

Many, perhaps most or even all, libertarians are born that way, but our society fails to present them with self-identification options often until they are far into adulthood. In this way, the "enlightenment" language so often used to describe the libertarian "conversion" experience is a form of the late first homosexual experience and subsequent coming out that is so common for rural Southern (often married) men. In neither case is it a true conversion, but rather a belated self-discovery.


and valid points.

In my own view, it seems like the spiritual essence of the Divine (inc. truth / freedom / justice) is inwardly reached and no other loving substitute will authentically suffice the soul.

Similarly and perhaps when fulfilled, our natural time on this earth is complete

I agree with it seeming

I agree with it seeming enlightening. But as demonstrated by Herbert Spencers penned Your Right to Ignore the State. . One can grow tired of what seems like a futile pursuit and turn despot. We now are imposed by the internet and the ability to self publish. Spencer did not have these tools, but you can see how yhe psychology works.

Why are the common folk likely looked down upon by the elites? Is it any wonder when in that station they could be so removed from the roots of humanity that they could resort to despotic manipulation there of?

The truth is like a bright light.

A similar use of words - The Age of Enlightenment

bright WHITE light

the TRUTH is like Katrina, it blows the lies away!

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