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Would You Support A Daily Paul Post / Comment Tax?

On the topic of Nystrom making some coin from this site...

Would you support a system where you pay 5 cents to post a new thread & 1 penny to add a comment?

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I can see the new banner now:
Daily Paul - Peace - Gold - Love - Taxable Comments Section

why not just sell something.

I would much rather purchase some DP merch than see yet another scheme that will lower traffic, free thought, and unique ideas. Leave the general site free.

A marketing team would have long ago brought value to this site.

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If you tax something you get less of it. We want more posts and comments.

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I was going to call it a fee...

But the first comment would be HEY THATS A TAX.
No problem, if it's a bad idea, ok it's fine :)

I draw a clear distinction between unconstitutional government taxes, versus a fee to post on a private individual's website.

But again just throwing out an idea...

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You want to put a tax people who believe taxes are THEFT?

What are you smoking?

I want some. Lol

I understand your trying to help. I don't think calling for new taxes on a libertarian website is the best approach.

Maybe a donation, or a tithe, fee, contribution......, anything but a tax.

I am opposed to any new taxes.

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This sparks a thought I have had for awhile about DP.

Most newspapers and publications pay their writers to write and publish stories. The model suggested here would make writers pay to work.

The writers' work is why everyone is here and is what generates the traffic. The writers are already working for free and generating the work product that generates the traffic for this site with no expectation for anything in return other than a soapbox to the world to possibly help make things a little better by spreading truth and awareness. The writers here are volunteers and should not have to pay to volunteer because they are the ones who make the suite have any traffic at all.

The same goes for Michael and mods. They should not have to pay to facilitate the soapbox either. DP is not like the Huffpost who gets some printed phunny money to be there as a brainwashing tool for the sheep. The DP is organic and unlikely that DP is filled with wealthy people to cover the base.

So where's the solution? I really don't have an answer here but one suggestion to at least look into is actually offering rewards to writers for hard hitting original articles. If high quality original articles could come from the DP writers then possibly these stories could be copyright syndicated stories picked up by other papers and websites for a standard syndication fee per story. Most of the syndication fee could go to the DP with rewards that go back to writers. This is essentially a more traditional newspaper business model and I am not sure that a more traditional newspaper writer model would work but it seems if there was avenue for anyone to become a writer and begin to make an actual income at it then we would see higher quality articles which would get picked up by more publications and generate more traffic.

One other thing that could be considered on the back end is wrapping this entire site coding up into a blogging template that can be sold or licensed to others who want to make a feature rich blogging website based on this format.

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sounds tedious

what he's doing i think is fine.

Very bad idea.

That would drive people away. We are already over 50% to the goal and its only been 5 days, that isnt bad.
More ads could work. Wouldnt hurt to put a couple up advertising DP merchandise either.

One thing I notice is that the DP only uses half my screen space. My screen is 1920x1080. This is good though because human visual range(or at least my visual range) falls within this set area so I dont have to scan my eyes or head very far to see everything. The point though is that more ads in the form of banners could conceivably go off to the each side without much trouble. Vertical banners about half the width of ad above the active forum topics would fit without being outside of visual range.
Another thing is that an ad could go directly below this box im typing in since that is unused space while I am making a post.

Another thing is perhaps more targeted ads could happen. I know they will work off cookies and that is pretty standard, but perhaps some that are more geared towards the specific topics on this site might get a bit more response.

One other thing though. I know of a couple sites that have an ad pop-up over the screen(this is NOT a separate window/tab) when you first get there, you simply can click the little x(or close button) to close it and it wont come back as long as you stay on the site.

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Ad Page

[I also suggested this to Ben Swann for his site.]

People want to support and advertise, readers don't want to be interrupted.

Make a special tab/page listing donors/advertisers/sponsors/supporters.


Sites get income; advertisers get customers; donors/sponsors/supporters get recognition; readers gets peaceful uninterrupted surfing; liberty, truth, news is spread.

And SPACE DOESN'T RUN OUT. Several people have tried to advertise on the DP but are being turned away because there are no vacancies.

Michael and Ben should cut out middle-man and create special 'ad' pages.


IMO OP, paying to post will lose content, members, and traffic.

I would rather watch

a advertisement video or similar to be able to log in.

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Is not anywhere near high enough to do the job, imo.

For example, I've posted nearly 2,000 threads and made 20,000 comments over the years. By your rates, I should pay $300. I've given nearly that much for just this year. The rates would have to be way higher, and whose is going to keep track of who owes what & how to enforce? I think that using this type of system would only diminish the amount of communications here. The high level of communication is one of the best things about DP.

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I'm not suggesting taking away paid memberships...

Whatever you donate, you can keep donating.

I'm just suggesting something broadly covering all traffic on the DP. Perhaps in aggregate, it would amount to something that could help. What amounts do you think would be fair? Let's assume it can be implemented, like you are simply billed monthly for the comments and posts you had for that month, or you could auto-pay through paypal or something.

Regarding diminishing the communications. Perhaps that could happen. Or perhaps it would cut down on some of the spam or needless bickering...?

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Why not just a membersip fee?

Something modest but adequate to get the job done.

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Yes, not saying taking away memberships...

Some people will want to have paid memberships and I'm not saying discontinue that.

I'm just saying adopting a tax on the posts and comments to generate some additional funds. Broadly speaking, would a post/comment tax be a fair way to generate additional revenue?

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof