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African American frustrated with Ferguson MO riots - Video

If this video has already been posted, then disregard!

This video is well worth your time watching, a breath of fresh air. Only an African American could get away with stating what the core issues are in the African American community.


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When the provocateur comes

When the provocateur comes around and says lets rob the place, perhaps the would-be robbers would remember this man's advice, and turn away. Better than going along.

Kasuwelltv3 had a great rant too.

I would encourage people to check out his rant as well. (Warning: He uses strong language in his rant.) 


Pretty rough language, but he got the point across very clearly!

My hats off to him for not sugar coating it, we need more African Americans to do the same!

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meh.. not the greatest

meh.. not the greatest rant... we need to change? ok.. how, and in what way? wasnt really mentioned in this 'epic' rant

I don't think you watched the whole video. I thought he stated

quit clearly what changes ware needed, and which parties needed to do the changing.

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