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Libertarians Hoping Amash Gets Like-Minded Help in November

Libertarians have high hopes for several Republican House seat hopefuls this fall who they see as potential allies for Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, an outspoken libertarian who stands nearly alone with his political views.

On Tuesday, Tom Emmer's win in Minnesota gave them reason to celebrate more, as they see him as a possible heir to outgoing Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann's seat who will also help to back up Amash's point of view, reports The Washington Examiner.

Amash himself follows in the steps of former Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul, the standard-bearer for the libertarian cause who famously fought to end the Federal Reserve and pull back on the war on drugs.

But Amash does not have a lot of backing in the House, so even a few like-minded representatives could help with his agenda.

Emmer, who has been endorsed by libertarian organizations, and campaign consultant David FitzSimmons, describes him as being "very much a states' rights guy" who would not necessarily follow the Democratic party line.

"He's his own person, so his views may align with some people sometimes and with others different times," FitzSimmons said.

But Emmer is not alone with his libertarian-leaning opinions. Five other possibles running in red states or facing vulnerable Democrats include Andrew Walter in Arizona; Stewart Mills, Minnesota; Alex Mooney, West Virginia; Carl DaMaio, California; and Clint Didier, Washington.

Walter's primary election will be Aug. 26 and hopes to challenge Democratic Rep. Krysten Sinema. Banking heir entrepreneur John Ramsey, who has backed many libertarian candidates, including Amash and Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, says Walter's opposition to the drug war drew his attention. His group, Liberty for All Action Fund, endorses Walter.

Ramsey said he also feels Mills would back Amash on "probably every issue."

"As I travel across the 8th Congressional District, I hear over and over again from people who are concerned that Washington's gotten too far away from a few fundamental principles: personal responsibility, individual liberty, and a limited government that respects those rights," Mills said in a statement.

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Libertarians have a question

Reported: "Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, an outspoken libertarian who stands nearly alone with his political views."

Libertarian Question: Justin Amash who do you prefer in the biggest battle in the 2014 Election:

1. Republican Rick Scott (R-FL) who want's to get $51 billion in Federal tax dollars for Medicaid EXPANSION, which all of our unborn grandchildren will be paying off forever.


2. Libertarian Adrian Wyllie (L-FL) who wants to shrink the State Budget by 30%.

Trust me, no other Republican would have the guts to endorse a Libertarian. But it would help the country.

If Justin picked #2 the Republican Governor's Association (RGA) would go insane. These Governors would be high-pressuring their Congress-people to not upset Justin Amash because he plays hard-ball and they don't want Justin talking about them. Just do what that Michigander Amash wants.

It would take GUTS I know. Justin would become famous and be the next VP.


Amash choosing a libertarian candidate would be sweet revenge against the GOP establishment for what they did to him during the election, but he would still be sticking to his principles, 2 birds, 1 stone.