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Surprising Reason - Rupe Millennial Poll Results - Nearly Half Would Ban Bitcoin!

Reason Rupe Spring 2014 Millennial Poll:

45% of Millennials think the government should "Prohibit" or "Mostly Prohibit" Bitcoin (page 24)

33% of Millennial Libertarians believe government has a responsibility to reduce the income gap (page 11)

23% of Millennial Libertarians want socialism (page 11)

From the Reason-Rupe Spring 2014 Millennial Survey Magazine- doesn't seem to be online.

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Except that over half are

Except that over half are opposite this. I would like to know the backgrounds of those asked or perhaps more specifically the part of the country noting if they are in a major city etc.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


Here's a link to the actual poll results.

When the poll speaks of "Millenial libertarians," they refer to people aged 18-29 who self-identify as "libertarians." Where these people would actually fit on a Nolan Chart is anybody's guess. Many decided they were "libertarians" based solely on social issues, which explains the economic weirdnesses you just mentioned.

And bad news: which presidential candidate do Millenials like best?

Get out a barf bag.

You've been warned.

Hillary. 53% of Millenials "would consider" voting for her. Rand Paul? Only 17% -- and he does best of all Republicans.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

This is not true

Millenials are anyone aged 18-29

Nothing to do with those above who identify as libertarians.

Dyslexic much?

Try reading what I wrote one more time. If it needs further clarification, my point was that those labeled "millenial libertarians" in the poll are those who identified themselves as such; the question of what "libertarian" means, in their minds, is very much open. Those "libertarians" who approve of socialism(23%) and who favor Democrat candidates (22%) most likely don't have a CLUE what the word means.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Thanks for the link

I think sometimes big government bill maher calls himself libertarian
How can a libertarian want to ban bitcoin or want socialism?
I dont like bitcoin at all but would never want it banned

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