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Washington State Pot Law In Danger As City Of Fife Claims Federal Law Trumps State Laws

WA State Law I-502 legalizing marijuana was passed in 2012.

But the city of Fife, WA has made it illegal to own a marijuana business in that city and is arguing that states do not have the right to pass laws which usurp federal laws.

Sounds like quite an establishment republican strong-hold there.

If Fife is successful in its argument, it may mean the new state law legalizing marijuana could be in danger at the state level.

I don't use pot (tried it years ago but wasn't my thing), but I voted to legalize it because I believe the drug war is a hoax against Americans for a vitimless "crime."

It's also big money for law enforcement and corrections industry.

I'll bet most of the people who voted against this law drink alcohol or use some other mind altering substance (and yes that includes caffeine).

Yet in their hypocritic manner, they advocate jailing people for using a weed which God grows naturally on this earth.

In fact, pot is probably the least refined of all drugs or alcohol.

If Fife is able to get the new pot law overturned at the state level, I can only imagine the utter bedlam which will ensue.

Like I said, I don't use weed, but I do believe in states' rights to thumb their noses at ridiculous federal laws and federal overreach.

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So Using this same reasoning

cities in Western New York State wouldn't have to adhere to the NY SAFE Act ("assault weapon & High Cap Mag ban)as Federal law allows for these items ???

Ron Swanson

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The ACLU will pounce on this warped legal interpretation.

Only the Constitution trumps state law. The 9th and 10th Amendments are the keys to individual and states rights. The state of Washington has already decided this issue.

The US Constitution limits

The US Constitution limits the federal governments powers and has nothing to do with the individual State. The State Constitutions limit State powers, but neither limit the rights of the individual. Individuals are only bound by the Natural Law of property rights and contract right.

And pls elaborate on how you think the ACLU will have a field day with that concept.

I believe the city of Fife,

I believe the city of Fife, WA has the legal authority to ban the business of marijuana, but not because Fed law trumps state law but because the sovereign power resides with the individual. The closer to the individual you get the more authority granted to you. Therefore the cities have more power than the states, but only if the true will of the people in that city. Individuals create families, families create communities, communities create cities, cities create states and states created the federal government. Each group can only exist with the consent of the individuals involved. Learn how to withdraw your consent, it isn't as simple as saying you don't agree. Educate yourselves and other. Learn property rights and contract rights. Be compassionate, kind and respectful, we were all lost souls at one point. We can have a better future

Fife is a disgusting

shithole ripe with corruption. I dont even like driving on the freeway past that place. But i will say this isnt just in Fife other cities as well have passed ordinances prohibiting the stores from operating in their limits.


It sounds like the sewer is

backed up there.

Get the Libertarian cleaners to flush out the chit from the City.


Isn't that the true meaning

of Liberty. A group of like mined individuals expressing their support/non-support of an issue? The people of Fife, I would assume, had a say in whether to accept marijuana businesses or not. They chose no. Here in NV, the city is in the process of licensing medical marijuana dispensaries. As a business man, I was sent a card asking my opinion if I wanted one nearby my business. My choice was no and if there were more like minded businesses near my establishment, they would not create the dispensary. That is my choice and the choice of by business neighbors and it was heard. The dispensary was moved elsewhere.

this issue has already been ruled on

i don't remember if it went all the way to the scotus but i think it did.

federal law does not trump state law unless state law is in violation of the constitution. there is no constitutional amendment against marijuana like there was with alcohol.

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I'm not so sure about that.

From what I can tell, this issue is not a done deal and in fact, Fife is not the only city doing this.

Now the question becomes, can a city law trump a state law?

I guess if you believe in state's rights (like I do) then it could be argued you must believe in city's rights.

If you keep breaking it down it ends up with the individual's rights which decentralizes things down to the presonal level.

This is the principle which our country was basically founded upon.

But we still must have laws because (some) humans act inherently evil.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

scotus refused to hear the case so the lower court ruling stands

so yeah the cities can not use the excuse that they don't have to comply with state law because it is trumped by federal law. the courts have also ruled that just because states legalize does not mean the feds can't still come into the state and raid/prosecute people....

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will not get involved in a dispute over California's medical marijuana law.
California joined a handful of pro-Marijuana groups in asking the Court to not take the case. They argued the specifics of this case made it a "poor vehicle" for the high court to use in deciding such a controversial issue.


The CSA [Controlled Substances Act] explicitly provides that states can implement and enforce their own drug laws using state-level resources and manpower. Even if state laws differ from federal laws, the federal government cannot trump or invalidate them.[...]

Can the federal government arrest and prosecute people under federal law who use medical marijuana in California even though it is legal under state law? Yes.
Can the federal government force California to make medical marijuana illegal under state law and to arrest and prosecute medical marijuana patients? No."

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I know a guy on the Fife City Council

Will ask his opinion of this and pass it on here.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul