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How Can We Make 2016 Different?

It seems obvious that presidential elections are rigged. In 2012 there was blatant voting fraud, media blackout, and arbitrary delegate rule changes to insure that Romney, not Ron Paul, would get the Republican nomination. I suspect that Romney was chosen to be, in effect, Obama's Vice President in case the latter were to become unelectable. We know that there aren't significant differences between those two. My question is, how can we make 2016 different and legitimate, providing someone like Rand or the Judge campaigns for the presidency?

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Maybe lobby for new election

Maybe lobby for new election rules to expose the programming that the black boxes use. Why in the world isn't the programming open for all to see? As long as the votes are not counted propper we don't have a chance.

I have worked the poles as a pole deputy and I can tell you with the electronics not one of the 30 people working my polling place had any idea of the count. We simply hooked the machines up to the phone lines. So much room for corruption at the top!

EDIT: I still find it hard to beleive Ron Paul lost in his own district. The district that sent him to congress year after year!

What??? Dr. Paul "lost" in his own district???

I didn't realize that Dr. Paul "lost" in his own district! Yikes! We sure do need new election rules and dependable ways to actually count the votes. Thanks for the info. That's mind-boggling.

Edward Moran

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There is no substitute for inspiration, enthusiasm, & emotion.

Make no mistake about what this effort will take and what things don't need to be changed. Just because all of the inspiration, enthusiasm, & emotion in the last campaigns did not change the final results, don't think for one minute that those qualities need any modifying. They will be just as important in the upcoming election as they were in the past. If you don't feel something in your gut/heart, then there is absolutely no chance that it will ever happen. You have got to believe in the possibility that it can happen for it to become a reality. The candidate(s) are the ones who must ignite this fire.

Ron is the only candidate to ever ignite any sort of fire in me

What a fucking inspiration that guy was.

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Stick to the Ron Paul strategy

Victory from within. Take over the Republican party from the ground up.

Change party platforms, tap Liberty-minded candidates, expose RINOs, etc.

It is an unstoppable strategy, and has proven wildly successful already.

Rand or no Rand, no point stopping now.


Do our best to influence the left on our causes, however hard that may be.

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We can't. We just keep going, IMO.

But they are stuck with their propaganda and we are free to morph into what is needed at any moment in time.

Every where I turn I find Ron Paul is right, Freedom is popular.

Free includes debt-free!

young americans for liberty..525 campus chapters

And over 130,000 college members will drive the Rand Paul election with the millennials...probably have over 600 campus chapters by spring 2016...I predict he will hit rock star status on college campuses by then...and im sure Ron will be speaking regularly. .. ( not exactly for rand)..not stumping...just stirring up the college campuses...I predict this will get far bigger than Rons 2008..or 2012...

Hey, Estaban3


Edward Moran

Be there to count the votes!

From the Townships on up.


Don't vote.

Don't join in to the "games".

I tend to agree until we have

I tend to agree until we have a fair game.... Maybe the answer is to get the rules changed now before the election.

I Have Considered

I have considered that, but dropping out is not the answer for me.

Edward Moran

Suit up

The best way - get back to what we do best. Suit up and be delegates once again. Back to the battle field with greater numbers and increased momentum. Donate, volunteer, evangelize.

I can't remember who to credit for this quote but it is full of truth: "Overnight success takes 10 years"... 08'-16'

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Voting Fraud

Voting fraud must be confronted every step along the way. Like someone said, the voters don't decide elections, it's those who count the votes.

The main focus should be on

The main focus should be on forming a well organized and locally powerful base of politically active individuals. That way, we can win smaller races, and actually take the country back soon. Even if we don't win the presidency in. Those of us who are serious about this should go into this cycle with the goal, but not the expectation of winning. In politics, there should be more focus on: "What will I have accomplished by running if I lose?"

Keep in mind that the vast majority of candidates lose their elections. If you do not go into this with the right mindset, you WILL most likely become depressed by the outcome. We are in this for the long haul. Huge strides were made in 2012, unfortunately, most were to depressed by Ron Paul losing the nomination to notice.

Well said :-)

You are rested up, I see.

Now it's my turn, the past couple days have been exhausting.

Stonewall, if you decide to run as nat del, we will definitely have to have that well-deserved brewsky together.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

We will win in 2016

It's already decided it will be Rand VS some Democrat, probably Hillary.

Hillary is a bad campaigner. On the other hand, Rand Paul is great.

Rand has solid solutions yet he is politically flexible enough to win.

No Republican could lose to Hillary.

What will Dr Ron Paul say when his son is President of the United States?

He'll say, "END THE DANG FED,BOY!!!!"


He Will Also Say

Bring them home, Son!!! :)

Edward Moran


Man that last sentence sent a chill up my leg!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

All Republicans will lose against the Wife of Bill

Except one - Dr. Rand Paul.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Not because Hillary is that good

It's because all other Republicans are that bad. They suck.

Restore FREEDOM / Vote Rand Paul

Perfected the suck

Republicans have perfected how much they suck, and they are about to double-down by perpetuating dynasty.

"As Jeb Bush eyes 2016..." http://tinyurl.com/mzksyds

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

The Media Problem

We did challenge the media blackout in 2012 with some success, but not enough to make a significant impact on the nomination. Maybe we should reconsider social media and become, as much as possible, the media.

Edward Moran

Rand is way to mainstream to be black listed

That wont be a problem this time..

Rand is way to mainstream to be black listed

That wont be a problem this time..