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Walter Jones: 'No Hope for America's Future' Without Declassification of 9/11 Secrets


"In an interview with the Ron Paul Channel on VoicesofLiberty.com, Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) shares his thoughts on the 28 pages redacted from the 9/11 Commission report. He and Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) introduced H. Res 428 last year demanding the declassification of 28 pages of information to give the American public a clearer picture of who was involved in the 9/11 attack."

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Repost from similar link: "A Thought"

I am near positive none of the following will be mentioned in those 28 pages:

1. Controlled Demolition (A hypothesis which has stood up to scrutiny)
2. White vans packed with explosives and Israeli Mossad agents
3. Israeli security companies held contracts at all airports of which terrorists departed
4. Security at the WTC was contracted out to an Israeli security company

What does this mean?
--> In my honest opinion the 28 pages are an answer to the out cry for truth. People everywhere in ever expanding numbers are questioning the official story. In tandem, AE911 Truth is gaining more credentialed endorsees every day.

Maybe the powers that be feel they might some day have to provide further disclosure?
Perhaps the "28 pages" are on the back burner should that day ever arrive?

Just a thought.

Two planes, three buildings?

2. The White Vans

The only white van we have actual corroboration of, didn't have any explosives and definitely were not full of explosives. That was the "Dancing Israelis" van. From the FBI report, a piece of fabric from the van (although unclear what kind of fabric) tested positive for an unnamed explosive substance.

The news reports of the white van on the George Washington bridge/parkway, haven't been confirmed. Last year I read a well researched forum entry elsewhere with links to official retraction for the Dan Rather reporting of the George Washington bridge/parkway "van full of explosives." It seems it was miscommunication and mix up with the "Dancing Israelis" van.

We have an audio recording that sounds to be a legit police communication, but hasn't been corroborated, of a van that was allegedly chased down, suspects jumped out, van blew up, suspects apprehended. Again, it hasn't been corroborated independently.

There were no other vans of explosives. I just read a recent story about the FBI in Florida, about a wealthy businessman who resided in Jerusalem who planned to establish a muslim compound (implying radical islamist) in Florida. Really, Jerusalem? Interesting.


It says the Tampa FBI office “has determined that (blank) is an antagonist of the United States of America. (Blank) resides in Jerusalem. (Blank) allegedly has held regular and recurring meetings at his residence to denounce and criticize the United States of America and its policies. (Blank) is allegedly an international businessman with great wealth.”

In November 2001, (blank) visited the United States for the first time. He traveled to Sarasota, Florida, opened a bank account and made initial queries into the purchase of property in south central Florida. (Blank) intends to establish a Muslim compound in Central Florida. (Blank) revealed that (blank) is fearful of (blank) and fears that (blank) intends to begin offensive operations against the United States if he is able to purchase property and establish a Muslim compound in Central Florida.”

Alan Sabrosky


May as well cite the inspiration for my comment as well.

Not sure as to the "truth" about the vans.

The message remains: Israel's complicity is not within those 28 pages.

Two planes, three buildings?

@Curb How do you come to this conclusion?

"The message remains: Israel's complicity is not within those 28 pages."

I think there is a high chance there is info re: their complicity,,prbly Saudi family also....that would easily explain the reason for keeping these pages redacted, no?

heartening information

This vid is also up on LewRockewell. I guess that I'll be contacting congresscritters.


Let's say

the bill doesn't make it in congress. What would happen if Jones, Massie, Lynch, et al. had a press conference and told the American people what was in those 28 pages anyway? Or at least, what if they threatened to do it to make sure the bill succeeds? We don't have a recent history of protecting whistleblowers, (and I'm not positive if this would fit the definition of whistleblower or not). But what if they threatened to go public, and could get the American people to protect them? Could we get promises from groups like the Oath Keepers, maybe some militias, police, and members of the public to protect them?
This is obviously a stream of conscious comment, I'm just off the cuff now. I guess what I'm asking is, what can we do to make sure we find out what is contained in those pages that would not endanger the congressmen in question? Is there anything?

Technically they can't do that.

Way back in 2003-2004, Senator Bob Graham (FL) raised this issue (of the missing 28 pages on Saudi Arabia) when he ran for President in the Democratic Primary.

But neither Graham then, nor Walter Jones now are legally allowed to speak publicly about "classified", redacted, "State secrets". They would be charged with 'treason', and immediately lose their seat.

Edward Snowden was able to succeed by first moving out of Country, and then working through a courageous foreign journalist (Glenn Greenwald at The Gaurdian), and planning an asylum in a foreign country.

But I doubt a U.S. Congressman (or a Senator), would go to those lengths. The only way to do it is to leak the information that they know through some Independent whistleblowing body ...like WikiLeaks. But it is hard to do this without being found out (Bradley Manning, Snowden, etc.)

So I don't have too much hope for this.

But I would bet you that Bob Graham knows something here. He pounced on this issue in 2003, but it got no play. Nobody seemed to care then.


I was thinking they may have to leave the country first. Of course, someone on the 9-11 Commission could leak the info...

I just received the 2014 Census Test; I'm going to redact all of my answers and send a note that I'll answer the government when the government starts answering us.

Why not use the Freedom of

Why not use the Freedom of Information Act to disclose those classified pages? I'm surprised they did not bring that up.

Oooooooooooooo... lose their seats.

How frightening.

I don't care if Congressmen

I don't care if Congressmen Jones, Massie, et al are "obliged not to speak about" the redacted pages, IT IS THEIR DUTY TO BLOW THE WHISTLE!


You criticize the few congressmen who are actually doing something to provide the public some light on the situation? We don't live in a binary world friend. They are trying to do what is right and live to fight another day. There are about 425 congresspeople that you need to focus your wrath on.

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

I can see how you might

I can see how you might misconstrue my comments as "critcizing", but my point was that they should not stop halfway and just blow the friggin whistle!!

Doing "what is right", is to immediately (13 years after the fact), inform the American people of wtf EXACTLY HAPPENED and WHO EXACTLY was involved. Exactly how long is the courteous amount of time to wait and play legal games???

The "live to fight another day" part is not really a big concern. If the info is evidence of major crimes and coverup, then ALL whistle blowing Congressmen would be forgiven by the people. It is their duty.

I understand

what you mean, but my concern is that being "forgiven by the people" doesn't matter. Many people "forgive" Snowden, but it doesn't mean that he's not in danger from our government. If they were to blow the whistle, presumably they'd lose their seat in congress. But really WE would lose them in congress. If blowing the whistle means all of these congressmen would be replaced, I can't say I'm on board 100%. Make no mistake; I'd love for someone who has read the 28 pages to leak the info - but I'm not sure I'd love it at the expense losing some critical thinking congressmen who appear to be 'on our side' in this. So I think it's up to the people to make sure this info can be released in a way that doesn't endanger the congressmen.
I don't think in 2014, knowing all that we know about how whistle-blowers are treated and about how "truthers" are treated in the media and by the public at large, that we can be reckless about how this info comes out. I think the people need to demand action; I'm just not entirely sure how we should all go about it.

We've waited long enough...

I agree that I dont want to lose good people . and since quite a few people have had access to the material, I hope that someone leaks the info asap...plausible deniability will be there to protect the leaker. Otherwise we could just wait another 5 or 13 or 30 years for some answers when everyone involved is long-dead.



Blow the doors open, more truth coming.........!!!!!!!!!

Swingin the bat, LIBERTY!

kind people rock



"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant



kind people rock

Congressman Thomas Massie also co-sponsor

Congressman Massie has been very vocal about this. He's discussed it at length on several programs.


Jones And Paul Hit A "Homerun"


ecorob's picture

This is why I don't get too choked up...

when I hear the rumors of the DP's eminent demise.

I belong to Ron Paul's Voices of Liberty website and it is an excellent production.

The DP is a beautiful Ark that carried us all into a more intelligent, engaged future where we were able to remember, if not totally regain control of, our autonomy.

The next step is ours. The covenant is real.

Thank you, Michael! I don't lament the passing of the Ark of the Daily Paul for long when I begin to celebrate it's history and the impact it had, and will always have, on our lives.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Ron Paul's empathy is shining

Ron Paul's empathy is shining through when hearing about the vets.

BIG Bump!

For my favorite doctor!

Rand needs to introduce a senate version

of Mr. Jones bill. It could blow the socks off the 911 conspiracies and bring Rand into a positive "lime light."

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
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