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A Shiite Muslim Civilian vs. A Member of ISIS in Iraq

This is me putting myself in the shoes of these two individuals: a Shiite Muslim civilian in Iraq and a member of ISIS in Iraq. I focus on the unintended consequences of our intervention in the Middle East through these characters. I know some of you wish to use military force now, so this is my response.

You Americans have left my country of Iraq broken and splintered. I long for the days under Saddam Hussein. However, I feel conflicted by this sentiment that I know my countrymen share. He may have not been a benevolent ruler, but he kept the extremists at bay. Now I have to worry about the prospect of a Sunni caliphate oppressing my people. The ISIS are knocking at our door. I look at the strict cultural changes in Afghanistan since the war between the Soviets and American-financed Mujahideen broke out and wonder if the same fate will befall my family. Your American regime is back tracking on its plan to leave us alone by considering the use of air strikes to aid us in defense against the ISIS. Haven’t you caused enough strife? What consequences will come of your continued involvement in our affairs? We must be the ones to settle this dispute. Iran is already offering their services. They actually have a stake in who takes control of my country; not you. I must make this sincere plea to your people. Lay down your arrogant beliefs of how you think my people can be saved. Every action you take leads to harsher circumstances my people have to endure.

Sometimes I believe you Americans are our secret ally. You do our work for us! You pretended that we had a presence in Iraq to suit your interests. Now, because of you, we have the ability to succeed in our goal for an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. I must ask that you continue your slights against Muslims. With every wrong you commit, a new group of militants is recruited to our cause. This is what we want. You have practically littered the battlefield with weapons at our disposal. We are more clever than you. Your policies have been turned against you. You have even gone so far as to provide us with support to defeat Bashar al-Assad’s government. I didn’t know it was so easy to deceive you. On behalf of my Sunni brother’s I thank you and wish to continue doing business.

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The price is worth it

I can prove it in a 23 second video:


Yes, RG, we believe the price is worth it.

What will overt bombing turn into in Iraq after the airstrikes? We were justified in the late 90's? Are we justified in the mid 2010's? You've gotta be kidding me. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Love thy enemy.

I'm with you Rebelucion

that was Madeline Not-Bright.