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Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

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You do realize, that this is

You do realize, that this is possible because the Swiss:

1) Have mandatory military service, which means that their gun-owners are typically trained in how to use their firearm, which makes them an actual threat. As opposed to many yahoos in this country that get trained playing counter-strike.

2) Have serious, serious repercussions for using or even drawing a gun in public. Here in the US, threatening someone by pointing a loaded firearm at them is considered mild. In Switzerland, it is a very severe act.

3) Require that gun wielders regularly clean and maintain their guns, with regular inspections. There is mandatory recertification and training (all paid by the state I believe).

4) Track and regulate all the ammo that goes into the guns. If you fire the gun, they'll be able to track the shell casing back to you.

5) Numerous other restrictions in to the selling of guns and ammo.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Causal Nexus

I agree with a comment below, we need to be careful about overestimating our certainty of causality. Logically yes, I would think that robbers would be less likely to randomly invade homes if they knew that most people were armed.

However, that doesn't mean that gun availability is the ONLY factor that influences violence. It could be a combination of guns and culture, or population density, or cars versus walkers, race, gender, sports, weather, MEDICATION, etc.!!! Saying guns is the only factor that determines levels of violence is, as stated below, just as stupid as the opposite argument that guns cause violence.

I was told by Swiss citizens that handguns are rare, and even the government rifle argument is misleading since they can NOT have ammo at home. Maybe in the Swiss case their lower home invasion rate is due to the rough terrain or weather!!!!

So has this place finally succumb to the left?

Am I seriously reading people below saying PROTECTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROTECTION?

How do you even debate something that defies definition. Consequences are everything. It's like claiming people would invest in anything if they were able to lose everything, and that profit plays no role what so ever.

Have the few of you ever heard of causality? Suppose you were able to commit a "crime" like robbery and you KNEW 100% that you would not have any recourse from it - you're telling me that you wouldn't do it? Riiiiggghhhhhhttttttttt.

Rather misleading


The swiss are number 4 in guns per capita and are still half that of the US. They're actually right in between Yemen and Finland...

Yep, thinking guns have

Yep, thinking guns have something to do with violence levels in a society, Is on the same intelligence level of believing guns kill people, when it is clearly people that kill people.

Cultural attitudes have far more to do with violence levels.

So then what was the revolutionairy war about?

Should they of just not defended themselves, and asked for seperation? Isn't that actually what they did, until we were invaded by our "protectors".

How do you stop a crime without protection? I'm seriously curious on this. I must admit I feel like I'm debating my pigeons here.

Would you recommend your daughter no be raped by peeing herself, vomitting -- what ? Do you honestly think the idea of getting shot for doing something is not a deterrent? How tight are those bolts in your neck frankenstien?

What does the revolutionary

What does the revolutionary war have to do with the price of rice in China? The previous comment pointed out that the Swiss have less guns than America and a lower crime rate. More guns alone equals lower crime rates is over simplifying a conclusion because it makes for catchy slogans.

Another black and white conclusion to draw is because I question their premise, I am a gun grabber of some sort. I am quite the opposite, however I won't engage in forming up in unthinking tribes on either side of an issue.

It's not as simple as more or less guns make a safe society. There are other factors to look at such as cultural attitudes towards violence, poverty, and several other things I am too tired to come up with right now.

As far as the revolutionary war goes, I don't believe in fairy tales that are contrary to everything I know about the self serving nature of the human condition. The "founding fathers" (a name that implies you need a daddy to take care of you) all had their own selfish motivations involved in making a power play against the crown, and it could be argued whether or not the outcome was good for the populace, but lets not anoint them with sainthood quite yet.

That pee or vomit on one's self is something Alex Jones mentions all the time, or at least he did last time I listened to him about 6 months ago. Of course your daughter has a right to self defense, but that has nothing to do with the level of offensive violence in a society.

Not what I was told by a Swiss!

Funny, I discussed the gun topic with some 20 somethings from Switzerland and they were totally anti gun. They were perplexed by the American desire to own guns.

I brought up the mantra I've heard about the Swiss and how they all receive training with guns, but they said that is the extent of it. All guns are then locked away, and there is no crime.

I shared all of our pro gun reasons, but they did not agree. They prefer the gun free society and claim Switzerland is proof of anti-gun policy working.


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Guns. Lots of guns.

Small countries with a

Small countries with a largely homogenous population also contributes.


The population is not

The population is not homogenous. There are French, Italian, and German people in that territories. The latin and the germanic based languages and people are very different.

It is Switzerland not Sweden.

So dig deeper..

how many places are there in Switzerland that compare with say..Chicago, Ferguson, Detroit..etc..

I hate when people downvote a perfectly good answer..

Just because it doesn't fit within their thought process. First thing I did after reading the title, was to visit the page you linked, and the answer was obvious.


If one is to build a house, one will require the appropriate tools. The same is true to build and maintain freedom.

Tools of Freedom...


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