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UNcanny Witness Interview in Mike Brown shooting

I was watching the interview with the witness from the Mike Brown, Ferguson, MO shooting.

The first time I watched it, I was alone and I thought to myself... 'this dude seems way too calm and well spoken to have just witnessed his friend getting shot to death. The interviewee sounded like Huckleberry Finn reading a police report.

Let's be honest in that it is looking bad for Mike's story. This is not a judgement on the situation at all; however, the cop looks to have acted within protocol.

I watched the clip again with a friend, and I mentioned this thought to him. He is a former marine; he too thought it odd.

Finally, this morning I was going for a walk, and I was asking myself questions regarding this uncanny interview.

What are the possible reasons for the uncanny interview? I came up with three basic possibilities:

1. He received assistance and coordination AFTER the events took place but AFTER the interview.

2. He is just that articulate and calm, and the interview was spontaneous.

3. He received assistance and coordination BEFORE the events took place but BEFORE the interview.

I have a hard time putting them in a most likely to least likely sequence. The above is my best attempt, but my rational mind is just not settling on this...

Anyone want to join the process of applying logic to this interview?


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1:50 - 1:54 fruedian slip?

"the cop was [still] trying to get out of the car"


is the officer having difficulty trying to get out of the car?

I don't understand your #1

How does anything that happened AFTER the interview affect the interview ?

He has a lawyer

The first thing you do with EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that cannot speak english that is going before the public/jury is too teach them english. Or how to sound constructed and organized. Remember trayvons GF that called everyone that was white "crazy crackers" without even wincing? I know people want to forget about that part, but it happened even the court panel+gallery lost their breath.
(She looks like the hippo guy from NES Mike tyson's punch-out lol)

It's beyond obvious when he breaks accent to use words you can tell he has no idea what they mean.

It should become apparent at this point to the conspiracy folks that blacks have become pawns in the lefts game of government control. I hate to say it but this dude has fucking tattoos on his neck. You can see how the rest of the people speak on camera and realize if he ACTUALLY talked like that in public he would get his ass beaten. Not in the regular public I mean like public housing, public. I can hear it now "Mannn, you sounded like a mofo'ing ankle tam man".

Let's just lower the bar for them a little more until they are completely undecipherable. I weep for my countrymen.

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why do u say he would get his ass beaten?

I would have to disagree with your comments, it did not sound scripted to me, but i may be wrong. He didn't sound like he had a Harvard phd, but i think most of his peers would have thought what he said was respectable. Just because other people they put on television sound foolish that doesn't make this guy a liar. You sound very presumptuous to me, what is your experience interacting with people like this man other than television?

Wow, I hate to be the one to break this to you

Have you noticed that certain demographics use certain languages, and accents? Or is this a conspiracy?

Are you aware there is court cases going on RIGHT NOW at UCLA over students suing the english department on not accepting "Ebonics" because it's racist!(Don't believe me - see it for yourself.) http://dailybruin.com/2013/11/20/students-defend-professor-a...

People in the ghetto like Ms. Brown don't speak like educated people. They speak like they have been drinking heavily all day and have never read a book to save their life.

However on the point of being beaten. Are you aware of what people in the ghetto do to "Uncle toms" -- not my words theirs? OR are we just going to act like this isn't happening?

Any fans of mma remember this gem? White guilt liberals love this shit: http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/6/13/4428488/roy-nelson-says...

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All i hear is hate.

Stop grouping everyone together. One day you may not like it.

I'm starting to think Entrench got hacked.

He's been here for 5 years and is posting bigotry in other forums as well.

Maybe I've just been oblivious this whole time.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I'm suprised you can hear anything

With your ears covered like that. I notice that the level of debate here has taken a dive in the past year. HATE errrmygawd hate errywhere.

What about the people who were driving by the protest that were attacked, wasn't that hate? OR all the anger manifest in looting/robberies not hate? Are you so full of hate you refuse to see it any other way.

All I see is facts, I don't play with emotions, they are for children, and women. Men are supposed to act like it, and take life head-on. Not be whining sniveling children.

Have you noticed 'witnesses' or survivors since Sandy Hook

all have this bad 'B' movie script and terrible acting thing going on?

Robby Parker and other Sandy Hook parents.

'Survivors' of Boston bombing

Samantha Stay...the girl whose whole family was murdered in front of her and 2 days later at a memorial she is laughing and smiling and quoting Harry Potter.

The wife of man who left baby in hot car in Georgia.

And then they show how people in Ukraine or Gaza or Iraq act when they have a loved one murdered. It's a totally different and real reaction.

What's going on here?

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It's all a Trap!

I watched the video and it seemed perfectly fine to me, didnt seem scripted at all to me, the only thing i thought was odd that he kept calling the victim his friend instead of using his first name.

This is my first post on the Daily Paul. I have been coming to the site since about 2008 and have learned so much from this site. I just became a member this month. I want to thank everyone that contributes such thought provoking comments and discussions, and of course thanks to Michael Nystrom for creating my favorite website on the internet.

The more i have learned about our society, I am starting to realize that most of these tragedies, and the discussions that ensue through the media are a trap. No one knows the specifics of this situation they only have their preconceived notions that they have built up throughout their lives. When shocking things like this happen, everyone tends to wear these preconceived notions on their sleeve so to speak, and that is where the trap is set. Everyone you talk to about this is only sharing their point of view built from all their experiences throughout their lives. It has nothing to do with this specific occurrence. So when people start to discuss it they choose a side that jives with their experience. So the only thing that occurs are arguments, not helpful discussion or helpful solutions.

So my suggestion is when discussing these terrible events with others that we should listen more than we speak, dont take sides, and try to understand where each individual is coming from, you might find that you agree with people who have diametrically opposing views. That is the point and that is the trap. What do you think?

Adrenaline can do funny things to people......

Maybe he was just trying to be as thorough as possible while it was still fresh in his mind. When a bank is robbed, the first thing you do is separate the staff and have them write down, or fill out a robbery kit to try and capture as much as possible while it is still fresh in their minds, and not let the other staffs' account of the incident sway their memory. One of the reasons I don't like witness testimony-many people can witness the same event and have totally different recollections of the same event. Attorneys use it for their benefit to get the "witness" that best helps their case. Ever been at a family get together talking about events that happened growing up, and having different/conflicting memories of the same event?



The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

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Says "Video doesn't exist".

Says "Video doesn't exist".

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Not Sure Why

I will try again... not sure why the link is not working.


Gamma Rat

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So, there's a fourth option...


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