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Doing Laundry & Talking TEA

I have to go out to do my laundry, and today while I was folding, I met a lady from the local TEA Party.
She told me she was from northern California, and shes lived here 5 years. Said she joined the local TEA Party when she got here.

I told her I couldn't support them because they supported Romney. She went on about how much better he was than Obama. I gave her a few links to look up to prove, they are pretty much the same.

Then I told her I was a Ron Paul supporter. That opened her up a bit, and left me feeling very....uneasy.
She told me that most in her group where told to send money to defeat Kay Hagan. I informed her that was strange because we are not in her district. Our (sorry ass) Senator is Richard Burr, and hes a RINO. I had to keep reminding her, Im from here, and to trust me, I know who our Senator is. She informed me they (the local TEA Party) informed her it was Hagan, and so they had to donate money to get rid of her. She said she donated 500.00 within 6 months.

She then told me that the group was, at first, 75% for Ron Paul...until. She said she couldn't remember all the names, but people from the RNC showed up, and after a 3 hour meeting, 95%, herself included, where talked into backing Romney. And more donations where ask for...at every meeting. And promises where made.

She said shes on disability after a bad accident at work, and 4 back surgery's. She said she was promised her payments would double or triple..and that others where made promises to get help...and because they where going to get the help they needed..they needed to donate more.

And now, according to her, the local TEA Party is gearing up for Romney 2016.

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Strange. Is the Tea Party even really an "official" party?

And I thought Mittens was all worn out from the last 2 rounds? Even so, wouldn't he be running as a Republicant? Perhaps you should try and find out who these people are and maybe educate a few too.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!