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The 2nd police shooting in St Louis- Cell Phone Video Of Powell Shooting Undermines Police Version

New officer-involved shooting in St. Louis (City of St. Louis)
3:05 p.m. ET: St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the suspect, a 23-year-old African-American male, had been involved in a convenience store theft early Tuesday afternoon and was seen acting eratically. When two officers stopped him, the suspect shouted, "Shoot me! Kill me now!" The suspect refused verbal commands to stop and approached the officers holding a knife in an "overhand grip," getting within three or four feet of them, police said. Both officers fired at the suspect, killing him.

"Every police officer out here has the right to defend themselves," Dotson told reporters.


Cell Phone Video Of Powell Shooting Undermines Police Version


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The police are more concerned for themselves...

... and less concerned for the citizens. that bullshit, 'we have a right to protect ourselves', has become the mantra of murder.

Mentally ill.

It is obvious this guy had some psychological trauma. It is unfortunate that people call police on people for stealing two sodas. Two sodas cause this guy knew the cops would suicide him. The guy wanted to die. Sorry but I don't think peace officers should be in the business of assisted suicide which this was obviously the case.

Has to be a better way to approach this scene. Maybe it starts with someone telling the guy that he is loved and let's talk about what is really troubling you. Death was the easy way out for all parties involved.

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Do what?

You come at me with a knife and I will shoot you dead, no questions asked. I don't care how the fuck you grip it. You can hold it in your mouth, rope swinging buccaneer style if you wish, I'm shooting you, not to wound you but to end the threat. That means you die. Shouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight.


Wait Dale, you aren't parroting the 'party line'! Don't you

know if you are on the DP, you have to always hate and side against the cops? They can NEVER ever do anything right!

I am going to say this the kindest way I know how to-- A lot of DPers are HYPOCRITES! They will say, why does America always have to kill the brown-skinned people? Brown-skinned people are people too. Brown-skinned people shouldn't be our enemy just because they are born and raised with a different ideology. Yet, fill in 'cops' instead of 'brown-skinned people', and many here think it's perfectly acceptable.

Yes, there are bad cops. And yes, there are bad brown-skinned people. But, that doesn't excuse hating every single one of them and treating the entire group as our enemy!

These young black men that have been killed are at the very least, thieves. This means they have very little respect for their fellow man. They were raised in terrible homes, not because of cops, but because their parents were too selfish to get married and stay married, too busy to love and devote time to their children, and too lazy to work hard and instill a good work ethic in them. So, now, when cops shoot them, why does everyone blame the cops? I blame bad parenting.

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Big differences

Between killing brown skinned people,and cops killing the citizens
One did no harm to us,and 1 continues to do so,yet the citizens are shown the same treatment,whether it be a simple traffic stop or endangering the life
of an unborn,by slamming a pregnant mother to the floor,or tazing that same pregnant woman who was sitting down and still cuffed
Care to show where in the const,we as a nation have the right to kill brown skinned ppl abroad,and maybe show where in the same document you find the law enforcers,cops,statutes,ordinances and or codes.
Uh huh,these black guys deserve to be shot dead for stealing,without a judge,jury or even a trial?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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I agree with you, deacon.

They live in poverty. They have NO FUTURE unless they can dribble a basketball or carry a football and we wonder why they act as they do in a crisis.

AMERICA created this problem and now many people want to blame the problem on the victims. Typical.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

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I saw it happen first hand

here when the auto manufacturers folded up,no jobs,nothing to do,too broke to move.
Then the buzzards start circling,trying to sign these people up to join the military.They didn't wait in their offices,they went out to stores,sidewalks and such,just to get people signed up.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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I predict cops will start dying...

from gunshots all over this country.

(And no one will be held accountable.)

That seems fair.

EDIT. You know, I hope that doesn't begin to happen but back in 1776 when people thought that tyranny would be met head on with force, I am quite sure there were those who didn't want to see that, either.

To those that voted me down, I respect that as it is a controversial post but I ask you, what are your solutions?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I counted 11 or 12 shots fired.

Then they handcuffed the corpse.
It looks like police don't know how to step backward, or to the other side of the car, when someone approaches. The protocol appears to be "empty the weapon" into any approaching threat.
Aren't police trained to deescalate a situation? Or would that cut into their coffee drinking time?

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The guy making the video kept saying they should shoot him

in the arm or use a taser. I would not want to use a taser on a person coming at me with a knife. I would shoot.

As for shooting him in the arm or leg, I do not think that is the policy. I went to target practice with a police officer once about 15 years ago. We used paper targets with a person drawn on them. He taught me to shoot the person three times in the chest and then once in the head, in case the person was wearing body armor.

From what I have seen from police shootings, it seems that is the policy.

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3 times in the chest

and 1 in the head,just to make sure they are dead,standard op?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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I was just following orders, friend.

That's our "policy", after all.

Ludacris explanation.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Would you unload on a downed man too?

And who gives a flying fkuc about 'policy'? Do you murder because it's 'policy'? Does that 'policy' make it ok?

You shoot center of mass because if they are moving are far away that's your best chance.

But before you shoot you need a reason to kill.

A warning shot would likely have backed the guy off, and at that range with a semi-auto pistol you could hardly miss his legs. And the fact there was a discussion about using a taser means there was time to use a taser.

The guy was stupid. But that doesn't mean he wasn't murdered. Once he was down, there was no more reason to shoot. That was murder.

I've never shot anyone

I've had a carry permit for most of my adult life, and while I have had my hand on my gun a few times, I've never pulled the gun or fired at a human or animal.

I have no idea what I would do if I felt my life was threatened to the point I would have to shoot, but as long as my attacker was able to get me, I would continue to shoot until I could flee.

Luckily, I've always been able to escape attacks without shooting.

They could have fled at any point.

So you wouldn't have shot him if you were them. So why defend them for shooting him?

There were two. One could have tased and one could have covered. One could have shot his leg and the other could have covered. Either could have fired a warning shot. Neither needed to unload once he was down.

He never said he wouldn't, he

He never said he wouldn't, he just said he never has had to.

The man was under 10 feet away when the officers fired. That is more than enough distance to cover that gap and have a knife stuck into the throat of the officer closest to the perp.

If I were the officer, as a civilian, I would have pulled the trigger. As a conceal carry holder, I would have been justified in my actions. If I am justified in my actions, so are the officers.

The problem with your scenario of one tazer, one gun, is if the officer tazed the suspect and it didn't stop him, the perp would be on top of the officer with a knife at the ready while the officer with the gun would have to take a shot that would put his partner as risk. All the while, a knife could already be in his partners throat.

There is no such thing as shooting someone in the leg to stop the threat. That is only in movies. If you shoot to maim, at that distance against a determined attacker, you are as good as dead. Do you understand - DEAD? All a leg wound will do is aggravated an already enraged individual. There are guys that have taken multiple rounds to the chest and STILL keep attacking. A determined attacker with nothing to lose and maximum adrenaline is the most dangerous enemy one can face.

No one wins in a knife fight, especially the victim.

As someone who has had to fire a gun at a human target, I can tell you they don't always go down with just a few rounds and they don't always lose their will to fight just because their down.

Also, with adrenaline pumping you lose track of how many times you pull the trigger. You get tunnel vision and keep pulling until you are 100% sure the threat it done and gone. You don't take a shot or two then wait to see if you're going to be ok, praying you will. Hesitation kills.

I remember the first time I took contact. I still don't know how I went through 30 rounds so quickly. Eventually, you learn to control it, how often do police officers fire their weapons at someone? Not that often, individually.

I'm am no police sympathizer. I've condemned many police shootings and am afraid of the impending Police State.

However, in this case, I believe the officers are justified. They had around 10 seconds to make their decision, you've had unlimited time to review and analyze that video.

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I am a father and I want my children to know true freedom in their lifetime.

I'm not sure I believe you

You know something is up because he's saying 'shoot me'.
He's not running at you.
There's two of you 10ish feet away.
You have all the time in the world in any case because YOU can back away and get enough backup to capture him without risk. He's not getting into a cruiser with a knife anytime quick, and he wasn't threatening anyone but the cops.

And you'd do the same thing? Really.

You'd shoot him down and then empty your magazine?

Is that really the best thing a 101st vet can come up with? (I was a Rakkasan btw)

I just don't believe it.

And yes I understand cops aren't soldiers but if the only solution they can come up with in situations like this is emptying their clips into a down man I'm sorry, maybe we don't need cops.

The war on drugs has made cops see their employers as livestock, because that's what we are to them. Our purpose is to violate some made up 'law' so they can justify their paychecks by putting people in cages. They don't profit from keeping their 'flock' safe, they profit by torturing and killing them. The chances of some pothead ever harming me is zero. The chances of someone claiming to 'protect' me from a pothead hurting me are almost certain.

It's inevitable this will keep happening.

What makes you think I was defending anyone

But cops have to stick with their training in situations like that. If a guy is coming at you with a knife, you don't have time for a committee meeting to decide alternatives.

Shoot a warning shot? And risk hitting someone?

My stepfather was murdered by a nut case running around with a knife. A nut with a knife demanding to be shot is a threat to everyone on the street.

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Which nut was running around

with a knife?
The dude taking the video,and commenting wasn't afraid of that dude with a knife.
the dude walking down the sidewalk towards the cops and the dude with a knife wasn't afraid.
The only ones I saw 'afraid' were the cops,and they could have done it differently,you know,instead of plugging that guy so many times,were them cops worried about collateral damage? or even ricochets from bullets bouncing off the sidewalk?
How about firing a warning shot into the air? If one was needed.
In this case,there was ample time to form a plan,they have tazers,pepper spray and pistols,which was used first? Which seems to be used as the norm these days?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

If cops are trained to empty their mags then..

they need to all be fired. Sorry, we don't need men who follow orders blindly. Following order blindly isn't what men do anyway.

Maybe it's changed but when I was in the service we were told if we followed an order than was unlawful we would be subject to prosecution. It was our job to know, and not to obey order blindly.

Probably they don't tell solders that anymore, I'm guessing.

Police story seems true...

He DID appear to have an overhand knife grip although hard to tell. That doesn't mean he was raising it in the air, but that he was holding it down in an overhand position.

I agree a taser would have been ideal, and the one cop could have backed up to pull out his taser but this is not mandated behavior. The suspect displayed lethal force and approached an officer without stopping....

Hopefully this continues the dialogue about lethal force being a last resort. It is simply not the case today.

so the police version is true

except for the way his fingers were placed on the knife and the headline reads "video /undermines/ police story."

kidding right?

can't we see how the media controls the dialogue with these gotcha headlines?

Here's the reality of this

Here's the reality of this situation, in any other 1st world country this man would have lived.

In Japan, the cops would have calmed the situation down and if it escalated they would have subdued him. The cops in Japan are trained in judo and could have easily taken him down. If not, they would beat him down with a retractable baton.

Even in most 3rd world countries they wouldn't kill a man for this. In SE Asia they would have beat him down if he seemed threatening.

The cops in the US are scared little men behind badges and guns. They take the job not to serve and protect, but to abuse authority.

You have to admit, cops in the US are wimps. They're afraid of confrontation and would rather shoot someone instead of trying to solve the issue verbally or physically.

They are not dissimilar to American teachers. American teachers use Ritalin as their weapon of choice because they're lazy and incompetent, cops use guns in the same manner.

The US is a scary place now....

Americans suck

What kind of man tells an armed man pointing a gun at himself to "shoot me now"?

America is taking the dive into the cesspool of hell.

We deserve the same hell we have brought to everyone in the world for our lack of will to bring justice to every war criminal we have paid and supported.

America is the bad guys because we are a lawless people from all sides. The people of America
-lie, cheat and steal,
-join parasitic welfare programs
-get 'government' jobs
-allow the parasitism to continue
-join and support a mass murdering genocidal military
-allow a banking class to live on the interest of every single debt note the loan into existence as monopoly
-financially support and refuse to bring swift remedy and justice cops and courts that levy drug war on our fellow neighbors
-allow cops to be trained by hate groups like the ADL and SPLC, do not uphold our most supreme laws,
-design weapons of mass destruction and unleash them on people who have never harmed us
-allow scumbag politicians to lie to our faces commit fraud and get away with it
-allow criminal psychotic cops to kill anyone they want with impunity
-allow our 'government' contractually bound to gold and silver tender use a private bank's mathematically guaranteed to fail debt to be openly used as blatant unlawful tender
-allow a criminal gang of extortionist slave handlers (IRS) to tax our labor and force us into healthcare(deathcare) contracts with criminal insurance companies that use government as a weapon to force us to use their 'services'
-allow medicinal plants given to us by god to be outlawed by criminal men who sell that medicine as an illegal drug for artificially inflated profits and arrest people who buy it and put them into the prisons owned by the drug dealers
-enable pharmaceutical companies and 'doctors' to sell us poison and death as medicine

The list goes on. If you want to see the problem look in the mirror. We pay for this and we sit back and comply with their criminality all in the name of being 'left alone'

America WE SUCK because we are LAWLESS. We refuce to get off our ass and hold every single one of the criminals accountable for their crimes.

This stupid man who demands to be shot and the resulting police shooting him is the poster child of how stupid and criminal Americans are.

America Sucks. Welcome to the cesspool of lawless. We are only at the very beginning of the crime because We the People are not resolved on the law being upheld on all sides.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

We will receive with

We will receive with interest, the punishment like no other nation has seen.
The fatted calf will be slaughtered for her iniquity and greed.


Ohhhhh !

Ohhhhh! the invisible overhand knife trick. First time I have seen that one. I love it when cops just can't get their story right. Does anybody believe what the cops say anymore???????????????


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Tonight is gonna be the big one.

Not only in Ferguson, but St. Louis too.

Now St. Louis can play with all their new toys the Pentagon sent them.

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If one killing didn't work to create a civil war, maybe two will

If they haven't yet succeeded in creating WWIII internationally, their thinking is to try and create a civil war domestically. After all, these people believe that the location of the war is irrelevant, war is still war.