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Ron Paul... Good ol times

Simply share your favourite Ron Paul moment weather its of the man or eating pizza locked out of a delegate meeting (in video or pictures, keep text short).

I'll kick it off with pure class...


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I think it was through one of those

livestreaming channels, so cool

hit on Alwaki

Ron Paul's comments about the Alwaki assassination are among my favorites. He was approached about this the day after it happened, and almost any politician would try to obfuscate here, even if he agreed in principle with RP's position. Not Ron Paul - even liberal comedian Bill Maher had to admit after watching this that Ron Paul had "balls the size of a smart car."


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That's a good clip. I'll have

That's a good clip. I'll have to think about what I would consider to be my "favorite" but do you know who this young lady is? Is it you? She seemed very nice.

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