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Rand Paul’s pursuit of black voters splits GOP

Gingrich applauds, while others wonder whether its pyrrhic

By Ralph Z. Hallow | Tuesday, August 19, 2014
The Washington Times

Rand Paul is courting black voters unabashedly, traveling a path not taken by most Republican presidential hopefuls since Jack Kemp blitzed urban America with his message of economic hope and opportunity two decades ago.

From his speech at a historically black university to his essay decrying the militarization of local police, Mr. Paul is clearly trying to bridge a gap between the party of Abraham Lincoln and a minority voter base that has massively voted for Democrats.

But whether the senator from Kentucky can leverage his libertarian conservative views and anti-government message into a presidential electoral advantage depends on factors that may extend beyond his control.

Will black Americans’ frustration with President Obama translate into more Republican voters? Will Mr. Paul’s GOP rivals play the race card aggressively? Will the whole effort devolve in the press simply into a debate over limited government versus social engineering?

All of these questions will help determine the success of Mr. Paul’s strategy.

His foray is garnering praise in much of the media and from some politicians in both parties, but is dividing Republicans who know they must expand their voter base to look more like the face of America.


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The GOP is rotting from the inside out!

The issues that split the bloated pig are it's connection to the Warfare/Welfare fascist Corporate rulers.

And then you have the followers of Ron Paul that are 180 deg's different. (Libertarians)
I hope the Libertarians drive out the pig of war!!! and the pig of theft by taxes.


meekandmild's picture

The GOP going to have to be called the Humpty Dumpty party

with all the splits and cracks.

Blatantly Collectivist

It is blatantly collectivist to pursue "black voters" or any other race or gender based "stereotyped" group.

How about being honest and pursuing voters rather than promising or pandering to a "demographic". As if "black voters" are some homogeneous
set of robots.

I guess you're not in sales

Anyone selling anything (a product, a service, their own labor, etc.) targets their message to demographics. Racial demographics, sex demographics, age demographics, regional demographics, etc.


will never work.

Hey kid

Thanks for the down vote. But I have been around a while.

93% will vote for Hillary.

Seen this cartoon before. Reagan tried it. They ridcules him. Kemp tried. Got no where.

Rand will try. They will attack him for "being against" the civil rights act.

He should spend this time on people with opened minds... like traditional conservatives who had him at 20+ % in the polls before he started going off the deep end.

Like the bush family?



Off the deep end?

Off the deep end huh? If the deep end consist of fixing our criminal justice system, restoring voting rights to offenders who have served their time and doing what he can to end this war on drugs (which so happen to affect minorities the most) then I'm all for it. He should find a higher cliff to jump from next.

When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.
-Ron Paul


but disregarding voter ID is.