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How to Make Free Motor Fuel at Home... Using Wood?

Hey everyone! My work to promote freedom has centered around breaking our addiction to oil. Its a tough nut to crack, but real progress is here.


I've spent 7 years and seven figures rediscovering and re-engineering an old technology called wood gasification. Its 100+ years old and it was used during WWII to fuel vehicles and even power factories. It's war proven at scale. Not something other renewables can say. Alcohol is great fuel too, but wood is a waste product that is easy to harvest from dead tree branches any time of year.

I used to sell these machines, some have been featured in magazines like Pop Mech. and you may have seen one of my machines on a show called Doomsday Preppers. Now I am working to build small communities around these power systems and make the opportunity available to freedom loving people. (more on that in a future post)

Now I am teaching what I know to the world. On September 15th I am releasing a book, rather a construction manual, on how you can do this too. It has step by step instructions, 300+ pictures and sketches too. Its taken years to really understand this and 4 months of hard work to compile this into a book.

Here is a longer video that is an abbreviated crash course in wood gasification. It's 20 minutes and covers the basics.


I will be giving away a study schematic on September 15th. You can learn more at http://woodgasifierplans.com

Thanks for reading. PGL

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An interesting product, good in some situations and not so good in others. In heavy rain and forested areas this can be a wonderful way to increase energy independence and get rid of waste. In other areas it can lead to deforestation and general devastation of landscape. Charcoal is made in a very similar fashion. In effect creating 'coal' quickly from natures products.

Be careful with perception. If you like your environment be aware of what it took to create it and what it can maintain. In my area this 'bio-gas' generator would be a drain on our surroundings. Not many of my neighbors would have a clue. We get 300+ days of sunshine and little rain. Everything in perspective and we can be ok. Solar panels (electric) are ineffective because of solar distance and angle but solar tubes can be immensely helpful. Many months of high altitude cold days and many days of bright hot sun of a different wave length than what is required for electric panels. The sun is at a steep angle and produces little electricity, but it creates a bunch of heat, which our houses lack in the cold climate.

Using each natural source for what it brings to your natural area is key. Some areas have wind. Some areas have direct overhead solar. Other areas have distant high angle solar good for heat but not electrons. Areas have hidden geothermal and pre-drilled wells ready for heat or electricity. Have any of you considered the country poked with old depleted oil wells sitting at 300deg F.?

Using 2million gallons of oil mining and building windmills that create an energy equivalent of 1million gallons of oil is still a net loss. This does not mean every windmill is a drag, just the ones that did not follow a real market influence of worth. In my state we have dams that power us and have to shut down power production because of legislation that forces use of wind power. At the end of the day the salmon run is harmed by nitrogen added to water from spilling over a dam when the dam couldn't run the water through the turbines as designed because power was forced to be bought by wind turbines. If you do not like river dams, that is fine, but consider the birds killed by these wind farms. The dams at least create more energy than they consumed to create.

No choice is without consequence. Keep life in perspective

great stuff Ben!! Scott Hunt, aka Engineer775, 1 of consultants

to DoomsDay Preppers (he and David Kobler came up with the scoring system you see at the end of each episode) has an excellent working example, too, for those who may have a 'need' to see more pop-culture known examples to be convinced that it 'works'; of course, I'd rather anyone here to patronize pro-r3VOL liberty businesses like Ben here, and with each other first, before looking elsewhere! I only feature the following as other visible 'proof of concept,' so those who may have never heard of these things, can get a broader 'sense' for it; good gassin'! ,o)

National Geographic's DoomsDay Preppers: Pilot Episode


The wood gas generator runs the whole farm!

engineer775 Practical Preppers
Uploaded on Feb 5, 2011

Running our entire place off of gasified white oak chunks and running the gas into a 1972 - 25Kw Onan 30 EK genset through a simple homemade carburetor.

Woodgas Ford Part3 - Success!!!

engineer775 Practical Preppers
Uploaded on Oct 28, 2010

The debut of the 1962 Ford running on the Victory Gasworks gasifier.

Wood gas hawg

engineer775 Practical Preppers
Uploaded on Jun 4, 2011

Running an 1988 Harley FLHS on wood gas! Testing our prototype wood gas motorcycle.

The L.E.A.F. Wood Gasifier

engineer775 Practical Preppers
Published on Aug 13, 2013

A great little Gasifier from The folks at Foutch industries in Tennessee. LEAF stand for low emission alternative fuel.

Compressing Woodgas for future use.

engineer775 Practical Preppers
Published on May 31, 2014

A video on compressing woodgas for later use. Experimenting with compressing woodgas for cooking. Imagine being able to store enough gas to get you through a season of cooking. you will need large tanks to do this effectively.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

someone mentioned below that the equipment would build up tar

I am assuming it is kind of like a chimney that builds up black stuff, and has to periodically be cleaned. If so, would those logs that clean chimneys work in this equipment?(creosote? I think its called)

this is it http://www.amazon.com/Creosote-Sweeping-Log-Fireplaces-Pack/...

If it would work, would that cut down cleaning and maintenance much?

Good stuff.

Are you the guy with the modified wood-fueled school bus?

Can this technology

be used with paper as well because there might not be any branches or trees left after the Fed is done with QE.

Actually $'s are made from linen and cotton

25% linen, 75% cotton.
That's why you can wash it, as in money laundering. lol

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant



Cool Post

I recently saw a show on History channel where a guy living off the land in the mountains of NC built a wood gasifier for his older model Toyota pick up truck. Seemed to work well. Thanks for the very informative post!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

sounds similar to pilot episode of Nat. Geo's DoomsDay Preppers

that featured r3VOL-leaning Scott Hunt & Dave Kobler from SC: http://www.dailypaul.com/324752#comment-3474604


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Nice video

and it looks like a dandy book... but ...

I heat with wood and it takes a lot of sharpening and cutting and splitting and stacking just for 32 inch logs. If you have to block the pieces how do you have the time to build those beautiful looking machines?

Looks like you can prevent a lot of tinkerers grief, on the other hand the fun is in the journey.

Anyway, good luck.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Good observation

32" logs! You must have a big fireplace.

The 3 options for feedstock (wood) preparation are:
The table saw- goes pretty quick.
Get free chips and sift out the small mulchy stuff with a shaking screen.
Get an old engine and transmission and build your own chipper, good for high volume.

I've done all of these. I tend to use the table saw more because I get construction debris. I try to minimize my power consumption so I can minimize my time input. Its actually a healthy feedback loop. The time invested keeps your energy use honest.

Not deserving of the front page

I'm sure there are plenty of "prepper" blogs out there where this is more appropriate. And while I'm sure this appeals to many folks who frequent the Daily Paul, it really paints us in a misleading light when this sort of thing is on the front page. I'm just saying that as someone who knows how "regular" (not yet turned on) people think.

most valuable post today

As I scrolled down the list, I hit this first as the most valuable post here to me.

Sir, the DP community attracts a HUGE variety of people and their varied interests. I go here first as this is a gathering place for information that we all share to help each other.

Preparation for the dollar collapse has been a recurring theme for years here. I view information posts, such as this, as gifts - acts of LOVE - for our fellow DPers and am grateful to the OP and all who have taken the time, to post information to help another to be ready and to survive.

Peace, Belle

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


Heaven forbid we should offend someone

Time to let go

Do solutions offend you?

This is about solving a problem, our oil addiction. It's alot harder that just complaining about politics.

I am really sorry that nothing that you have commented on so far

Has been up to your standards. Please make a OP that outlines what qualifies a proper post, in your eyes. I will upvote it.


Gasification Truths

If you want to build your own wood gasifier there are a lot of plans available online for free. Don't buy this guys stuff its only going to get you poorer and this guy richer from selling you plans you can get for free.

For instance here are the FEMA Plans - http://web.ornl.gov/info/reports/1989/3445602994393.pdf

Properly burning wood is the cleanest and most renewable form of energy you can have other than solar or wind. Wood doesn't require any processing, piping, digging, drilling, water waste, chemical additives, truck hauling, storage facilities, pumping stations, or any of the environmental non-friendly conveniences associated with all the fossil fuels. Heating a house with wood can cost as little as 700 dollars a year.

Wood Gasification is a very clean (BURNING) process, but it will create a lot of byproducts which you need to be prepared for. Tar will build up in the piping system, you need to have particulate filtration set up which also needs periodic cleaning, you need to cool the off gases before using them, and ashes left behind from the burned wood.

You will also need to modify a carburetor and manually adjust the clean air intake for every device you hook up to the gasifier.

Gasification breaks the wood down through natural oxidation process, but does so rapidly via fire. (Yes, fire is rapid oxidation via exothermic combustion). The smoke you see from fire is all the material which didn't finish the combustion process. This material contains the methane released from the breaking down of the fuel. So gasification systems create methane (Natural Gas) which can then be used as fuel in many devices.

what is wrong with this poster

making money off of something he has obviously vested time and money into? I hope he becomes a millionaire from his efforts.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

FEMA is not the answer

The FEMA gasifier doesn't get hot enough to break down the wood oils so they burn and become tars. Those tars get on engine valves and cause failure. The system in my book is light years beyond the FEMA. Plus the FEMA is built with garbage cans and kitchen parts. Not something you want to rely on.

I have built the FEMA and all the "free plan" gasifiers. They make gas suitable for burning, but not for motors. If you just want cheap heat, then use a rocket stove.

Consider good plans versus free plans. Its cheaper to built quality the first time.

how is this motor fuel?

i dont understand the "motor fuel" and comparison to cars that run on alchool.

does a liquid seep out which i can use to fill a tank?

isn't this essentially a very efficient space heater?

The motor running in the video was using woodgas

The gas produced is like a natural gas. Natural gas is used to fuel electrical generators and even power vehicles. To fuel an electric generator you connect the gas supply line of the machine to the engine with a custom intake. Here is a video that explains it. We made the generator work on either woodgas or propane.

It's also possible to fuel gasoline engines and offset up to 80% in diesel engines.


Ten times worse than coal for destroying the planet.

Scared of dead tree branches?

Picking up dead tree branches from your own property isn't "bad for the planet"

What it does is shorten the energy supply chain from thousands of miles to a few yards out your back door.
This may not be for the condo dweller or suburbanite, although I live in the city and do fine with construction debris and broken pallets.

Compete nonsensical statement.

I hope your comment was meant as sarcasm because it couldn't be more wrong if you tried FYI.

Well it depends on how you

Well it depends on how you cut down trees, if you replant them afterwards and don't cut them down faster than they can regrow, I think its a better resource than oil since oil is finite.

However, a machine like this is built on wood gas (Carbon monoxide) which is produced by burning wood at a low oxygen intake, creating an extremely deadly gas and should not under any circumstance be built in a non-ventilated space. Still I like the idea, its perfect to use this to power a generator.

Thanks Vik

It's best to use trees that are already dead because live trees need to be dried and seasoned. The wood needs to be about 20% moisture or less.

Yes it definitely needs ventillation. Flare the smoke up a chimney and then when its combustible burn it to make heat for a few minutes and then switch over to the engine. It's very clean. If you can place your machine near a greenhouse then you get to use any waste heat to keep growing areas warm.