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Graphic Police Shooting in Riverview, MO yesterday Aug. 19 - anyone see this?

Found this while looking for *live* feeds from tonight:

"KWMU has published a video of what appears to be one of the shootings that happened yesterday. This happened in Riverview, about 15 minutes outside of the center of the protests. We believe that it is important to be transparent in what information we gather and allow for you to make the decision yourself on what you want to see or not see.

The video is graphic, and contains images of someone being shot and killed. Viewer discretion advised, you have been warned."



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The implication being you have your facts wrong

1) There is no evidence of "provocation of poor blacks".
2) The provocation here was by Powell - he robbed the store and baited the police to the site.
3) The violence has been going on since before Obama.

But I agree with you that Obama's destruction of the economy and pushing dependency on those impacted is making people more desperate. His race bating is making things worse and his over-arming the police is as well.

Powell is more a victim of the media - fed the false narrative that Brown was shot point blank - he was not. That he was gunned down in the back - he was not. That he was a gentle giant - he was not. This is all part of the victim narrative that you seem to be supporting.

All irrelevant

An unarmed man was gunned down


You are clueless - watch the video.


an example of the feminization of the American male.

O M G, He had a tiny knife


He had a pocket knife...

He was not technically "unarmed" but all he had was a pocket knife versus two trained professionals who had already drawn and aimed their pistols at him. His threat level was not as serious as many here are trying to make it. There were absolutely non-lethal methods the police could have used to quell the situation.

Police don't pay for the resources, the tax-payer does, so why not stay in the vehicle, wait less than one minute for back-up and then surround him and bring him down alive with overwhelming numbers? Why not bring in a negotiator if that fails? Bring his family and friends to talk him down. He was obviously mentally disturbed.

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It was a steak knife

according to eyewitnesses

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

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This killing happens in broad daylight w/excellent visibility?

These cops apparently have no rules of engagement to follow like our military has to deal with. Shoot first and ask questions later is their motto. I'm glad this guy filmed it all. Are we still living in a place called America?

Yes but 1880's America.

Yes but 1880's America.

That's hard to watch. There were two cops firing shots

I counted nine. Hard to believe one wasn't able to tase him while the other covered with a gun drawn. Wow. I don't understand why this killing is okay but the other was not. Thank God for cameras.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

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Good shot

One less crazy in the world. Only a matter of time before someone this stupid and hostile ends up killing an innocent person.

But the cops aren't allowed to serve justice.

But the cops aren't allowed to serve justice. Rather, they must ensure due process. A court of a jury of your peers are supposed to decide his fate.

I don't think the cops were compelled to fire. They could have easily shot his legs being at point blank range. Honestly, I doubt they needed to use a gun if they wanted to arrest him. I'm not even sure if they really needed to arrest him since he did no harm no one. Being crazy isn't illegal, yet.

The de-institutionalization of ...

less than secure minds results in abuse.

What did he have in his hand, a gun?

It sounded like they were saying put the gun down.



in the video the police said "drop the gun"

how do you know it was a knife?

He had a knife

He had a knife

edit 6:28

He had something in his hand

What was it? Why don't cop shoot the leg or something first? Are they trained to kill? Geez

Last few words in the video a

Last few words in the video a guy in the background said "he had a knife but, they could have shot him in the leg"

If you came at me with a knife I would put a bullet between your eyes. Everyone except this guy knows not to bring a knife to a gun fight!

That is you

Not me. I got good aim, so you could shoot twice in the legs and their would be no way of him stabbing me.

You watch to many movies....

You watch to many movies.... Next time you are out hunting shoot the deer in the leg and see how that works for you.

Humans aren't deer

But yeah, I watch a lot of movies.

Yes deer are food not humans

Yes deer are food not humans and that is why I suggest you try it one and not a human. I wouldn't suggest something not legal. If you shoot something in the leg you surely don't fear for your life.... true fear you would try to kill

If the man

If the man had a Gun and he went for it, as a cop I would shoot. I know what cops have to go through. Every day they have to worry about their lives being taken away. They will always be ridiculed if they kill some one unarmed.

But, personally if a man had a knife I would shoot for the legs. If he some how threw that knife and it killed me, well so be it I guess. I really don't want to murder unless I truly have to.

They bad guy landed right

They bad guy landed right next to the truck right next to one of the police officers.

If you research you will find many examples of a bad guy being shot and living to unjustly sue (an or imprison) the shooter. Some of these cases the shooter was defending against home invasion. When you shoot you better be in fear of loss of life and be willing to take a life in defense. That is just the way the system works. Don't leave room for a defense to mount against you.


but why not shoot like once or twice and then get cover? Why keep blasting him with bullets? Don't you think maybe they went gun crazy?

"They coulda tased him ya'll!"

They could have tased him, tackled him, shot him in the legs... he was at a safe distance at first. Pretty clearly not armed, either.

The guy was clearly in an irrational state of mind, and was obviously looking to attract just this type of situation.

But, I believe it was out of a lifetime of frustration of having to live in a police-state where the larceny of two cans of soda is worth deadly response by police.
The cops were immediately scared for their vey lives, and reached for their guns.
Both of them.
They shot to kill, not to wound.
No attempt to take the man alive, at all.
"Officer safety" is first and foremost to cops.
No, it's the only thing that matters.
Upholding justice, does not.
But police work is not inherently safe.
So why even have these guys out there, if all they care about is themselves and they can't even effectively apprehend unarmed petty larcenists who literally throw themselves into custody, without shooting to kill?

When a government creates conditions where it's enforcement wing values two cans of soda over the life of a citizen, then the system is a tyranny, and putting ones life on the line to stop it, may not be as crazy as it seems.

To this man, yesterday was the limit to the amount of tyranny he was willing to stand for. His method of responding to that tyranny was most unwise, and I believe wrong, just as one of the men on the street told the man before the cops arrived. But it surely demonstrated coldly, and cruelly, just how serious the situation is with this police-state tyranny in our country... And it may get much worse, and soon.

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shoot to STOP

Training, books, and, online resources have always informed me that you never shoot to wound. You never shoot to kill. You shoot to STOP. And you keep shooting until there is no immediate threat.

That's not the point...

I mean, what happened to getting your ass beat by the cops? Where is that good old police-brutality we all miss hearing about? Now it's all just, "Comply or Die".

What are tasers, nightsticks, pepper spray, and rubber bullets for? Because not all threats require immediate, deadly force. Let's just say I've seen a scarier individuals come aggressively towards and even attempt to assault other individuals, and deadly force was not required to neutralize the aggressor. I mean being a cop is supposed to be a tough job. If two fit, trained law enforcement officers equipped with nightsticks, pepper spray, tasers, AND guns cant force a single individual into submission, even if that person was allegedly armed with a pocket knife, then something is wrong.

They went straight to "comply or die" mode before the guy even took his hand out of his pocket. They jumped out guns drawn, ready to shoot, and the guy was still just standing on the sidewalk. Not tasers drawn. Not one with the taser, the other covering with the pistol. No quick change weapon from pistol, to baton, or taser, or spray. No. Both gave a warning, the guy says, "what? you gonna shoot me? Shoot me!". And he keeps walking around them and towards them, and they both blow him away, nine shots. They allowed him to close a gap of good distance, they should've been able to see that he did not have a firearm.

If they were so scared, why didn't they get back in the vehicle and wait for back-up? He was just standing there, not being a threat to anyone else. He waited specifically to provoke the police. They did exactly what he wanted them to. And everyone expected it too, like it's normal. Comply or die, immediately. That's a military occupation. Not the way I want to live in this country.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

here's what you are missing

police exited their vehicle to confront a dude with his hands in pockets.

this guy could have a gun, so they draw their guns.

they are not going to draw a pepper-spray. they are not going to draw a night-stick. if this guy has a gun in his pocket, then they better not show up to a gun-fight with a taser.

once their weapons are drawn they are obviously not going to holster them until the danger has been removed.

this kid was menacingly wielding a knife as he walked straight over to them on an elevated plane. He obviously intended to threaten them and probably got the results he was aiming for.

By that logic... -everyone-

By that logic... -everyone- potentially has a gun at all times, so why bother even having batons, rubber bullets, and tasers?