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What are your favorite supplements and where can you get them...cheap!

I am looking for sources to get great quality supplements cheap, even if I have to buy bulk.

I get some from costo, some from amazon, and some from nutrabulk. But
I can't help but feel there must be a cheaper way to go.
Does anyone out there have any sources to get great quality supplements for tiny amounts of money?

Specifically I'm looking for:
Protein powder
Chondroitin Sulfate powder
D Ribose
And all the remaining essential minerals and nutrients.

Also, I would love to find a source for cheap "standard process" because they are generally sold exclusively through health care providers at a huge price.

What are your favorite supplements and where do you get them?

*********Awesome you guys-Thanks for all the sources!**********

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Puritan's Pride

It's always buy one get three - or buy two get four.


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Use very little of that stuff

Hi, AR -

YMMV, of course, but you might consider something
along these lines - maybe you don't need as much of
the stuff you listed (in supplement form, anyway) as you think.

Have been cooking more recently v. eating out -

Buying, say, a good quality spaghetti sauce (kind of spendy)
tomato sauce (cheap) throwing in lots of veggies from garden
and farmers market (cheap) - nearly always with a small amount of
bacon and nearly also shiitake mushrooms - make a *big*
batch of spaghetti sauce and eat it for a couple days.

Do a similar thing with curry.

For with either of the above - use either brown rice (with a little
of my homegrown wheat mixed in), whole grain pasta or just
sliced up boiled (local) potatoes or sometimes don't even bother
as the curry has wheat in it anyway and with all the veggies
it's sort of a stew-like consistency already.

Long and short of it, I've got some pretty high end multivitamins
that have been sitting in the refrigerator for months (Solgar brand)
because I just don't feel like I need them.

Would recommend mushroom supplements (and eating lots of shiitake)
and cucurmin (active ingredient in turmeric). Cucurmin supplements are
pretty reasonable, I've heard. I haven't really checked because I can get
locally produced ground (powdered) turmeric and have just been using that -
you can steep it in hot water and drink it as a tea - I usually just mix it in
yogurt with some fruit at breakfast time. Probably the supplements are
more convenient, but whatever...

Medicinal/probiotic mushrooms can have a huge range of benefits and
AFAIK the leading company producing them is Fungi Perfecti, from
Washington State. Their stuff is not cheap, but pretty reasonable for the
quality and the benefits:


Note that they have pet products, too. Which are dramatically cheaper than
the approved for human consumption supplements. While (of course) I couldn't
*recommend* you consuming them yourself (unless you are non-human) I *could*
tell you that I know of people consuming them (specifically FP's "Mush" pet supplement)
on pretty much a daily basis with no apparent ill effects...

Turmeric/cucurmin benefits:


I see you had this other thread, also -


I'm guessing if you follow some of the tips there you won't really need much in the way of supplements.

Some supplement sources

Mercola for protein powder I only buy protein powder that has stevia for a sweetener - Life extension has great supplements and information
Phoenix nutritionals for liquid vitamins & minerals etc. which I take.
Krill oil - http://krilloil.com
and Swanson vitamins for additional supplements

Green Vibrance is my foundation for sustained health

I get it at super supplements - www.supersup.com. Prices are excellent, and free shipping.
I take it 1-2 x daily. I also occasionally buy Yohimbe bark tincture there.
Carlson's D3, 4,000 too.
Greens Today's Children's Superfood Formula for the kids - greart product my kids love - these guys have the best price.

I LOVE Natural Calm magnesium supplement, which I get on amazon - lemon flavor - makes you sleep soooo well/deeply.

I like Mountainroseherbs.com too - great source for powdered herbs, coconut oil, Chia seeds, Gogi berries. I buy maca root powder there, and also Eleuthro root (siberian ginseng) they have tons of stuff there, high quality, low prices.

Standar Process is a great brand for supplements - very high quality, made from real foods.

I also like Jarrow's L-Glutamine daily for immune and muscular support. They/Amazon had the best deal I could find on this stuff.

NIce topic for a thread - thanks.

I just go to

I just go to bodybuilding.com

I get my proteins, my creatines, and my multi-vits and that's pretty much it as far as supplements go. As far as I know, protein powders and creatine monohydrate are the only bodybuilding supplements that actually have had a substantial amount of research done on them, with positive results.

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Only supplement I take

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0


Pretty full spectrum vitamin powder, great citrus flavor, all natural, non-gmo. I take 1/2 serving each day, a full serving seems like overkill, and so it lasts me a 2 months.

I quit on protein powders. Did that when I was younger, but it turns out we tend to vastly over-ingest on protein, we don't need as much as everyone thinks. Lots of wasted money over the years.

One of my favorite subjects

I've guinea pigged myself on a many different supplements. NOW Foods and Source Naturals are 2 very good brands value wise. I get most of my stuff from allstarhealth.com. They have had the best overall prices on everything. Their bodystrong brand of whey protein is a good deal. Sweetened with stevia, you can get a 10 pound box for $80. If you are looking for the "Mercedes-Benz" of supplements, then check out the brand "Garden of Life". http://www.allstarhealth.com/f/bodystrong-100PERCENT_natural...

Swansonvitamins.com also has great deals on their own brand. I get my vitamin C and D from them along with other stuff when they have good promo offers going on.


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Source for Supplements

Full range, not the cheapest: lifeextension.org

High quality vitamins ?

That aren't expelled as easy. That's what I would like to find.

iHerb.com or amazon


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Check them out online.


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Get a Vitacost link like Amazon

Glad you already know about them. Was going to suggest it. ;)

I agree.

This is my go to place for most supplements. But I am unable to buy Iodoral or Qunol (two of my favorites)at Vitacost.

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Puritan's Pride Does It For Me

Here is their website (see: http://www.puritan.com/ ). Another benefit is if you are a New York State resident, you pay no sales tax on vitamins and supplements.

me too

that's where I buy most of my vitamins. I take a lot and it's the only way I can afford them.

Your best bet is...


You get more for less.

See What the government is Spending?

I like GNC opti line of multi vitamins

I found that the ingredient list is similar to Tangy Tangerine, but 1/5 of the price. A month's supply is less than 10.00. I have a hard time sleeping without it. I also like my Magnesium supplement, Natural Vitality Calm, which is around 16. a canister that lasts a long time. You have to go easy on that stuff or risk getting stuck in the bathroom all day. It does help calm you down as magnesium deficiency makes you very jumpy.

Btw, get them on Amazon with the DP link.

thanks for the suggestion on the multi vitamin- can i ask for a

link so I can see exactly which one you are talking about.
Its really important to me. Thanks!