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Non-GMO Career Opportunity

A very good company, "Tropical Traditions" recently sent out a newsletter advertising these career opportunities posted below. I have personally ordered some of their products and was very pleased. The company is very health conscious as well as ethical. They are a Christian company that also did aid in the Philippines after the typhoon. Their website is here: http://tropicaltraditions.com/

This sounds like an exciting job for the right person.

We are looking for someone with management experience in baking, particularly with experience in producing corn-based products. Tropical Traditions is in the process of securing heirloom varieties of GMO-tested free corn from remote areas of Mexico, and is looking to add an experienced baker to their team to develop organic GMO-tested free corn products. Location preference is Austin Texas, but will consider other locations as well. Experience in other gluten-free bakery items is also desirable, such as coconut products. Experience in eco-friendly packaging is also highly desirable, as we develop bakery items for national distribution. Apply here.

The successful person in this position will be up-to-date with all the various ways of communicating and advertising with social media currently entails, as well as monitoring trending communication channels on the Internet. Education as well as sales experience is desirable. Previous management experience is desired. A knowledge of Tropical Traditions' products and business philosophy is preferred. The successful candidate will have proven their skills with existing blogs and social media sites. Apply here.

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Interesting that they want to open the bakery

in Austin. Seems like there would be a lot of competition there.

But hurray for more chips and salsa!

I wish them much success!

I love the non GMO blue corn chips by garden of eatin
The more the better.