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I answer to many names!

I am JP, and Jeppe is my name. I have heard 1000s of fellow human, pronouncing my name, from a LOT of different countries and cultures around the world. It isn’t easy apparently, except for Danes.

I have been called by many names during the years. From jep, sjeip, jepper, yepper, yabbe, zabi, yabe and jepe, to jubber and Jepjep! (to mention a few)

The pronounciation reads ˈjæbə, and that has another word associated: Yabber, (mainly) Australian informal for “talk”. But to no surprise for the careful reader, that is also not how my name is pronounced!

I have many names, I still answer to many (most) of them.

Where am I getting at, except the Yabber?

It was all just an excuse, consider yourself lured. Here is the real deal. While a fundraiser can do a lot of good in a short time, that is also its own greatest limitation.

Liberty needs a long term commitment, and here is mine. While my 2 dollars are not going to save this world on its own, I will follow the footsteps of many before me, when clicking on that donation link in a few moments. I will make sure to move that dot, from “one time donation” to “recurring”.

Here is my commitment: from this moment forward; I will donate 2 dollars to the Daily Paul on 20th every month. I will continue to do so, until I’m broke (literally) or The Daily Paul shuts down! When I get back on my feet (financially), I will adjust the amount accordingly.

Would other consider quitting smoking, drinking, cable TV, Netflix, or any other expensive and unhealthy habits and bump liberty over the top, with similar commitments?

And about my name? You will never get it perfect, exept you are a Dane. Go for JP, just the two letters on their own, combined to one word: JP!

From an ocean away, with a sea of LOVE!

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You have a difficult to pronounce name.

That must suck.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Not at all!

Language is a cultural barrier that is easy to relate to for all human, therefore it didnt suck the 100+ times we would burst out laughing! - Someone would try again and again, in vain, in complete surrender to the mumble we call Danish.

You too have a difficult name from time to time :-)

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Jeppe... Ok..

Close enough to Jeep, he must be alright.

Thank you bigmike, means a

Thank you bigmike, means a lot when it comes from you!

Hey I know you!

Jeeba son of that great guy Peter. Please send my regards. He's a great guy.

I also answer to many names. It helps me organize life. Depending on what name you call me I know exactly what time frame, what project. And it was a security thing for years, we always used psuedonyms. Now that's completely useless as the NSA has the data and the algos to connect our personas so,

I have nothing to lose by telling my names in chronological order.

1. Little Deer (native childhood name)
2. Little Joe (another native childhood name)
3. Raven (my Rainbow name)
4. Maxman (motorcycle services)
5. Oyate (warrior of the people)
6. Chowhound (security and logistics expert)
7. Deputy (wore a badge and a gun)
8. Ozdogs (now I run a hot dog cart business)
9. Smudge Pot (a low and dirty vessel)

And all this time, my real name is Trevor which is kinda boring. Except Trevor is a Nordic name that translates to "Quick Tempered Warrior" and this aspect is something I have worked hard to control my whole life. So these other names help me to be the other person I have always wanted to be.

Perhaps I shall have another name some day. I would like to be called Father or Gramps or Farty McOldperson.

Bless you brother.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


"these other names help me to be the other person I have always wanted to be"

This is what I have always liked about the Internet. People can be whoever they want to be. This can be very freeing and eventually effects all aspects of life.

The push to use "real names" is just for easy tracking and has the effect of bottling people in.

AND **Jeppe** I too have many names...similar to why you do and also why Smudge does.

I absolutely reserve the right

to be whoever I want every time I wake up.


I consider to be restrictive. Why should I be limited to me when I can be you?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

DP usernames

I prefer the ones without a real name associated.

They tell a story or has another deeper meaning, not always easy deciphered (!). Real names are so last millennium...

Only obvious exception to the real-name-association preference is the name Paul, sometimes impossible to know if its a part of real name, or a reference to Ron Paul.

And screw the NSA, lets just

And screw the NSA, lets just assume they know who we are! With or without an account or real names up front! They scan my mail I’m sure, like every other world citizen. They can access my webcams and microphones on mobiles anywhere near me. Read my documents, my families most intimate pictures and memories. Screw that, I don’t hide any longer. They can hide, for one day, my hope...: The BIG whistle will be blown and we will have unlimited access to the entire database. All the good people around the world. just 24 hours, we would have this battleship turned upside down, just one day!

Short story from my daily day, today:

Donated to the current fundraiser. Wondered if I should post the confirmation code like I have seen so many others do. Who would benefit? Was it just for the NSA? Then I realized, I had just gotten a confirmation mail from PayPal. The code was in the Mail, I use Gmail, they already have it!

EDIT: Reminder: write an apology to the NSA, I’m really the good guy and have been for many years. Etc. No need to come kick my door in, I will answer if they ring the bell. Etc. Or we can keep it to mail if they prefer. Was just joking about the whole battleship upside down thing. People could misunderstand. I should take more care when writing!

Well, I think I know you too!

All of those names, Little Deer I like the best. Maybe it’s because I read some lines (Yesterday), about wearing a badge and a gun. You had me in tears Deputy.

We have been brothers in liberty for years, you just only realized a few days ago!

Quick Tempered Warrior. Bless you too!

Technical issues!

Cant seem to change the date for the payment.

I think I have to wait untill 09-20 to make this occouring payment?