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The Oath Keepers "buzz" on Ferguson

Everyone has something to say about Ferguson, Missouri’s monumental moment of madness. The wire services, the channels, the stations, the headlines, the Internet, the workplace – all are abuzz with Ferguson. But is the buzz contradicted by the truth?

That is not a good question, because the buzz is coming from all sides, from all points of view, from all political powerhouses. All sides are buzzing as loudly as they can. The truth will end up supporting some of the buzz, and eliminating other parts of the buzz.

Oath Keepers finds that as of August 21, 2014, there is not enough information assembled to know whether justice shall point its wabbling finger at Officer Wilson or at Mr. Brown. Oath Keepers has no position on that question at this time.

Our focus at Oath Keepers national is on the deployment of police assets and a wee little problem about a stand-down order from above in the chain of command which caused the police to ignore the looters whilst firing non-lethal bullets and gas canisters at innocent protestors. And, we might add, there is this tiny little problem about trotting out the militarized assets of police-state equipment against citizens who were demonstrating peacefully.


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Ron Paul: Police Are Supposed To Be Peace Officers, Not Warriors!

I feel this keenly and I am a keeper of oaths

there's no real leadership.

The people (oyate) need help and we should be there to do that.

But community solutions have to come from that community otherwise it's just us imposing a solution.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

My word smudge

That is you nailing it!


Great point Smudge.

"But community solutions have to come from that community otherwise it's just us imposing a solution."

Kind of like the U.S. government attempting to impose "solutions" in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. Just doesn't work until the people have had enough and make the change happen, or at least get the ball rolling at high speed. If someone else imposes that change, then the change will reflect the needs and wants of people outside the community, rather than what the community wants and needs. The needs of Ferguson probably aren't the same needs as Ada, Oklahoma.

strange times when reason has been lost

Robbery crime or no crime: no longer relevant as the suspect is dead and the chief has said the confessed killer did not know anything about the crime when the shooting took place.

Riot police: no longer a debate as it has been admitted by order and action that they were not there to stop the rioting the we're standing by and watching.

Militarization? Let's look: the orders are shoot to kill for the beat cop.
The orders for riot police are to quell the press.
I don't see how the gear difference between Kent State and now matters as much as everyone makes out. It is the orders. Name names and put them all in front of a grand jury for conspiracy to murder. There are real people who wrote the policies and issued the orders. If Rand and the late coming Claire care they will prosecute. This is a crime on the books.