Washington Post Coverage of Ron Paul Supporters


Editing this to say that the article will be published on Monday with photos and a video blog of key volunteers in NH; as they were interviewed before, during, and after watching the October 9th debate, with reporter Jose Antonio Vargas.

We had a variety of 10 supporters who gathered at a private home and spent several hours with Mr. Vargas who I think will give us some excellent coverage.

This should dispell any lingering notions that we are a few spammers living in our parents' basements! (Also I see we almost have $750K raised once again already!)

Among those in attendance were people who ranged in age from 27-60 and comprised of housewives, teachers, retirees, computer technicians, software engineers, a marine, a PhD aerospace engineer who'd flown in Bosnia and Kosovo, a real estate professional, etc.

I had a great time doing this.
- Jane

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Is the article going to be

Is the article going to be in the print edition, too?


Just got an update from the report - will be published Monday.

Jim Forsythe, PhD

Same here This made it to

Same here

This made it to FMNN


Cool, looking forward to

Cool, looking forward to it.

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