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Ian Freeman Discusses His Challenge to an Incumbent Democrat Governor, Why People Are Upset with "Free Keene" and more!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in “Free Talk Live” host, Ian Freeman! Ian describes how he came into the libertarian movement through Harry Browne and activism within the Libertarian Party, before picking up and moving to New Hampshire as part of the “Free State Project”, along with his own “Free Keene” group. Ian explains why he opted to challenge an incumbent Democrat for the governorship of New Hampshire, how he drew the ire of the New York Times, just what has the “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” group so upset, and more!

So grab your favorite beverage, and strap yourself in for another liberty-fueled edition of the Lions of Liberty Podcast!

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And be sure to tune back next week, when my guest will be Daily Paul's own, Derrel Walters aka dwalters to us Daily Paulers!

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Ian Bernard is a poor representative of the liberty movement

While I always enjoyed listening to the ChristianAnarchist call into the show (I used to listen), I find the host of the show to be a self-righteous person. The visible part of the FK movement is a bunch of immature people. Anyone who fakes drinking alcohol at a town meeting or does breast painting in a public park is not, in my book, serious about liberty.

My biggest disappointment is that I have heard very little criticism of Bernard and the antics of the Free Keeners from other members of the FSP.

Do a little research on this guy's views and you'll be quite shocked.

While many of his and FK's critics are non-libertarians (a fact they craftily use to deflect criticism), I am an anarchist critic of them.

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I am not of fan of how Free Keene handles themselves. Claiming his own house is a church to get out of paying the taxes there, ridiculous. They seem to be more into shock value then actually making a point. It looks as though I might be moving close to Keene, if this is the case there certainly going to be hearing from me.

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I like Ian and his show "Free

I like Ian and his show "Free Talk Live". I even call in every so often to offer my own brand of "wisdom"...

Beware the cult of "government"...

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While I am a prospective member of the FSP

They were harrasing the parking ticket stooges with cameras and questions. Something that not only does violate voluntarism as the NYT pointed out but its also not good on a diplomatic sense. Even in the FSP I heard mixed things about Free Keene, one of the biggest critiques I heard was they are more concerned about having there way as opposed to trying to sit down with the community and talk to them. It truly is a shame, when I went to visit NH I thought Keene was the nicest lil town I layed my eyes on. I was considering Keene but I don't wanna move there if this is the wrap there giving the freedom movement. I wanna go to a place in NH where we have discussions with our fellow community members vs trying to force them into things they don't want.

Cameras and questions?

Does asking questions and filming per se violate "voluntaryism?" How so?

Granted i wasn't there and havemt seen any footage but Ian has addressed the claims of harassment as being patently false.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

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it violates voluntaryism....

If the individual doesn't wanna be on camera or answering questions, following them when they don't wanna be followed also violates voluntaryism. Ian believes that any press is good press, if our goal was just to take territory I might agree with that. However the true war of the freedom movement is to show the populas the true nature of these beauracrats and lawyers, they will find freedom themselves if they understand the game. So if we go around doing disruptive things and people don't understand why, we are leading them into the hands of those beauracrats.

Keep up the show BTW I enjoy your podcasts.

Thank you!

And to be clear I'm not necessarily defending Ian or FK - I only learned about the robin holders in prepping for this show. Though I would not say that following people or asking them questions "violates voluntaryism" so long as force is not being used against them. Whether or not their methods are useful or effective is another matter for debate.

Thanks again for listening!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


Being nice, classy and respectful and being a principled libertarian are not mutually exclusive. Ron Paul showed many people that.

I don't really get that exorcised over parking tickets and meter-maids. If that property was privately owned, people would probably have to pay for parking directly or indirectly if the business owners picked up the tab.

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Thats funny.

I just agreed to your post

Kudos to FSP/FK

Love how these fine folks are upsetting the apple cart in New Hampshire.

While I have no intention of moving to NH, what they are doing has served as an inspiration to those of us in other states, and is really how the grassroots liberty movement can hurt the Powers that Should Not Be.

I love the part where he talks about "Robin Hooding"(paying people's parking meter fines so they don't get tickets) and how the State sued them.

Funny how the Powerful don't get real mad until you hit them in the Revenue Stream.


is such a cooler name

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Dead and buried...?

Wait a tic, I thought Smudge wrote a suicide note?

If Smudge Pot can arise from the dead, perhaps the MarcMadness can as well...

Stay tuned!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Haha bump

for anyone that draws the ire of the NYT