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A decades long secret: infiltrating Cape Canaveral

I have kept this secret for decades. If we tried this today we'd all be stuffed into a black box and you would never see us again.

The setting: we have always had insider intel because there's always somebody on the inside with a conscience.

The Poseidon II Missile System promised to give us pre-emptive first-strike capability against the Soviet Union from submarines and we viewed this to be an escallation of the nuclear arms race. And we viewed this to be a suicidal policy.

So how do we stop it?

We were fed intel that said if they have unsecured personnel inside the "launch perimiter" they would not only abort the launch, they would SCRUB THE WHOLE PROGRAM because it was top secret.

The reason for their abort protocols is if a missile blows up on launch, sensitive military hardware could make it into the wrong hands, like Soviet agents and they would export the technology to our then enemy.

It was a 2 year plan and we had their time tables, we had their spreadsheets, we had their protocols, we had EVERYTHING. And we used many tactics but the primary one was DIVERSION. And back then our security protocols worked. We adopted the insurgent plan of "celluar organiztion" which means that almost nobody was briefed on the whole scope of the program, we all chose psuedonyms and we never divulged where we came from or who we were.

So we set up a "peace march" from King's Bay GA to Cape Canaveral and we walked every step of the way (Great Peace March walked across this continent, we were very good at walking by then, 25 miles a day) and we had all the logistical support in the world, we had like 5 school busses, one of them for dry food storage, one for sound and stage equipment, a medical but staffed by real doctors and nurses and EMTs, a communications bus, we had a flat bed trailer with 16 porta potties on it, we had 3 water transport vehicles carrying just under 1000 gallons (we walked across deserts with 1000 hippies, we needed a lot of water) and we had support vehicles like the tow truck with the welding machine and the compressors and all that jazz and we were a "mobile direct action logistical support community".

Well anyways so we assemble in King's Bay and we begin walking down the coast of Florida on Route 1 and we are making as much noise as possible.

Every law enforcement agency on the planet was watching us. We are getting counter infiltrated by Naval intel and AF intel, one day I found a Naval intel ID on the floor in a porta pottie and we gave it back to the man in public assembly. JOHN H., PLEASE STAND UP, HERE'S YOUR NAVAL INTEL ID BACK AND GOODBYE SUCKER, SEEYA, YEAH YOU MAYBE WANNA JUST LEAVE ABOUT NOW. NOBODY IS GONNA HURT YOU.

Well this was a classic diversion tactic and when we got to Cape Canaveral we had applied for a demonstration permit and they had acres of huge lawn at that front gate and we set up the tipis and we were selling food and t shirts and generally being a total pain in the ass. We even had an airforce, a single plance that had one of those banners streaming behind it like you see at the beach and it said....

and i love this one.....

"A little nukie never hurt anybody"

We had the funding, we had the air waves and we were tellign everybody in Florida to just COME ON OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME.

This whole time our attack groups were peeling off and infiltrating a major secured government installation but as we kept pushing up numbers it was impossible for any outside agency to tell where we were and what we were doing.

We had frog men in scuba gear, we had people building rafts our of emply milk jugs, we had people falsifying credentials and getting in the front gate! And we all had a specific date and time and the plan was to simply make ourselves NOTECEABLE. HI WE'RE INSIDE THE LAUNCH PERIMITER so we had people flying kites, lofting balloons, putting up banners and tie dyed tapestries, there was this 75 year old woman called Ethel that got in and she walked around for a few hours and then she saw this observation tower and she climbed with her old bones up and up and around and around till she got to the top and inside this booth is a telephone and she picks it up and the other end says something like THIS IS CENTRAL DO AHEAD 359127 and she says "I am an old woman and I have been walking around for hours and I'm tired and I'm thirsty, could you please send some young and good looking sailors to arrest me please?"

But here we are with about 5000 people at their front gate, the had the Jolly Green Jiant helos full of serious looking dudes aiming guns at us and their whole attention was focussed on the front door while we are sneaking into the back for weeks. And as the march got closer and closer we did the celluar thing and all the sudden a group of people would vanish and we knew,

THEY ARE MAKING THEIR ATTACK RUN. And if somebody asked hey where's Alice? we would just say "I just saw her going to the bathroom, she'll be back in two seconds."

And we derailed a multi billion dollar project.

Ronald Reagan was significantly pissed. And so was every ranking person in every government agency. The next day the headlines ALL ACROSS THIS NATION SAID SECURITY AT CAPE CANAVERAL WAS A SEIVE.

I'd say we slipped through like a hot knife through butter.

Now I'd like to tell you I did a run and infiltrated but I didn't, my job was to be a DMAC, a Day March Advance Coordinator and my first role was to secure us as we marched but then to keep track of all our John's and Janes. See when we got arrested we refused to identify so we were all John or Jane Does. And I had a team of lawyers that would try to get them bailed out and released and they all got court appearences and my job was to GET THEM OUT OF FLORIDA where we would all be literal fugitives from "justice".

So I stayed in Gainsville Florida for the next 6 months and all this time NO INTEL AGENCY WAS ABLE TO PIN US DOWN because we had our security protocols tighter than tight. Nobody was saying NOTHING. Hey I'd like to help you, officer but I don't know anybody's name. She is called Turtle Heart, he is called Slick Henry and I don't know their real names or where they come from or how to contact them. Sorry, I'd really like to help but I can't.

Try that trick today and we'd all get scooped. Bags over our heads, torture, the whole works. We would have been Gitmod. And just by telling you this now I can practically hear the NSA algos recursing, filling in blanks, connecting the dots, putting names to faces....

I am not sure about the statute of limitations on this one but one thing I can tell you is there is no statute of limitations on hate and these agencies HATE US and they will probably try to come after me again after all these years.

Cause as close as I remember, this was 1986. That's longer than many of you have been alive. But I know us elders remember. Remember that Farty McOldpants?

Yeah that was us.

Only reason I tell you this now is number one, man did we have a PILE OF FUN. Number two is I'm gonna de-activate. I'm not gonna do stuff like that anymore, I am a FORMER WARRIOR, I am retired. But number three is there is still space and room to just be wildly creative and joyful. Plus the fact that I got to shower with 5 naked hippies. If you have not showered with at least 5 naked hippies you really haven't fully experienced life. And also just to tell you youngers, THIS IS WHAT WE USED TO DO BABY and we did it well. We had every government agency on this planet running in circles and we did an end-run right around them. It was almost too easy and heads rolled from the top to the bottom. The guys in charge from everybody from the President Of The United States Of America just wicked aweful pissed. They all drank sour milk for months afterwards. Yeah how you like piss and vinnegar from breakfast Admirar?

A lot of top military brass took and early forced retirement.

But mostly it was just a huge, massive, gargantuan load of fun. And nobody got hurt. Physically that is. Except us. We got roughed up by cops a bit but it was just effing fun. And the only long term visible effect we had was to harden their security and make them more intransigent but WE SPREAD A MESSAGE TO THE WORLD THAT OUR PEOPLE DESIRE PEACE AND NOT WAR.

And that was the whole point. There was really little other points. But this primary objective we achieved.

Now with ISIS/ISIL I have kinda come near full circle because those are the most scary people I have ever contemplated and while we tried to stop the tides of war that victimized these people, the bottom line is they hate us and they will hurt us and if I see one, I will fight them to protect my neighbors. Just the people I know and care about. I guess I can shout HEY WE'RE REALLY REALLY SORRY as I pull the trigger. And our continued experience in this movement, the few times we have mobilized on the streets, we have a very healthy relationship with such agencies as Capitol Hill Police, DC Metro, the Department Of Homo Insecurity (oops but not really) and our relationships have been mostly charactarazied as professional and respectful. For whatever reasons bad or good we're kinda on the same team now: protect us. And I know I'm probably not gonna do anything like that again. And most of the activists I protected by silence are gone now. Gone to the grave with our secrets. I tell you this just so you know and you recognize that this too is part of your lineage as activists and to know of your past will strengthen your future. This is part of your heritage and I just thought somebody should tell you.

That there's more than one way to skin a cat. And it's our creativity and innovation that does it every time so I don't know what you youngers are cooking up but I bet it's gonna be good. So here's the mantle, you are in charge now. Just make it good. Surprise an old man.

Bless you young ones. And if I dissapear in the next few days, you know what happened. I got black bagged. You continue as we did, no matter what the cost.

And have fun. If you don't have fun you aren't doing it right.