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What to do about ISIS

Since we caused the power vacuum in Iraq, should we do as Ron Paul says we should do when we go to war and declare it and go all in until we win? Like the Breaking Bad saying "no half measures"? Or is ISIS not as dangerous as they say?

When I first heard about Chuck Hagel all I read was that he was very reluctant against going to war and a lot of people criticizing him for it. Now he's saying ISIS is dangerous beyond anything we've ever seen. So his history and what I've heard about him in the past makes me believe him a little.

Or do I just have a short memory and this is the same war mongering propaganda all over again? I may just be letting my emotions get the best of me because I really hate reading about Christians getting persecuted and brutally murdered though I can't know for sure how much of that is actually true.

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Leave. ASAP.

Do we need ANOTHER 60 years of goofing around in the Middle East to teach us the lesson we shouldn't have ever had to learn?

The US installed the Shah to stop the communists. The Ayatollah popped out of that one. US installed Saddam to stop the Ayatollah. Saddam acted like Saddam. US installed a puppet government to replace Saddam. ISIS came out of that.

US backed the Taliban to stop the communists. They started acting like the Taliban. US installed a puppet government, who is now starting to act more like the Taliban.

Imagine we do back the Kurds, or the Waziris, or the Sunnis, or the Shiites, or the Alawites, or the Palestinians, or the Baha'i, or Yazidis. Would the place look different in 50 years? Would the Kurds be responsible stewards of peace moreso than the Sunnis?

Leave. Now. It would be foolish to try to "fix it" like we've been trying to fix it for all these years.

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Quit Funding & steering it!



We should call in Shazam!

Since we are using 70's cartoon characters anyway.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Same war propaganda

Leave em alone. Let them burn themselves out. This is only gonna help general dynamics Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman.

They can't sustain their numbers unless we are bombing them. That's why they executed Foley. To get you to give your buy in to Obama, so that he can bomb, and they can grow.

Your welcome.


They wanted more than $100

They wanted more than $100 million for Foley. I agree, pull out and let the locals do something about these forces. They won't be allowed free reign much longer.

Individuals not States

I know where you are coming from, I absolutely hate the idea of the ISIS crucifying, enslaving, murdering, and beheading Christians. That deeply disturbs me. Here is a thought though, what if it was Christendom's problem rather that the states? For example, what if the Kurds had a foreign volunteer army to battle the ISIS filled with individuals that had a philosophical and/or moral dilemma with the ISIS? It has been done before. In fact, the ISIS is full of foreigners including people from the US, why couldn't you join the other side and do something about it yourself?

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"What to do about ISIS"

1. Stop arming muslims through Syrian civil war intervention.

2. Allow Iraq to split into 3 countries based on their natural divisions.

For starters, the US could

For starters, the US could STOP arming them to fight in Syria!

"The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein


ISIS will be pushed back into Syria...

...from Northern Iraq so we along with our Kurdish friends and the big oil corporations can setup their *new* political state around those oil fields there(as part of the 3-state balkanization process going on in Iraq); and then the war with Syria Obama threatened last September 10th(but couldn't pull off because we knew Assad was NOT using chemical weapons against his own people) can commence FOR Israel's benefit!

ISIS is the created excuse to start military action in Syria, that's all they are. Israel wants the land that Israel wants, parts of 6 countries that surround them, and they need the Arab population both within and without their borders depleted and moved about a bit so they can have their "promised land" and "feel secure" in the region don't ya know...and if America doesn't get it for them...well, they get first crack at all the metadata the NSA collects don't ya know!

Remember, the existence of Palestinians only serves to prove Israel took land from someone that was living there already first; does anyone find it amazing that despite all the outrage against what Israel is doing in Gaza, these ISIS psychos don't turn their American weapons towards Israel in defense of those Palestinans(and the Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Lebanese) that Israel has murdered, corrupted, and still claims are a threat to them?

ISIS is a western creation, make no mistake about it; and all this war and destruction is what Netanyahu considers a "haircut"...and he's got the goods on the whole U.S. Congress, the White House, and the United Nations - or - he wouldn't be so arrogant about it!


Causes problems for Turkey, Syria, Iran & Baghdad. I agree - this is all about re-drawing the map. We were never going to re-build Iraq. Stability has never been the goal.

The vision for Kurdistan - note the corridor to the Mediterranean Sea:


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

A sh*thole...

A sh*thole is a sh*thole is a sh*thole... time to invest in real estate back home.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

It is true, but why are they living there?

If the christians want to stay living among people who murder them then why do we have to go bail them out.

Why should we subjugate or annihilate the islamists? No half measures means what?

What we should do is defend ourselves in the most effective way and peaceful way that we can.

ISIS is pathetically weak when you consider what they can do to you or me. But I might not let just any sworn enemy of the US enter the country over the southern border or be handing them visas.

The new boogieman

As the people tire of war and are no longer in fear of al Queda the war mongers need a new boogieman to scare the people into accepting more wars. Welcome to Isis, the new boogieman we created by our own invasions into sovereign nations where we have no authority to do so. I will not support any more wars until Congress agrees to send their own children into harms way before anybody else goes.

With current mood in the USA,

With current mood in the USA, ISIS should seriously reconsider conducting any terrorism in the USA. Will Americans cry for governmental help or take matters into their own hands? I suspect the situation will be the latter.

Feel free to send your own

Feel free to send your own money to the ISIS opposition, or even to hop on a plane and take up arms yourself.

Just don't force me or mine to join you.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

How about we don't arm and

How about we don't arm and train them to fight the Syrian Govt and call them freedom fighters? That way when they go back home to Iraq or wherever they don't use those weapons an training on their own people???


On a practical note

You would start by making a declaration of war. Voted on in the congress and effectuated by Mr. Obama I presume.

I hope to find answers in your declaration as to who the enemy is, and how the war will be won. (Let me help you: It cannot be done by guns and bombs and the "spread of democracy"!)

It would be a lot easier and faster and humane to stop funding these thugs with US tax dollars!


Ask the gang who led you into war the last time around. Or the war before that, then believe the opposite...

There is a fresh post about Dick Cheney, pushing for war, hint hint...

Yes, short memory - Silly you! With LOVE!

First it would be nice

to know who is funding them - who (or what) created them.

In the mean time pray for the people they are being ALLOWED to prey upon.

It is a very evil situation.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

I wouldn't put too much stock in Hagel

His job is an automatic puppet position. Perhaps before he became SOD, he actually spoke his mind a little bit, some truth might have slipped out but don't count on it now. He's reading from a script.

Remember before he became SOD, the neocon propagandists were going batsh!t over it because he suggested Israel go back to the 67' borders a long time ago? I think that whole thing was a giant psyop. It makes people on the left think that Obama isn't a puppet of Israel, while strengthening the resolve of the religious neocon right (divide and conquer) He has since then retracted his 67' borders statement, saying it was wrong of him.

Then when he DOES get the SOD job, he'll have more clout with the so called "Liberals" on war matters because he's "Objective" and "Not like the Neo-cons" When in fact, he is.......just my two cents.

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