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Congress Proposes Law Banning Body Armor In The Land Of The Free

By the late 1920s, Joseph Stalin became the unchallenged leader of the Soviet Union after having eliminated his opposition.

He topped it off in 1929 by serving a decisive blow to anyone that would dare to oppose him by outlawing private gun ownership in the country.

From that year on until 1953 when Stalin died, it’s estimated that more than 20 million Soviet citizens that were seen as a threat to the country’s leadership.

People were rounded up and either murdered outright, or sent to infamous gulag labor camps.

Stalin is an extreme case. But history is ripe with examples of governments which disarm their citizens, only to engage in serious oppression afterwards.

Communist China. Nazi Germany. Cambodia. Guatemala. Uganda. The list goes on and on. Pacification of the citizens is almost always a prerequisite to totalitarianism.

There have been a lot of attempts to disarm, or at least partially disarm, people in the US throughout history as well.

Each time there’s a major shooting somewhere, the chant to ban firearms grows louder.

But the latest proposal is especially telling.

H.R. 5344 is a bill currently going through Congress that would ban the purchase of body armor.

Violation would carry CRIMINAL penalties, including up to ten years in prison.


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Why would you need body armor?

What would you need body armor for? If you're not doing anything wrong, why would anyone have a reason to attack you?

Edit: Dang, I failed at the sarcasm html tag.. :|

What tortured interpretation of the Constitution

...would Honda use to justify this? Commerce Clause or "necessary and proper"?

I seriously doubt republicans

I seriously doubt republicans will let this pass. I'm not saying they are much different from the democrat wing of the big government party, I just can't imagine this becoming federal law. But who knows? Permanent, all out martial law will soon engulf the "land of the free", and to the criminals in D.C. body armor is just another barrier they want to dismantle before they round everyone up.

"There is only one kind of freedom and that's individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it." - Ron Paul


Overtime paycheck I get is going to AR500armor.com for a multicam carrier and plates.

Idiots in Congress can stick it where the sun don't shine.

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Michael Savage

I remember in the days after the Colorado movie theater shooting, "conservative" talk show host Michael Savage said on his radio show that the government should ban body armor; he thought no civilian had a need for body armor.


He goes on to play a clip of Bill Kristol saying how he supports gun control.


For those of you who say

For those of you who say there is NO DIFFERENCE between Republicans and Democrats, here ya go!
Does anyone here think this bill has a snowball's chance in hell with a Republican led House? I seriously hate to be cheer leading for these d-bags, but all the cosponsors of this bill have D's behind their names, and I would imagine that anyone who cosponsored it with an R behind their name would get their ass primaried!
It's sad when THIS is all we have left to fight for. The only reason Democrats are here is because Republicans have let them get this far. Hell, half of the Republicans hate the 2A as much as the Democrats! So it's really not surprising.
But still, they have to at least ACT like they support the 2nd Amendment. The Democrats aren't burdened with such a task.

I hope you don't have to eat crow.

Or at least I hope you have a good tasty recipe for crow. This issue has nothing to do with the second amendment so the republican side of the tyranny coin can do whatever their masters tell them to do. They obviously hold "warriors" above normal people in this country so I can see a possible "it's to protect the cops" scapegoat. Hopefully not, but I wouldn't ever be caught trusting republicans to do the right thing.

Glad to see this issue back again.

This bill was introduced by California's Michael Honda (D), cosponsored by Florida's Alcee Hastings (D), Illinois' Robin Kelly (D), and New Jersey's Bill Pascrell (D). If they are your Reps, give them Hell. If your critter is on the Judiciary committee, be sure to let them know how you feel.

The house has introduced about 5400 bills this congress, does anyone know of a list classifying which are most dangerous, most stupid, or most expensive?


to start your own list, here is a sequential listing by number with the bill title. Just assume the opposite meaning and go from there.



Holy mackerel! No wonder they don't read these damned things before they vote.
Anyone who can go through just one page of this crap deserves the medal of honor.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

This will do for Body Armor sales what

proposed gun bans did for gun sales.
Or, perhaps the plates can be 3-D printed, and a person would not actually "purchase" the body armor.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Thanks for a cool pic John

& thanks to all who posted comments here.
This bill has to be stopped.
We must spread the word on social sites like Twitter etc.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

the bill text - clear as day

This is beyond messed up. How is it even legal to propose something like this? Body armor is literally protection. They are actually looking to ban "protection". WTF!?

"To prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions."

These people either want civilians unprotected, or think maniacs from COD are real.


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This needs to be stopped in

This needs to be stopped in its tracks, can we please get more eyes on this.
I have always wanted to get myself some gear but that stuff isnt a small price and I am sure that 99% of the time I wont need it either. If this is going to start making its way through, I will definitly be buying some and we can que the body armor shortages next.

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