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I'll Fix Them Little Piggies

I put this under 'War and Peace' because it seems there is a war currently being waged on the People by law enforcement. Am I exaggerating? Armored personnel carriers, automatic weapons, killing unarmed teenagers, blowing up toddlers with flashbang grenades, the list goes on and on and ON!

Idea; make all police officers wear the standard blues, and arm them with Mossberg pump, twelve gage shotguns with rubber slugs only. In addition they would have tasers and handcuffs (no zip ties), and nothing else. No sticks, no knives, no real bullets. If they're lucky, an armed citizen may come to their assistance in the event that they encounter an armed criminal, but they should be able to handle the situation with their rubber shotgun slugs and tasers. Also, they drive Honda Civics or Ford Festivas from now on. They don't need to chase people through the streets risking injuring innocent bystanders, or themselves for that matter. They have technology on their side; GPS as in tracking your phone, and data bases on computers. If someone gets away from time to time, so what? It's all in the name of Public Safety

OK, maybe I'm going to a slight extreme here, but maybe I sparked some imaginations out there.

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Disarm the police completely

see how tough and obnoxious they are then.

I agree...

...but I'll go even further.

I think they should go back to revolvers; in St. Louis, at least, the police weren't allowed to carry semi-autos until the late 1980s, I believe. I remember the whole controversy around that back then.

I think they should be forced to drive pink cars (and matching pink bicycles during good weather, depending on their physical condition, of course), along with your standard blue uniforms (matching hats, shirts and pants (no black, not even shoes ... they should be forced to wear white nurse's shoes), like UPS drivers but much less threatening; oh, and white shirts for higher ranks ... and they should have to wear matching short pants during certain weather conditions (lieutenants and captains would look like Capt. Steubing(sp?) from "The Love Boat") .

I think they should be forced to start conversing with us the way you would any other employer:

"'scuse me, sir ... may I have a quick word?" or if you look like you need help: "'scuse me, sir, is there anything I can do for you?"

There's more but I'll save some for other folks.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

As long as there are police

As long as there are police forces a good number of authoritarian sociopaths are going to be drawn to them.

There are two solutions.

Find a way to screen out the sociopaths, or forget about police forces.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Not an unheard of sentiment

Better That 10 Guilty Men Go Free Than To Convict A Single Innocent Man

A paraphrase (not mine) of a quote from William Blackstone.


Just open the box and see