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Others in your local area are wanting to hear about liberty.

The most success I have seen recently is how appreciative the people are locally when you aggressively pursue liberty and bring up local issues.

What we all know is that the federal government is beyond repair or accountability.

But at the local level you still have the power to restrain the government and to even implement sheriff protection and state legislation to counter/nullify federal actions.

If you are in the west you should start groups to reclaim federal lands. These belong to the people of that state and is imperative that the states reclaim those lands if the good people of those states are to have any wealth for them or their children.

If you are in the east I have no advice for you as I am from the west and do not know how your liberties are affected besides the regular subjugation of the police state. So if you live in the east you should be that person who brings the most intimate details to the forefront.

There are many of your neighbors who are waiting to just have someone inspire them and to believe that there are people who are willing to stand up. Maybe one day they can be a part of this movement towards a new way of how we all treat each other.

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Freedom & Liberty for Eagle County

We meet every third Thursday of the month at Route 6 Cafe in Eagle Vail Colorado. Stop by to discuss a broad range of topics to help awaken and motivate Locals to take action and get involved.


Here is our Mesa County group. We host a lot of speakers and are very involved in the local sheriff's race if you have heard about Steve King. He is our state senator who pushed the vampire bill to make it so that officers could forcibly draw blood from drivers to check thc content. He also co-sponsored a bill to give fed agencies arrest powers in CO. Now he is on trial for corruption charges that were founded by local patriots and pushed to the forefront against our local biased media. If you need any help on elections or are interested on how to find corruption in your local government reach out to us.


State Liberty Groups

You are absolutely right, on the state level it is easier to see the some of the liberty grassroots at work. In Utah for example I did an internship last spring with one called "Libertas Institute" that was formed in 2010 and now is the leading libertarian voice here. We were working on the bill to shut off water to the NSA and we succeeded in getting a tax reduction for homeschooling families.
Sometimes we get so caught up with what is happening at the Federal level that we forget to put pressure on the state where we have more influence. It is at the state and local level.

During your quest for happiness don't forget to take a few breaks along the way and just be happy :)

Very Nice!

Have you heard of Ken Ivory who was one of your state senators? He is been helping to reclaim state lands that the federal government should have given back to the states over 100 years ago but the federal government is still occupying our state lands.