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Platinum & Palladium vs. Silver and Gold?

Hey guys,

So I watched the "The Hidden Secrets of Money" on youtube series and read at least a hundred articles and a book or two on how silver and gold are real money. I even went out and invested a large portions of my savings in precious metals.
Yesterday I went out and bought myself my first ounce of Platinum. The store I usually go to was sold out. I was able to find just one eagle ounce out of the four places that I called in the Salt Lake area.
Silver and Gold will inevitably go up due to inflation, dollar collapse, whatever. But what about Platinum and Palladium? Should I be putting more money into those metals? It seems like the supply is already really tight... here is an article that I found posted a long time ago... What do the experts say? Should these metals have a larger share of my stockpile?


I also came across this article in the MSM about how platinum coins aren't selling compared to gold and silver but then the people in the comments are expressing difficulty in getting them.


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Great Video but...

This is a great video and I appreciate the response. I watched all of Mike Maloney's videos on the hidden secrets of money but he never made mention of platinum. His basis seems to be that platinum is not a traditional precious metal. He also states that it is too rare and then he makes a comment about the melting point.

The melting point for platinum should not matter. Right now a few countries like Canada, Australia, and the U.S mint platinum so someone figured it out.

Did he really say that platinum is too rare? Wouldn't that make it extra valuable like silver's relation to gold? They were talking about minting a trillion dollar coin once made of platinum.

The demand for the metal isn't just as a converter as he suggested but it is also the world's finest jewelery. Gold bands when scratched lose a tiny amount of gold whereas with platinum it just moves around when scratched. Platinum jewelry is much more expensive and precious than gold.

Finally, Mike may feel that there won't be a rush to platinum during a crisis situation but it is difficult to predict where people will rush to as the dollar falls. Platinum was pushed over $2,300 by Japanese investors during the 2008 crisis, surpassing gold.

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you make some good points..I

you make some good points..I feel platinum shouldn't be overlooked. Its worth more than gold for a reason.

Bump for more discussion

I think its a good question. Aren't Platinum and Palladium used in a lot of electronics as well as Gold and Silver?

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Since you watched Mike Mallony

you should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YQ-BAOaL9c

America paid 1 oz of physical silver for 45 acres of land in the past, $20 per Oz is not real: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZl902JEJZc

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Real Value of SIlver

I agree that the price is manipulated, it could really be worth a couple hundred an ounce. Land was given away for free too if you go back far enough. There are 68 ounces of silver in the Earths crust for every one ounce of gold. For every 100 ounces of gold there are 6 ounces of platinum. I have plenty of silver but I also keep a 15% platinum hedge.

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Of all the metals silver is the most abused, the one that the

USGS says could go extinct by 2020. When the SHTF, silver will be the metal everyone will want, also when it finds parity with gold.

On a side note, I hope you will decide to have more than 1 beehive, 2 is an insurance program against all the bad things that seem to just happen. A third hive is really the best.

You should be able to sell your excess honey fairly easily. I used to sell up to 20K LBS annually, and most was on the honor system.

Be aware that GMO corn and soy will kill your bees, it has Clothianiddin as a seed coating. The coating from one seed is all that is needed to kill every bee in your hive. The corn reproduces this crap and if your bees drink water from the leaves of the corn, the bees will drop dead within 20 seconds. Even flying over a corn field is deadly to a honeybee.

Also, stay away from apple orchards, they now use systemic pesticides the pollen from the apple blossom will kill your bees.

Also, you should plan on replacing all your brood combs every 5 years, they build up too much pesticides now days. Beekeepers used to keep their combs 20+ years, not any more thanks to Monsatan!

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Platinum & Bees

What do you mean silver is the most abused? Are you referring to price manipulation? Most of the silver transactions from what I understand are electronic short sales. I've never heard of it going extinct by 2020, what do you mean by that? Isn't there still plenty of it in the crust?
I've read and heard a lot of great things about silver and I've bought quite a bit of it. What about Platinum vs Gold? The former is much more rare than the latter being mined at 6 ounces for every 100 of gold annually. There also seems to be a lack of major platinum reserves or much diversity in where it is mined. For someone investing say $10,000 to $20,000 annually in metals is a platinum hedge worth your time?

I absolutely agree on having two or three hives. When I started I did have two but the first one didn't make it so I'm down to one good one for now. I'm new at it and these two were to get my feet wet. In five years I'm planning on having dozens. That is good to know on replacing the brood combs. In a couple weeks I'm going to take out on sheet of honey but since this is the first year I will leave the rest. The one hive is just two boxes tall with a little bit of space on the side still. Thanks for the tip, you made me read this post again though haha

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Silver is the most hated metal by the elite banksters!

I think silver is the one commodity that will cause the whole system to collapse. True silver is highly manipulated, but if you research on the mining side, you'll find most of the silver mines are playing out. While silver has been artificially held low the mines have scraped all exploration of new mines. This means there will be no new silver mines opening for many years to come.

I wish I had $10,000 to invest in silver, it could make one a billionaire in the short future. But you will still need to recognize when to sell and buy another asset like property or gold.

Do you know there is less than 200 million oz of silver available on the open market at any one time? The silver market is actually a $5 Trillion paper market being propped up by only $20 billion of physical silver.

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I believe Silver Wheaton

I believe Silver Wheaton (SLW) keeps a couple hundred million ounces of silver stashed away. Though it's not available on the open market--it's there.

I think there are several mining companies and other holding companies that have hundreds of millions of ounces stashed away similar to Silver Wheaton. I find it hard to believe that SLW would be the only one.

Could be either

Silver may make the system collapse but you will notice that central bankers and the ultra-wealthy don't care much for the metal. It is small investors around the globe that buy most of the tens of millions of minted silver coins every year. Yes, the price is being manipulated, but so is gold.

I see gold as the more likely metal to pull down the system because it is the much bigger market and it has been manipulated in a way where most of out gold is leaving North America and Europe. When that price correction happens silver will closely follow but so will the other precious metals.

Platinum is only mined in small quantities in a few places in the world. South Africa, Russia, and a tiny mine in Canada. Silver is mined everywhere and when its price increases it will be mined even more to try to meet the demand. This same thing happened with oil. There are always more deposits when the price is right.

With Platinum being so twenty times more rare than gold and being largely out of our reach I see it as another metal to buy to hedge your bets a little. Silver could go up %1000 but Platinum could go up %12000 under the right conditions.

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When the SHTF?

IT did years ago by the comments you've left.

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Yes, it has and it will for many of us one by one.

I lost all of what, I worked 20+ years for! I used to run 300 bee hive and bought more equipment to increase to 500. Then I find out Clothianidin poison was the new kid on the block. Guarantee farmers that it will kill all bugs that crawl under or fly over their precious crops. Turns out bees do fly over corn fields to get to better forage.

Today I have 6 beehives that I increased from the 2 beehives that I had left this spring. I plan on splitting them into 20 or 30 and haul them all the way down to Texas in a month, 1200 mile trip one way. If I want to keep my bees alive, I must go to every extreme to keep them from the poison that surrounds them now. Where I take them in Texas there are no pesticides used, no GMO crops for miles. The people there are very bee friendly. The reason I must move them, is because the combined corn left in open piles and bins will kill them. Bees are attracted to these piles for the dust, they collect as pollen. I have seen every fall, losing a 100 hives, it took awhile to figure it out.

Also, my hope is these two hives became resistant to the poison, like other bugs have. All future beehives coming out of these two beehives just might be resistant also.

The SHTF will happen to others in the form of cancer, and many diseases that come from eating GMO crops. I stay far away from this crap, and I refuse to even sell it to others. I used to sell 20 tons of potatoes every fall until I found out they are loaded with glyphosate or what ever herbicide they decide to use for dessication. Glyphosate causes kidney failure in humans with as little as .7 ppm and potatoes can be as high as 600 ppm.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

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Resisistant bees

Don't let it be known you have resistant bees. I read a story about how they ruined a man over it in Illinois.

During your quest for happiness don't forget to take a few breaks along the way and just be happy :)

Yep, at this time every year my bees are dying out, not this

year! I think the saying goes: only from my cold, dead hand will they take my bees LOL!

They better act fast because they will be scattered to the far corners of the earth soon, never to be seen until next spring. Only I know where the beehives go, even the wife is oblivious to their locale.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe