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It's reaching a boiling point with ignorant Christians about Israel and 9/11

Who are the GATEKEEPERS for the wars in the Middle East; technically Obama who is more than willing to just go along with the initial PNAC agenda...it's the ignorant Christians, with their blind allegiance to the political state of Israel!

Here is yet another (expanded *ahem* *ahem*) Facebook message exchange I had with a good friend in Cheeseland, whose family our family shared a pew with for 7 years before and after 9/11, in a fundamentalist, separated, independent Baptist Church!

He and I have been going back and forth about the Israeli/Gaza situation for a month now - and just last night he sent me a snide "F.Y.I." with the link to this FoxNews article[ http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/08/21/hamas-official-admit... ] where Hamas now has admitted they were behind the kidnapping, which Netanyahu used as his justification to begin his latest land grab through murder by U.S.-funded/wholly supported military force!

I didn't even bother to read it - because, I've made up my mind about who started it already; and, I think since Israel was losing the PR battle so bad, this "admission" was inevitable...apparently the Sean Hannity interview with one of the grieving mothers, or Netanyahu, wasn't anymore convincing than FoxNews' repetition that Putin shot down the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine!

I responded to his link:

"Look, you're hellbent on supporting Netanyahu no matter what, and that's the Christian brainwashing that is taking America down the tubes! I learned FoxNews is full of crap and for the war agenda as a mouthpiece for the Pentagon since 9/11. You know where I stand, the current political state of Israel created out of World War 2 is not prophecy, the Bible nowhere says the Jews are God's Chosen people...the very existence of Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank only serves to show that Israel stole their land by force from people that were already living there.

It took Netanyahu's propaganda team a month to get this story justifying his slaughter?, I mean gimme a break...I heard the teens were kidnapped from a IDF-controlled part of the West Bank, and honorable politicians know Hamas is controlled opposition anyway...

Israel started it, and it's morally reprehensible to think that because someone throws a rock at you, you can blow them away with a tank and take out their whole extended family with them. You're going to have to look into Biblical resurrection, and at some point realize this whole concept of flying to Heaven on a magic carpet one day if you act on edicts/instructions from the church(clearly married to the state for their survival) is hogwash; the state/church apparatus deliberately misinterpreted many words in the 1611 version, and it's foolish to not hear opposing voices who reject the contemporary Judeo-Christian ruse that is enslaving the whole world to their bankrupt economic model that is stealing all the wealth and concentrating it in the hands of a few. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ron Paul and many statesmen have warned us this would happen; and world history shows this is how empires fall...

I'm not buying into the fear because it's obvious our "leaders" had a hand in creating that radical Islamic threat all over in the Middle Eastern countries where we are doing "regime change"(rather than instilling democracy), nor do I have any confidence that so-called Christian Right-Wing politicians or media outlets have any intention of cleaning up this planet and making it "safe" or "prosperous" for Americans, let alone the rest of the known world!"

He reacts:

"you're really are messed up. Your number one premise was Israel started it, then admission comes from a hamas guy and one of the people they caught who admitted to being funded by hamas -and you don't believe it. The bigger problem is it sounds like you don't believe anything in the bible anymore. If you don't believe the bible, then you are dependent upon yourself to determine right and wrong and create your own religion and worship.

When was the last time you cried to God to show you His way? At this point is seems you are so far from Him, you are letting distractions lead your focus rather than worship of the creator. We will constantly be distracted on this earth, it is Satan's plan. But our job is to walk righteously and lead others to Christ.

I hate to be blunt, but you really need to get your priorities straight - God, family, then whatever. Dont be distracted by people who want to stir up the pot and get you agitated. Focus on spiritual growth and you will be a MUCH happier person. I don't really care about Israel and their fight. I do care that you seem to have moved so far from God and His plan for you. Love you much brother"

I responded:

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa dear friend!!! All this political B.S. directly affects my prodigy, and much like our founders were compelled to do in their spirit, I too will attempt to repel these evil forces with what God has gifted me to do it. Here's a blow to modern Christian rhetoric, in Isaiah 45:7 it reads "I make peace, and create evil". God is in control of all things, not man, don't assume you're one of His soldiers by supporting what the church has told you is "His" people Israel!

He then said:

"What did Jesus say about politics? I can only think of on one address to it and that was taxes. He didn't rail against the Romans, or spew against Sanheedrans(sp). He reached out to the people and touched their lives. Since we are to be like Christ, why spend an inordinate amount of time on politics. I believe we affect the areas we live and move on. I certainly don't want to send some American kids to die in Israel or Gaza for someone else's war. Our job is to preach to all the world.... not to bring democracy, etc..."

I then finished up from my keyboard, rather than my cell phone:

"(Didn't mean to send that last message so quickly, hadn't finished my thought); let me get on the PC and use a keyboard! We should discuss a few of these things I have come across; and in all honesty, from being a student of a David Barton and a Kent Hovind, that led me personally to buy 19th Century books that accurately document our political history(in very politically incorrect ways to this contemporary age), I can tell you the 1st thing Americans better accept(whether they like it or not) is that the government story about 9/11 is such horse crap, and beyond that, it should be so very offensive to us all insomuch as these very words from the Declaration of Independence are very much in order: 'but when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.'

Now, I'm not charging out of the gate half-cocked, and I'm not an advocate of violence against the government; but if that's not a biblically-derived, America-first attitude and a definitive line in the sand regarding holding governments accountable with regards to how they treat their human equals, then you can tell everyone I am an absolute head case who has an evil spirit running my life!

Seriously, man...this is called judging righteous judgment; and all this crap from supporting Israel to creating and funding and arming Al Queada which is now ISIS will result in "blowback"; and I am going to call it as I see it, not sit back and pray for our leaders, or, hide in the four walls of my house and assume God will fix it to my liking one day because of the fluffy church rhetoric that says 'kill Muslims' yet know that 'He loves you', 'He loves everybody', 'we're all God's children'!

This nation is being destroyed from within; and clearly today's political leadership and the media carrying their water(which the visible church is clearly in bed with for self-centered reasons that prove they actually serve the flesh and rely on MONEY rather than God for survival) are a bunch of self-professed Christians who do not hold a strong line against all manner of evil, and they throw common sense out the window and compromise for the temporal pleasures of this life, rather than rise up in righteous indignation and expel their self-serving, bought-and-paid for representatives from public office(and give 'em a good tar and feather routine afterwards, so no one dare try to pull that shit again on us as a nation!)

If anything, the Bible commands the righteous should maintain peace on the Earth - and that requires zero compromise by "His children"(whomever they are!) when it comes to His laws. Are they the born-again's, are they the unbelieving Jews? - they sure as hell can't be them Muslims, although they seem to hold a better line against homosexuality, adultery, and the criminal actions of nefarious bankers than the American Christians do!

Strong language, and no fear when it comes to calling out our crooked political(or church) leadership when it comes to compromise that can result in harm to our Liberty, Person, or Property; this is where we were once as a nation, and only very few have the stones to recognize this, and rail against it while we still have freedom of speech!

I don't have all the answers, but Thank God He has led me to use my brain regarding the greatest single political attack against Liberty in America in my lifetime(government-sanctioned MURDER against it's own citizens to start wars of conquest, using religious overtones of "heritage" to sell it to the masses; an old playbook in world history that our founders were both well aware, and weary of!)...and believe me, Alex Jones didn't make me this way; he reports some good information very well, but just like FoxNews, he has "handlers" because the powers-that-be know the American people have a full head of steam, and every right to hit the reset button on America.

It is my forecast that there will be violence here domestically, and perhaps very soon; there always is when political change MUST come about...and there are simply two types of violence; the violence of the oppressor, and the violence of the oppressed. At this point, the oppressor has clearly demonstrated they're willing to employ violence, and the amount of restraint we've demonstrated as an electorate thus far is more than admirable!

People around the world marvel at what we dummies have allowed happen to this once Greatest Nation on Earth, but believe me, I know who is in control of all things; and I gave you that verse from Isaiah to let you know it tells me that God uses evil to exercise His children...hard lessons learned are not forgotten, and I'm confident this nation is ripe to learn some hard lessons for compromising on the line our founders told us to hold."

Well, there it is gang - I think we all feel it in our spirit that things are unraveling! The pen truly is mightier than the sword, and I am one who is thankful to have the Daily Paul as a place where I can pen my thoughts, as I believe I have been individually gifted to do, just as our founders did long before us; on the eve of their revolution!

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This should explain the bigger picture...

John Lash on Red Ice Radio.

John Lash wrote a book called, "Not in His Image" It's info direct from the Nag Hamadi Texts (spelling?) which really helped me to put some things into perspective.

Anyway, here is yet another great interview with Mr. Lash on my favourite radio show, Red Ice Radio.

I hope you check it out :)

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

For those

who haven't had the misfortune of following the teachings of 'dispensationalism', which has been programed to lure the unwavering support of the 'idol' Israel, they should watch this short documentary by We Hold These Truths and Strait Gate Ministries. It will give you a sample of the concept used to support these practices, of which I have termed the 'Luciferain allure', as it makes the followers complicit in the warning stated in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. (Note: Synagogue means a 'gathering of people', not a place where Jews go worship, just like Church means 'calling out' not a building where Christians go to worship)

I would also, like to note, Sam Untermeyer, was a Rothschild agent who was the person who just happened to write the laws of the Federal Reserve.

Hand on Heart

Hand on Sword, which will it be?

Better have that sword!

Jesus advised His audience; because these fake religionists who deceive you have every intention of killing you...


...especially once you think of them the way He thought of them(and told them to their faces) in Matthew 23!

American Christians don't know the half of it if they're just following the blind guides who paid tens of thousands of dollars to become Bible teachers in America! ...and as things get progressively worse, perhaps some of these ideas will be recalled in their minds when they are compelled to get in the handout line coming out of their church!

Sorry to keep repeating this but, here I go again:

Never leave your brains outside of the Church doors when you go in!

Church is a good way to share faith with like minded people of your denomination or sect. Brains in tact are absolutely required to grow in spirit and in truth, not some rhetoric somebody tells you over and over again, until you've accepted the opinion as being the truth. Jesus said, "I AM THE WAY; I AM THE TRUTH; I AM THE LIFE", not somebody else telling you what the Way, Truth and Life, is supposed to mean.

Okay. Rant done.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

LittleWing's picture

Where Do You Draw the Line Between 'Defense' and Atrocities?

Hope these will help in thoughtful discourse:

Open Letter to Israel’s Supporters: Where Do You Draw the Line Between 'Defense' and Atrocities?
As a human being, where do you draw the line?

Ask them to 'Imagine'
Imagine - A tribute to Ron Paul’s 2009 radio address “Imagine” by Former IDF Officer

'I am pro-Israel too': Reflections on the use of the term
The term ‘pro-Israel’ should mean anti-occupation, support for human rights, equality, democracy for all peoples under Israel’s control – not hard-line Zionism.

3 Ways America Enables Slaughter in Gaza
The U.S. government plays a central role in perpetuating the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

RE: Timeline of Events
Laura Ingraham ( and most media and apologists) Ignores Actual Timeline of Events, and Lies for Netanyahu in Radio Ad

Israel’s Real Target is Not Hamas
It's Any Possibility of Palestinian Statehood

Finally, Know when to move on, when no amount of logic or reason gives way to understanding:
They Thought They Were Free The Germans, 1933-45
Milton Mayer

"You know," he went on, "when men who understand what is happening--the motion, that is, of history, not the reports of single events or developments--when such men do not object or protest, men who do not understand cannot be expected to. How many men would you say understand--in this sense--in America? And when, as the motion of history accelerates and those who don't understand are crazed by fear, as our people were, and made into a great 'patriotic' mob, will they understand then, when they did not before?

"We learned here--I say this freely--to give up trying to make them understand after, oh, the end of 1938, after the night of the synagogue burning and the things that followed it. Even before the war began, men who were teachers, men whose faith in teaching was their whole faith, gave up, seeing that there was no comprehension, no capacity left for comprehension, and the thing must go its course, taking first its victims, then its architects, and then the rest of us to destruction. ..."


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


Thought this was going to be an anti christian rant.
Glad it's not... we are on the same page.
To make it really simple..
I simply hold on to 2 things:
(1) I KNOW there is a DIFFERENCE btw the GOV'T of ISRAEL
and the people.
I love the people and HATE their GOV'T.
Same for EVERY Nation on Earth.
Including us.
(2) I TRUST God to know the difference as well.
When I read ANY scripture regarding the faithfulness of God towards Israel..
I simply read it as the PEOPLE.
The 'atrocities' that seem to go 'unpunished' and COMMITTED by Israel and the United States... I leave to Him.
There WILL be a reckoning... but like they say:
God will sort it out... the wheat from the chaff.

If you haven't watched a video posted today... you should.
Cheers to all DP



We're snapping people out of their trance, fellow patriot!

Just saw an article about how Facebook has had an

onslaught of hasbara (that's the Hebrew word for propaganda). Seems like you got caught up in it.

Sometimes I think it's better to just walk away, since there's never any resolution. But, before walking away, just cyber yell "Bingo!" Click on the links: http://mondoweiss.net/2014/07/hasbarah-bingo.html or http://www.kadaitcha.com/2012/03/01/liberal-zionist-bingo/, whichever fits the onslaught better. It's still hasbara bingo.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I didn't "get caught up in it"...

...my friend had been expressing his biased support for Israel early on in this latest land grab, and I responded on his page to it and slapped him down...

He then voiced his opposition to my postings on my Facebook page, and it started up again...

I thought we had "agreed to disagree" and parted ways...and then he sent me that FixedNews story...so, I "went off"...and I cut and pasted it here, for the whole Christian world to see; that there are still self-educated thinking people out here, and Israel and FoxNews, and Obama, and the Pentagon are still losing the PR battle...their slaughter of Palestinians is barbaric, period!

ecorob's picture

Ignorant Christians...

need to understand about the USS Liberty and the Mossad attack on 9/11.

Right here is where WE, the people start educating them.

Work hard, Patriots. We have a long row to hoe (But we are half way home). They know the propaganda is failing.

No prostitute seeking, cocaine using, non-flying, box cutting Saudi Arabians could perpetuate what happened on 9/11!

Ask me how I know about ignorant Christians? I used to be one (and I'm still learning).

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I related

the story of the USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair to a Christian friend (40 years duration)--she still takes Israel's side. The USS Liberty had no right to be there according to her. She has not commented on the Lavon Affair.

We eventually got into a huge argument and although we've both apologized, the friendship will never be the same. I just cannot comprehend how anyone could condone the outright murder of little kids. I reminded her that I love the Jewish people, that it's the corrupt Israel government I oppose. Ditto for the USA.

I did not mention the dancing Israelis of 9/11 or the very real possibility that the Mossad had a hand in 9/11 (more involved than just pre-knowledge). I did, however, remind her that Israel was responsible for the formation of Hamas. I just stated to her that there were other things about Israel that I believed but did not want to share at this time.

In my opinion, if any American knows about the USS Liberty incident and still supports Israel, then they are a traitor. I've related time and again that I am also sick and tired of the USA being Israel's biotch and that I believe the natural born citizen clause should apply to ALL political offices. There are absolutely too many dual citizens (Israeli/American) in high government positions here, who put Israeli concerns before the USA's concerns.

If those 28 redacted pages ever get exposed (RE 9/11), and IF they would show Israel's involvement (NOT pre-knowledge), I still think she would not change her mind. I have family members who are the same way. I think it's cognitive dissonance.

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

USS Liberty treason

Tell your lady friend the whole story including the treason of LBJ and McNamara in calling back the F-14's from two Sixth Fleet carriers near Crete which were answering the mayday. I met and worked with some of the injured sailors when they were released from the hospital and given shore duty in Puerto Rico. They told me to tell the truth if I was going to discuss it all. I have for 47 years. A story published on antiwar.com related the testimony of a chief petty officer who was on watch in Morocco and relayed the messages from the White House to Admiral Geis of the 6th Fleet. LBJ: "We will not embarrass our ally."

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker

...I used to be one too!

my friend here was homeschooled; probably became a "born-again" at a single-digit age...

It's not easy to learn 4 decades of an education in this life was mostly a lie, propaganda, or filled with falsehoods and man's philosophy.

All our founders were, as most of us here on the DP, self-educators; and if these followers want to sit at the feet of someone else with doctorate/seminary degrees or whatever, they're gonna fall for the B.S.

I didn't expand on that point about Biblical resurrection; but I am now of the mind that it's not a one-shot, 70-year deal to make your impact on the world and then fly off to Heaven on a magic carpet!

The hoax of Christianity is that by one's own choice, they can make God their debtor! "If I do this God"...(become born-again, accept Christ, eat the wafer, repent, walk the aisle...whatever)..."you have to take me to Heaven or take me up in the rapture"...it's a one way street with God to His children; He commands, His children obey or learn a lesson to obey! But this learning takes a long time, not just 70 years in a one time shot!

I am very accepting to the idea quite strongly that God's children come in here to Earth several times, and get an education each time - the disciples knew of this type of resurrection; Jesus asked them "whom do men say that I am", and they said, "some say Elijah, some say John the Baptist"; inferring the prophets do come back - Jesus said John the Baptist(who had just been beheaded 3 months earlier thereabouts) was Elijah!!!

I am thinking Jesus was here as Adam, He was also here as David, and He was also Himself - and His obedience to go to that cross was His graduation(perfection) unto obedience school! How did Jesus shut up those Pharisees? In Matthew 22:45, After Jesus got those Pharisees to acknowledge Jesus came through the seed line of David, He then asked them "If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?", and they couldn't answer Him!

Hey, no martyrdom complex here - if I don't get it right this time around, He will send me back!

This religious stuff is obviously a conversation for another day or another thread; but, suffice it to say; without manipulated Christians, these twisters/perverters of the "pure religion" our founders had subscribed to(through intense self-study and knowledge of world history), wouldn't be getting away with the present wars and outright murder of humanity the way they have in the past 100 years, and are right now! History is repeating itself, and only very few "get it"...so...I will say my piece, and lend my thoughts to the worldwide discussion at hand as I am afforded the opportunity to do at present!

Glad you came out of contemporary Christianity, "ecorob"! Hopefully we can compel a great many more to, and join us in throwing off this church/state system run by the great counterfeiter, and prince of this world!


http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/21/hamas-kidnappin.... Send this link to your friend. It casts doubt on the claim, made by this Hamas official in Turkey, not Gaza. Besides, the IDF had killed scores of unarmed Palestinians in the months leading up to the kidnapping.