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Rand Paul Warns Democrats What Will Happen if They Nominate War Hawk Hillary Clinton

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Was the most average guy ever and his lack of poor quality was enough for him to make the bid. This was in tandem with both parties treading on the slavery issue lightly which today is the war issue.

Interesting question is american slavery of the past worse than the constant wars in the desert? I'm susceptible to think the casual acceptance of murder is much worse than the casual acceptance of slavery.

Thought Leader

By labeling him "frontrunner" early all competitors get to attack without declaring their own position. Front runner paints a bullseye on his chest.

They would never admit his true status as thought leader. Thought leaders organically become leaders.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

not as optimistic

I am not as optimistic about a transformation. The news is full of experts telling us we have to go to war with IS now and reporting various IS atrocities. This press build up is similar to the push to get us into Iraq War I. Little is said about which US politicians oversaw the inadvertent arming of IS that allowed this to happen; SOS Clinton's role for instance. We were also treated to all sorts of news coverage of Saddam gassing Kurds and other horrors. While IS is a savage despicable organization and may or may not be infiltrating the US with sleeper groups, I don't notice significant efforts by the press or politicians of both parties to reduce Islamic immigration to the US or take the border seriously. After 9/11, Fort Mead, and the Tsarnaev brothers, that would be a better starting point. So I don't think the focus of the media is about protecting Americans so much as it is to pump up Iraq War II. It will be difficult for Rand to take on this entire media blitz.

Rand will be the nominee if...

...the steam built up must be released again...I'm not going to fall for the "Hope in Rand Game" that Karl Rove and the Republican kingmakers already have planned to still manage to profit off our nation's misery by sacking paranoid conservatives who know their weath/retirement/government contracts tied to their livelihoods are all in jeopardy Cyprus-style!

These conservatives are the ones who won't join us, because they won't let go of the Islamophobia steeped in the religious traditions of men, and they're also still calling us all "9/11 kooks" even though they know building 7 came down in a controlled demolition.

Hillary is going to be our next dictator whether we like it or not, short of "installing new guards for our security" as the ONLY remedy for what ails this nation.

It's not that I'm "against Rand"; I just know Netanyahu really doesn't want him, nor does Karl Rove...so, my advice is don't be sucked into the "hope" hoopla, this system is tyrannical and must be wholly unseated by the force of the people...they just want your money, and they'll get the money from their right-wing talk radio audiences who are unwavering in their support of Israel, and their hosts(Levin, Savage, Hannity etc.) will be paid quite handsomely to be pro-Rand; we're still that "bitter bunch of whiners" over Ron Paul's purge from contention and we'll never be satisfied in their eyes...

They can mock us and label us any way they want; we're the true principle-over-party patriots with the winning arguments derived from our founding...For Rand to play the populist candidate in 2016 only serves their plans, and pushes the prescription laid out in our Declaration of Independence aside for yet another election cycle!

Truth will NOT set you free; but rather action based on truth will set you free!

It's up to you. Get involved

It's up to you. Get involved and, win or lose, you know you stood up for your beliefs. If we don't succeed, there will be plenty of time to gripe about what could have been the first Wednesday of november, 2016.

Don't dismiss it as "griping"...

No matter how defeatist/pessimistic I may sound, do NOT discount the magnitude of the corruption in place that sustains and is still increasing the tyranny since Ron Paul appeared in on the national scene in fall of 2007. Our founders weren't so dismissive of the threat, thinking "this'll pass" or "we can vote/petition our way out of this and unto prosperity".

Obviously when Red Coats had to be quartered, then it got really obnoxious beyond measure...but seriously, the PTB know we are agitated and they are "on guard" about us because we are staying on message and it's spreading...but...if mainline conservative are receptive to the Federal Reserve paramid scheme apparatus, and willing to admit building 7 was a controlled demolition(and we can take them to accept 9/11 was necessary for the wars and police state); DO NOT discount that an extreme remedy is the only solution!

Playing pat-a-cake with them and getting warm and fuzzy about a Justin Amash and a Rand Paul being in elected office; they cannot overcome a Boehner or Harry Reid no matter how great their positions or rhetoric!

Sorry to be such a hard liner, but people are still gonna vote for their wallets once they pull that curtain behind them in the booth; they're not voting for "ourselves and our posterity" because they didn't have to endure what our founders and their families 3 generations back, to establish those functioning economies...today's people were just born into it!

Truth will NOT set you free; but rather action based on truth will set you free!