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Weekend Watching...For The Brave.

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told


It's long...nearly 6 hours, but can be watched in 15 minute segments.
YouTube has already taken it down 3 times, so watch it while you can.

I believe this documentary will dramatically change your view of WW2.

"The Truth will set you free...but first it will enrage you."

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This documentary...

...really confirms the truths that I already knew. Shows the true history, cover-up and atrocities committed by the US, British and Russia. MUST WATCH!

Churchill quote

Haven't watched this yet - there are definitely aspects to the rise of
the Nazis and WWII and related that have been suppressed or are
under-reported and misunderstood.

Since this is the 100th anniversary of WW I, though, this quote
from Winston Churchill came to mind seeing this.
(quoted in "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" (1971) by Gary Allen


"World War I was a financial bonanza for the international bankers. But it was a catastrophe of such magnitude for the United States that few even today grasp its importance. The war reversed our traditional foreign policy of non-involvement and we have been enmeshed almost constantly ever since in perpetual wars for perpetual peace. Winston Churchill once observed that all nations would have been better off had the U.S. minded its own business. Had we done so, he said, "peace would have been made with Germany; and there would have been no collapse in Russia leading to Communism; no breakdown of government in Italy followed by Fascism; and Nazism never would have gained ascendancy in Germany." (Social Justice Magazine, July 3, 1939, p.4.)"

The horrific massacres and other abuse against ethnic Germans at the end of/in the aftermath of WWII another thing pretty much ignored or glossed over - but they are included in this pretty even-handed and exhaustive catalog of WWII massacres and atrocities:


I don't see how ya'll

are getting the ring of truth from this. The martial score never quits. There's a 1960's American pop melody in part II arranged to sound like Wagner.

I hadn't read about Polish atrocities on the German population in Poland as a pretext for Germany's invasion. Does that really change a Ron Paul supporter's perspective on Germany as a psychotic super state under the Nazis? Ya'll are buying German blitzkrieg of Poland as humanitarian war?

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Yeah, I'm questioning some of

Yeah, I'm questioning some of the claims as well. There's a lot of undocumented talk about Hitler's service on/near the front lines that have the sound of propaganda. Easily something Hitler could have claimed about himself once in power.

I don't know the truth, but I'm seeing some alternate viewpoints with a little searching:


Haven't watched past the first 12 minutes yet so I'm not sure what the overall conclusion is supposed to be.

Just goes to show

History is written by the victors.
A very informative documentary. Nice to see history from an alternative perspective.

One self Bump

Really hoping people will watch this. It's very well made and a real eye-opener. Worth every minute of your viewing time.

The November Criminals

I've done a little research of this before and have tried to get college professors to answer my questions but all I get is evasion. In the months preceding November in 1917 German Jews went to the British to negotiate their own country's defeat in a quid pro quo that would issue Palestine to the Jews. Fact: On November 2, 1917, British Foreign secretary Balfour issued the Balfour decree to Lord Rothschild in writing stating that if the Jews would get America into the war then the British would give them Palestine. Soon after the Jews upheld their promise and the Americans were doing there bidding. Hitler repeatedly mentions the November criminals who turned there back on Germany in WWI. My professor has told me that Hitler was paranoid and that there were no November criminals. Isn't there someone who knows what Hitler meant when he mentioned this group? Btw. This is a wonderful documentary. I can't believe it was created.

How did Hitler turn his economy around so quickly

After the Weimer Republics hyperinflation the German economy was in ruins. Hitler takes power in 1933 and within 4 years Germany has been exulted into the economic powerhouse of Europe. How the heck did he do that. I'm a rothbardian free market guy but I'm a bit perplexed by how he turned his economy around through central planning and wasting so many resources on useless military expenditures. Anyone have an answer? Was Hitler an economic genius? Was it because he jettisoned the yoke of Jewish interest slavery? It seems everyone is too scared to say Hitler did anything right even though before 1939 he is a leftists dream. I don't think people on this site are so concerned with being politically correct though.

Yes, he removed the International Bankers

Hitler found usury abhorrent and removed Jewish influence from the banking system as well as from the media, education and the film industry. He issued his own currency based on the production of the German people, and also bartered heavily with other countries to work around the boycott imposed by World Jewry. There were several U.S. capitalists who helped fund Germany's resurgence in exchange for access to German engineering and innovation. I believe Henry Ford was one who helped capitalize Germany, as America was in severe depression at the time

The documentary's Finnish filmmaker discusses this issue at the 31:20-36:95 mark here on Red Ice Radio.


The same way all socialists do...


He stole property from Jews, other "undesirables" and political opponents, and used their wealth to prop up his regime, which he used to prop up corporatist entities like Volkswagen and Messerschmitt, which propped up his economy...

His economy, BTW, that lasted less than a dozen years, because of the Nazi's sadistic, tyrannical polices and ideology.

Didn't know the DP was in love with Inter-National Socialism.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Great question NMSDP. I've often wondered the same thing.

I read a book called "When Money Dies" about the inflation in Germany.

Great book but it didn't explain how they turned it around.

I imagine Germany issued a new currency and basically started over with the driving force being weapons manufacturing and eventually looting other countries.

When you have a military based economy like Germany did and the U.S. does today, eventually you have to attack other nations and take the bounty.

That's what we've been doing since WWI.

To the victor go the spoils but eventually all empires fall. So will we.

But the profiteers of war will go Scot-free and keep their booty; Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz, Bremer, Graham, McCain etc.

I also think you nailed it with your statement that Germany threw off the yoke of the Jewish banking system.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Did Germany have a debt backed currency?

Germany profited off of the jews when they pursued a program called aryanization, which stole jewish property and gave it to Germans, but that is only an exchange of wealth and Jews made up less than 1% of the German population. They aren't all named Rothschild or Warburg either. Many were poor. So its not enough money to lift a country out of impoverishment.
Having a military based economy is terrible economics though because the wealth of a nation is determined by how many consumer goods there are in existence. Which is created by capital investment. Money only gets its value because there are goods to exchange for it, so double the goods and the money just became twice as valuable. No one is going to consume a tank or a bomb. They are just wasted resources economically.
The USA is going to be in trouble when china finds out that they send us all there consumer goods and we send them paper.

The only thing I can figure

The only thing I can figure is that Hitler spurned the international bankers and it just makes that much difference having an honest currency or Hitler was so widely loved by the German people that they accepted his premise of altruist service to the collective and were that much more productive?? No one does research on the Nazi economy because of the religious like fear of saying Hitler did something right.