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Anybody else with tinnitis ever found anything that seems to help in any way at all?

It's been getting pretty bad in the last year. I have it bad 24/7, and man is it annoying at times. More noise is about the only thing that seems to push it to the background and make it not so prominent.

But when there's no background noise at all it can drive you insane.

It sounds like someone stuck an old tube TV in my head.

Maybe this thread might help some others of us here that suffer from it as well.

Meanwhile while we wait for someone to post our cure, we'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming for our listening pleasure - "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...."

Maybe we could all get together and put our heads together and at least see if it makes a chord.

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just found this.....

Coffee pulls off some mocha magic stopping tinnitus cold

Trust me, most of the sickly, scrawny health nuts you'll run across are lovers -- not fighters. But if those meek and mild mice could muster up some courage they'd surely slap that cup of Folgers right out of your hand.

For years they've been trying to put a bug in your ear about the so-called "health risks" of caffeinated coffee. But if you've been listening to their chatter you may now be paying the noisy price with a maddening case of tinnitus.

Between the constant buzzing, hissing and ringing in your ears, tinnitus leaves you feeling as if you have a hornet's nest hanging about an inch from your brain. And that granola-crunching hippie sipping on his herbal decaf tea -- the one that got you into this mess in the first place -- will suddenly have gone silent since he doesn't have any answers for you.

But that gal slinging Venti cups at Starbucks may have just the cure you've been waiting for!

A new study from Harvard says a cup or two of delicious coffee a day may be all it takes to hit the "mute" button on your noisy, annoying tinnitus forever.

Researchers followed 65,000 middle-aged women for 18 years, and found that gals who drank less than a cup and a half of coffee a day were 15% more likely to develop tinnitus. It's no secret that the caffeine in coffee has amazing benefits for your inner ear -- but the joys of java don't stop there. Coffee could help you control your blood sugar and may even slash your risk of certain deadly cancers by 50%.

These health hounds just can't believe that something as delicious as coffee can be GOOD for you, too. But I'll take the word of Harvard scientists over those self-proclaimed "experts" any day.

So if you're looking to give your health -- and your energy levels -- a boost, start filtering out the noise with some filtered beans. Give your tinnitus a rest and tell those health nags to "bug" somebody else.

Bugging out over a cup of java,

William Cambpell Douglass II, M.D.

(no link, just a newsletter)

I find that

Honey helps with a lot of ailments.. try 3 spoons... in your mouth... don't put them in your ear..

Eat a grain free, low carb

Eat a grain free, low carb diet - joints, stomach and weight has dramatically improved (at least for me)!!!

I've had pretty bad tinnitus

I've had pretty bad tinnitus for about 2 years, shortly after it started I developed symptoms of ulcerative colitis. As the UC flare ups came, so too the tinnitus. Since I've been on medication for UC, the tinnitus has eased significantly. I'm sure the two are linked together somehow, though my doctors are unconvinced.

Point being: there might be something else going on that doesn't really have anything to do with your ears or hearing. Keep that in mind if you have other issues going on.

Figure out how u got here...that's your way out!

Stop using iPod ear buds or headphones. Try to figure out how you got here.

Ride a motorbike?
Work construction? (Jack hammer?)

For starters, you have to eliminate all the loud noises that got you where you are.

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The Daily Paul

That high pitched electric sound and the unbearable pain in my feet, can't sleep. The Paul takes my mind to another place, where pain subsides and in the middle of the night I find friends and rest.

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Try B complex vitamins. I

Try B complex vitamins. I played in bands for about twenty years and this seems to have helped to lessen the volume.

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It was suggested many times

to me that Melatonin can help ringing in the ears. I've had the problem several times in my life but can't recall what cured it, neck/shoulder exercise, better diet, pickin' up the phone, can't recall.
But going high alkaline and no garbage intake may improve the condition, and goodly amount of sleep, preferably after smoking weed.

I got an ear infection in

I got an ear infection in college in my left ear and have had it ever since. It's a high pitched sound that is kind of like an old tube TV when it turns on. It was annoying the first few years, but I have grown accustomed to it. Sleeping with the windows cracked so you can hear the crickets helps too. Eventually you just get used to it and don't need the background noise.

Check your spine/neck!

I have had it for one day. It was amazingly loud and disturbing. My brain worked on high capacity to find out what had happened.
I had done too much archery in which I twisted my neck and caused a disc to slip and press against a nerve...
To cure it I went swimming and diving freely. It got everything loose and back in place - the noise disappeared!

Gerald Mangold

I Have Mild Tinnitus. Thank You, Loud Music.

Although mine is mild, it is always present. Such a nice "gift."

Probably only way there will be an actual cure, is nanobot tech.

I suffered from bouts of tinnitus

My particular solution was to address my Candida gut flora overgrowth. Below, some have mentioned both inflammation, and gluten. Gluten-containing foods also raise blood-sugar levels, which is Candida's main food (sugars). Also, an overgrowth of Candida tends to release toxins as a by-product of it's growth that causes general (systemic) inflammation, of which tinnitus is one common symptom.

Also note that Candida thrives in a heavy-metal-rich environment, so addressing your heavy metal toxicity status (with a natural health professional) is imperative. My Candida did not rebalance until I addressed this issue, despite many months of 'Anti-Candida' (carbohydrate and sugar-free) diets (oh, the pain).

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Geez Mike, I'm real sorry to hear about this.

I had a girlfriend who had tinnitus, back in the 90's and everyone just thought she was crazy. I didn't know what to think, because I'd never heard of it before.

I can't offer any help, but I'm just curious when did it start? I notice others on this thread saying that it started at x time. When did yours start?

I guess you already read Wikipedia, but this is the only thing that stood out:

Tentative evidence supports zinc supplementation[62]

Not much help, I'm sure.

for me

There seem to be three things that help:

In order of apparent significance:

1. More (quality) sleep---however that can be gotten.

2. Less stress---however that can be avoided.

3. Exercise. This does not give me an immediate benefit, but usually goes hand in hand with better sleep and, if executed consistently, seems to lead to a reduction.

Interesting aside: Mine was the result of shooting (rifle). It is now, to a large extent, psychological. I can have really really comprehensive ear protection and getting in position and shooting will set it off, and it gets really bad. In fact, just getting in position to dryfire will set it off (when it's really not that bad to begin with). In either case, there is basically negligible noise actually reaching the ear. The good news, is that it also goes back to being not so bad fairly quickly. (Weird)

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I've had it for at least 30

I've had it for at least 30 years. I've gotten so used to it that it's really not a bother anymore. I guess I've just adjusted to the background whine. When driving or in any kind of environment with sufficient background noise I don't conciously hear it. When I'm in a silent environment it can be pretty loud but since mine is a constant tone at a given frequency it's probably not as disturbing as some I've heard of where the tones change or there's popping sounds. I can see where that would be harder to deal with.

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Two things to do

Start taking cool showers.
Walk around outside barefoot for 30 min a day.
Sounds crazy but what have u got to lose.


I have it too. Have heard

I have it too. Have heard avoiding aspirin is supposed to help but not sure about that. A fan at night helps conceal it when I sleep.

tinnitus therapy

I've had the ringing since US Army Basic Training in March, 1967. It is a high pitched noise which never seems to go away. The only time I don't hear it is when I sleep or am preoccupied with some activity.

My condition was initiated by being on an automatic weapons training course with an ear infection and wearing the cheesy ear plugs the Army dolled out in those days. The aftermath left me with a high frequency hearing loss in both ears along with the eternal noise.

Here is a Bottom Line article, written in 2011 about promising research to retrain your brain and minimize or eliminate the constant noise.


If you search online you can find hundreds of posts about this therapy.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Tinnitus

I first met William Rosellini in 2009 at the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards (GSEA). He won the Graduate Student Award at the Global Finals. His company is Microtransponder Inc. He testified in Congress about the work his company is doing to treat Tinnitus.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9FAi1CmGIc

You can sign-up to their e-newsletter here: http://www.microtransponder.com/

My thoughts are with you.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

Too much Nicotine...

Can also cause ringing in the ear. Not sure if you smoke or vap(ecigs), but especially with vapping, people tend to over do it because its easier to smoke without the damage that regular cigarettes does in a single day. If you vap, try cutting down the nicotine levels to lower than .10%. Your head will become a lot clearer and that ringing will go away (if this applies to you). Just something I thought I'd mention.

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When I went Gluten-Free

within two weeks mine was gone. I have been GF for 206 days and it has yet to return. Up until then nothing worked and it was persistent. On a side note, my allergies for the first time in over a decade have been almost non-existent. I attribute both of these changes to GF diet.

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This makes perfect sense.

This makes perfect sense. Gluten inflames the digestive tract, so you are unable to absorb the necessary nutrients. When you eliminate gluten from your diet, your digestive tract can heal and do its magnificent job of extracting and assimilating all the nutrients from you food, including the crucial B-12.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

But be cautious telling others....

they don't seem to understand that I'm sharing one of the most important things TO HAVE EVER HAPPENED in my life (my healing). And not in order to persuade them to be like me, but to persuade them to be open to the possibility that what has helped me may just in fact help them.


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When one suffers enough, they

When one suffers enough, they will then look for the reason. Before then, it's a crapshoot!

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

I used to be a dental

I used to be a dental assistant for the best dentist on the planet. ;) We treated many people with TMJ -- and tinnitus is common for people with this disorder. If you have other symptoms... sore head/neck muscles, popping jaw joints, limited range when opening your mouth, vertigo, or if you've ever had a neck injury or been in a car accident (whiplash)... you could have TMJ.

We would treat people by re-aligning their jaw... first with a removable appliance that would fit over their teeth... then eventually with permanent restorations to keep their bite/jaw in the correct position (braces, crowns, etc.) To relax the muscles, we taught stretching exercises, used an in office TENS unit, and would sometimes do trigger point injections.

Here's an article explaining more of this connection:

"There is a close relationship between certain problems with the jaw joint (temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ) and tinnitus. Scientific studies have shown that people with TMJ problems are more likely to suffer from tinnitus. Similarly, some individuals who have sustained an injury to their neck may also suffer from tinnitus. Some people with either TMJ problems or neck problems are able to alter the intensity of their tinnitus by moving their mouth, jaw, face and neck. Successful treatment of the underlying problem can be associated with an improvement of tinnitus symptoms."

Ear wax

I had tinnitus in my right ear for several years, attributing the incessant ringing to shooting too many rounds through a high-powered rifle without ear protection, until I discovered all I had was a buildup of ear wax. Once a doctor removed the excess wax, the ringing stopped.

Check this out:


Do you know if there is an

Do you know if there is an effective was to remove ear wax at home without having to go to a doctor?

Search youtube for suggestions, but I recall

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (off the shelf) can do the trick. Turn your head to the side and pour it in and it will bubble the ear wax. I've used a very saturated q-tip rather than pouring, and it worked for me knock on wood ... hold on there's someone at the door. ciao.

You need a bulb filled with

You need a bulb filled with warm water for gently clearing out the wax after you pour the hydrogen peroxide in and let it bubble for 5-10 minutes.. Find an ear wax removal kit at any Walgreen's or CVS and follow the instructions. Forget about using the gooey, sticky solution in most kits to loosen your earwax. Just use a capful of the straight hydrogen peroxide. I asked my doctor if it needed to be watered down before using it and they said "no".

Do NOT use Q-tips inside your ear canal. Ever! You'll end up pushing wax further in. Use the bulb full of warm water and your head tilted toward the sink after the hydrogen peroxide has done it's work. If you have a lot of impacted wax, you'll have to go through several rounds of cleaning with your ears. Be patient and do not squirt the water too forcefully into your ear either.

If you find all of this too much to handle, pay the money and have the cleaning performed by a nurse.

a 50$ waterpik system will do

a 50$ waterpik system will do the trick. It's what my doctor used on me.

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