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Diebold VS Paper Ballots

Forgive me if this topic has been covered but here it is anyway.

There must be away to "Fast Track Emergency Legislation" so we are able to cast our votes with old style paper ballot and not the electronic voting machines (even the ones that give you a paper receipt) which have been proven to be tampered with easily.

This early in the game I can see the possibility of Mr Paul winning the election and helping to restore this once great nation to it's past glory and freedoms we once had.

Maybe a Supreme Court Emergency Injunction banning the machines?

Anyone have an answer to this?

All our hard work will be for naught if this is not done.

Okay I went to: http://www.verifiedvoting.org/

The problem with this is thus; You vote for candidate A. You get a paper receipt from the machine that says you voted for candidate A
But what happens is the machine tallys the vote for candidate B
Then Faux news and all the other mainstream says candidate B won the election And most of the uneducated Americans believe them . I have never used the electronic machines myself but would make the assumption that the paper receipt that you get is just like a cash register receipt you get from circuit city or wherever that is very fragile and the print on it will completely disappear with exposure to sunlight in a short time. I WANT THE HEAVY NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DESTROY PAPER BALLOTS WITH THE STANDARD ARROW TO POINT TO CANDIDATE AND HANDLE TO PUNCH OUT THE DARN CHAD Then if there is a recount or anything is questionably about the election there will be durable paper to count. AND I WANT 6th grade math wizards to do the recount if there is to be one........Kids would do a better job than the last recount fiasco. Thomas

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National: Sen. Feinstein Introduces Ballot Integrity Act of 2007


Total scam. Convicted felons sure come up with some great legislation,and by the way Sen. Feinstein is anti 2nd amendment and votes accordingly but has a concealed weapon permit herself.

What a piece of work this is. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent to insure theres a record of our vote from the electronic voting machine. ITS PAPER BALLOTS ONLY DARNIT. Oh but how are we going to count all those votes........ the same way we have since we started, locally and it only takes a few hours and insures the integrity of the election..................... I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the asininity but will continue to work for Dr. Paul so we can put an end to all this madness. Thomas

Woops/Backwards Gore first / Then Kerry

(from under my desk...)


Verified Voting Organisation

Just found this:


Has some good info re:Thomas forum issue.


Voting Irregularities/I Agree Thomas

And, I would love to know what the Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters has to say about this. We are becoming organized state by state and there has to be some pro-active work we can do to make it possible for a fair election. We've all read that Gore actually won the last election and that possibly Kerry won the one before. I have not read up about the possibility of paper ballots and know little about voter reform or fair election activist organizations, but feel as you do that this is, or should be, a huge concern. Hope this forum topic stays open and people comment and then act. Sure would like to know what Ron Paul thinks.