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We're making a difference. No, seriously

Listen we all saw the ridiculous Foley beheading video. It was so fake you didn't need any fancy video editing or other analytical equipment to discern it.

It's obviously fake:

Further analysis:

A very interesting aspect of the last video is the "ELA Analysis" of the still shot of the guy's body.

As it turns out, you can reverse engineer a photoshop-type data file. This is called "Error Level Analysis," which shows that a certain part of an image has different "zones" of data compression when it's altered and re-saved.

Here is some info on ELA analysis of photos:

So along comes this fake CIA-produced outrage, but this time the Web is all over it. The next thing you know, The Powers That Be are planting stories like this:


...The UK Times reported that an international forensic science company, which has worked for police forces across Britain, said there is no question Foley was beheaded but that camera trickery and post-production techniques look to have been used.

“I think it has been staged,” said one expert in visual forensics, after he was commissioned by The UK Times to examine the footage.

“My feeling is that the execution may have happened after the camera was stopped.”

Ok so they have had to respond to an obviously unconvinced public. Now that's something.

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Spanish mine sinks USS Maine

once you know and understand there was a operation northwoods

the propaganda is far to easy to spot

Remember the Maine !!!

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But there wasn't an Operation Northwoods

It was suggested, and rightly rejected.

I also thought the video was fake

If I were to cut a head off an animal of any kind I would not do it with a little knife like the guy in the video has. I also thought it was odd that the AP immediately said it was "authenticated" video. Authenticated by who??? Did they call the guy up to ask or something?

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I haven't seen it...

I've tried to find it but it's censored everywhere I've looked.
But, I did find this...

"Police warn watching 'beheading' video is a 'terrorist offense'"


- " The video, uploaded to YouTube, reportedly shows journalist James Foley being killed by an Isis fighter speaking with a British accent. The video, entitled Message to America, was a retaliation to the US airstrikes in Iraq, according to the alleged killer.

Both British and US forces are investigating the legitimacy of the video, with the FBI telling Foley's family there is "no reason to believe" it isn't real.

Foley, a journalist who has covered conflicts in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, has been missing since he was captured by Sunni rebel fighters in Syria in 2012. " -

It's a shady situation indeed. If they don't want you watching it, when it would otherwise be perfect propaganda then maybe they don't want people seeing the actual footage, and examining it, but just take the MSM's word for it.

One question. The article says Foley has been missing since 2012 when he was allegedly captured by Syrian rebels. Is that true?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Your final point really is quite profound.

Kudos to you for pointing that out.


thanks John Robb, I'm new on DP and trying to find ways to contribute.

Weak "Evidence"

Pathetically weak.


I disagree. I think the ELA evidence is very strong. The still picture of the guy's body is definitely a composite.

Furthermore, the fact that the "powers that be" need to re-adjust their story on the fly is evidence that they were "caught in the act" trying (desperately) to manufacture a war-cause.

I meant everything about it was weak, not just the ELA.

The ELA was performed using a screen grab from video, it wasn't using an actual image source file. I'm not a forensic professional, but I am quite smart with computers and have a lot of photoshop and graphic design software experience. I'm not trying to insult you personally, but it is very weak "evidence." Good luck.

Hey there RonPaulWins

How you like me now?

rock on

Ok dude, repeating unilaterally that "evidence is weak" in that wooden and perfunctory way, I have to tell you that you sound like a Brezhnev-era apparatchik giving the party line. (Remember that one?)

Statism and acceptance of the TV propaganda has a scent on one's breath. Like radiation.


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