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No Humans Allowed

"With so called “public lands” a balance must be struck between the people who mix their efforts with the land to produce wealth, and “sustainability” concerns. Just because someone in Washington DC decides that a pretty piece of land should be devoid of human impact doesn’t mean that the state suddenly has the moral authority to kick people out."

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Sounds like a Bundy type standoff

should take place. Feinstein lives in a Pt. Reyes gated community and could do something to stop this from happening.

You know, homelessness is

You know, homelessness is practically unknown in Mongolia, because small parcels of land are ubiquitous and it is accepted practice to build a tent on a small parcel of land and live in it, unfettered by permitting or other government intrusion. Progressives want us to blame homelessness on a lack of government programs to "help" the homeless, when it boils down to one thing: their unapologetic unwillingness to release unused public lands for sale in small parcels.



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Coming to a neighborhood near you....


You think I'm kidding? Better look it up.

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