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Glock 19 Perfection in a 9mm Handgun

Some prefer revolves over auto loading handguns, while others simply want a simple .22 for target practice and recreation on the weekend. The “perfect” handgun for me may not be right for you or your needs, it is a personal choice that only you can make.For me the perfect handgun is the Glock 19.

I bought mine a Gen 1, (I now have a Glock Gen 4) years ago from a local gun shop, and immediately fell in love. It is just the right size and fits my hands perfectly. The Glock 19 is small enough for everyday concealed carry without pulling your pants off, yet large enough to serve as a full-size weapon, offering accuracy and magazine capacity of 15 rounds which is comparable to full-sized auto pistols.

Glock pistols are capable products right out of the box, but can be made even better with the addition of a few choice accessories, most of which are also offered by Glock. The first thing I did to mine was replace the standard synthetic sights, with the more durable Ghost Ring Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights that are proven to give shooters quicker accurate follow-up shots and greater accuracy at night.



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The Perfect Handgun

is the one you're currently holding in your hand.

I love my Glock 26. Extremely

I love my Glock 26.
Extremely dependable.
Feels just right in my hand.

I love my Glock 19! I am

I love my Glock 19! I am purchasing a Glock 26 for my conceal carry weapon.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

1 of my top 3 favorite Glocks...

Also check the 23 and 30sf
They're all a similar size.

Simple and Perfect

For the price, weight, # of rounds and quality, the Glock 19 is perfection.

And I just love the way racking the slide of a Glock sounds and feels.

Got Sig?

I do.
My P229 fits my hand better than any Glock I've held.

To each knight his own sword; to each shooter his own firearm.

I'm a Glock 27 guy

I went with the subcompacts after I saw Hickok45 nailing targets at 260yds. Ultimately it is all up to the shooter and not the pistol. Also I went with the .40 cuz I can barrel it down to 9mm with a Stormlake conversion barrel.

Glock 27 here too

Bought it two months ago, and put the Talon grip on it. I'm glad I had found Hickok45 too. I do have quite a bit better aim with my dad's Sig P226, but with practice I should get better with my Glock 27. Plus I like the fact that mine shoots .40 S&W. It really packs a punch, and is so much fun to shoot.

I love my

Glock 19 rtf2. I appendix carry it 365 days a year, even in the thinnest of tank tops or t-shirts.

I purchased my Glock 19 Gen 4

I purchased my Glock 19 Gen 4 last year and it's flawless. I bought it so I can carry concealed, and it conceals pretty damn good. I plan on buying my first AR-15 very soon. I'm thinking about getting the Colt LE6920 or the M&P 15, but can't really decide. Any suggestions?


If you can only get one rifle get a IWI Tavor. If you can get more than that then that's ideal but definitely start there.

Shoots a 5.56/.223. Accepts all Ar mags. Bull pup design rendering it a compact package (no paperwork) with a full length barrel. Does everything that a full length barrel and a short barrel AR can do in one package.

What are you thinking in terms of optics? So many options.


I've sold several of the Tavors. I believe them to be an excellent choice over the AR-15 design. I just wish that they made them in 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester). If they did, I'd think it was just about the perfect "assault weapon" (although I hate that label).

I'd prefer a US-made AR, and

I'd prefer a US-made AR, and I haven't even thought about optics at all. I know the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 is about 40% cheaper than the Colt LE6920, so I can essentially by 2 for the cost of 1 Colt. But is there a real difference in performance?


a Windham Weaponry AR.

Everyone I talk to who has one or has shot one says they are excellent quality and shoot well. Plus they are very competitively priced.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

Both are great.....

I'd do the two for one price as long as we aren't talking the Sport model. I don't like light barrels.

I prefer the Troy Alpha. Here it is on a M&P 15. It's pretty. It allows you to pick where you want to apply quad rails so that the rest of the body is perfect for your hand to grab vs a total quad rail. More comfortable, lighter, and more attractive.

If you don't feel like paying for the Troy Defense Alpha hand guard then I would just go with a Magpul MOE. If you go the MOE hand guard route I'd wait until this improved MOE SL version linked to above is released(coming this fall). Cheap. Rugged. Light. I think it's prettier than a lot of other options that cost much more.


Rubberized and more comfortable than the popular Magpul MOE series.

*Bushnell TRS-25

*Vortex Sparc 2
I omit this one because a quick detach mount costs $150 which brings the total to $330-$340. At that rate it's worth it to jump $70 to the entry level Aimpoint PRO which a includes a nifty mount that clicks to tell you that the tensions is perfect. Detaching it is a breeze. The only other mount I've ever approved of beside a traditional qd mount.

*Aimpoint PRO

*Aimpoint H-1/T-1

New. Awesome. Versatile. Innovative. Not much info out yet. Not even a official website.

*Aimpoint CompM4/CompM4s

*Vortex VMX3 with swing mount
Necessary for target confirmation at mid-long range.
Quality with decent eye relief. Best you're going to get without jumping up the price bracket by about $300+.

Once you start talking about ACOGs you're talking $1,400-$1,800+ if you pair it with a mini red dot sight like a Trijicon RMR. If you were to go with that awesome but awesomely expensive option I'd make sure to get a battery powered ACOG. Normal ACOGs powered by tritium and fiber optics have diminished strength after 10+ years due to tritium loss over time. Also go with whatever reticle suits you but my experience has me favoring a red chevron. It's less busy than others and the red doesn't over power the target.

I believe that the Tavor is the bullpup model that's finally going to take the concept into the mainstream and make it the norm instead of the fringe conversation piece on the odd occasion somebody actually has one. It's clearly superior when you're talking home defense, operating in a car, or any cqb situation at all. You don't need as much clearance as you do with any full sized long gun. On top of that it retains full ballistics due to its full length 16"/18" barrel. People buy two ARs to gain all those advantages and go through the whole licensing process with the ATF. I totally get wanting to buy American and the political components of owning a Tavor but it's really a idea worth full consideration. I was just reading how several militaries are seeing that this product raised the bar and are or have already transitioned to this remarkable machine. Lighter. Shorter. Quicker target acquisition. Perfect mate for a one point sling. Operable with one arm. Fits in bug out bag. It's piston driven system is more reliable than the AR's gas system. Buying now makes you one of the cool kids who's ahead of the curve.


If it's any slight consolation this is assembled in the Harriseville, PA out of almost all American parts except for the barrel.

Thanks. I think you convinced

Thanks. I think you convinced me to go with the M&P 15. I didn't realize how fun (and expensive) it can be to accessorize an AR. I can use the money I'd be saving by not purchasing the Colt to get extra mags, ammo, optics, pods.... SWEET!


I can sell you a Colt LE6920 (with Magpul furniture) right now for less than an M&P15 (as soon as another shipment comes in) - $872.00.


Under normal conditions, this colt would cost more than the S&W M&P but right now ain't normal conditions at all.

I went to my local gun store

I went to my local gun store today and they offered a brand new M&P 15 Sport for $750. The Colt was $1100. If you can go lower than $750 for the Colt, I'd get it.

You should consider Will's offer

It is a very good deal for a Colt. They have been proven for ~55 years.

Keep in mind

The M&P 15 sport has a 1&9 twist, does not have a forward assist or dust cover, is comm-spec and, unless I'm mistaken, the bore is not lined with anything. The Colt LE6920 that I showed you, on the other hand, has a 1&7 twist, is mil-spec, has a forward assist and dust cover and has a chrome lined barrel. Furthermore, the Colt in question has Magpul furniture (and the M&P15 sport has the cheaper stock furniture).

In summary, it's not a good comparison. While the M&P 15 is a little cheaper, you're getting MUCH more for the extra $75 or so with the Colt LE6920 with Magpul furniture.

No question...

No brainer. Colt>M&P 15 Sport any day. Especially at those prices.

I like them all (well most)

I'm not a Ford or Dodge guy when it comes to a finely made firearm. I don't have a particular affinity for Glock but I love the guys that do as I get alot of return business from them buying my ammo.

My favorite pistol is my 1911 .45acp and I c.c. a Springfield XD 40sw. I also shoot a TON of 9mm with my CZ75.

I'm just about to pick up a HK dealership and will probably get a new VP9 9mm next. It's supposed to be the Cadillac of 9mm's, we shall see.

At the end of the day the most fun things to shoot are my HK416 and my custom Lauer Match AR15. I manufacture Vmax 55gr for these babies (and for sale too) and can punch the eyeball out of a gopher at 100yrds all day long. woot!

Ammunition -- 9mm - 40s&w - 45acp - .223/5.56x45 -- www.ammopit.com
Bulk Components starting this month also with 223 bullets!

I am a glock 17 guy myself.

Fits my hands...

Conceal carry it no problem so long as I am not in short or a tee shirt.


Can't stand them

I personally do not like Glocks. I am a 1911 fan (greatest handgun ever designed).

I believe that Glocks, among other things, are unsafe and a lot of accidents could be prevented if Glock would put a safety on their handguns. That stupid trigger safety is NOT a safety - it only ensures that the weapon will no discharge if it's dropped. They should have a manual safety (right about where they are on the 1911).

I've held and shot a lot of pistols. Nothing shoots better than a good 1911.

You can trick 'me out...

YouTube the upgrades. People make them competition level pistols while retaining all their original advantages. The ones I've seen look pretty sexy.

A Glock will not

Discharge with out the single action 5 pound trigger being pulled all the way back. The only accidents I have ever seen with Glocks were completely operator error caused. If you have info on a glock discharging while holstered, or something similar I would honestly love to hear about it.


Strangely silent after I posted information about two incidents of a "Glock discharging while holstered"...

Maybe we could say "Hmm, that's certainly food for thought. Maybe a manual safety WOULD be a good thing." or, maybe "Wow, yea, Glock's do suck!". LOL

To be fair, however, one incident was a Glock discharging while BEING holstered. ;-)

My intent was not to

Challenge you in any way. I bet my right nut 12 hours a day by appendix carrying my glock, so I was very, very interested if you had had or were aware of any experiences with the holstered discharge issue. I agree with you that a external thumb safety could likely prevent some accidents involving glocks.

As far as 1911's go, I learned to shoot pistols on a very old colt 1911. Comparing a 1911 to a glock is like comparing a classic mustang to a acura. Nice 1911s are art, I'm not putting art down my pants and sweating on it while I chop firewood all day.

Thank you

But you DID mean to challenge me and proclaim that I was wrong and that your beloved Glock was infallible and you failed to address my response head-on. You chose, instead, to deflect and ignore the reality that Glocks are simply unsafe.

As for your analogy, I am sorry but the Glock is not some fine tuned machine. It is a blocky, poorly fitted to the hand, simple piece of plastic shit that is unsafe whereas the 1911 is not only a work of art but also a finely engineered tool that served the US military VERY well for over 60 years before some worthless dorks decided to switch to the Beretta. A well made 1911 is durable, safe and dependable. I have carried a 1911 for 8+ years and never worry about sweating on it, dropping it or bumping it against anything. When I draw it and pull the trigger, it ALWAYS goes bang. I am sick to death of all the worn out, tired and ridiculous arguments for Glock over the 1911.

Browning was a genius! All others fall short...

did you notice

That I am still not arguing with you. I am not challenging you, I'm not down voting your comments. I think we just got off on the wrong foot. I read your initial post, and based on your strong opinions it occurred to me you might have some extensive knowledge of firearms. I like to ask questions, so I asked a question. I stated a factual pretense to that question in a attempt to illicit a direct response, while at the same time challenging no claims you had made. You have made your point. Loud and clear. I gotta go, my glock is almost done in the dishwasher.

Peace- Mike