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Glock 19 Perfection in a 9mm Handgun

Some prefer revolves over auto loading handguns, while others simply want a simple .22 for target practice and recreation on the weekend. The “perfect” handgun for me may not be right for you or your needs, it is a personal choice that only you can make.For me the perfect handgun is the Glock 19.

I bought mine a Gen 1, (I now have a Glock Gen 4) years ago from a local gun shop, and immediately fell in love. It is just the right size and fits my hands perfectly. The Glock 19 is small enough for everyday concealed carry without pulling your pants off, yet large enough to serve as a full-size weapon, offering accuracy and magazine capacity of 15 rounds which is comparable to full-sized auto pistols.

Glock pistols are capable products right out of the box, but can be made even better with the addition of a few choice accessories, most of which are also offered by Glock. The first thing I did to mine was replace the standard synthetic sights, with the more durable Ghost Ring Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights that are proven to give shooters quicker accurate follow-up shots and greater accuracy at night.



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Why do people dislike good DEBATE and confuse it with "arguing". I'm not "arguing" with you either - I am trying to debate you (it's not personal darn it - I like a good debate and don't mind if it heats up a little and don't understand why others get so uncomfortable with it).

As for down-voting, I'm glad you're not down-voting - that would be silly. Down-voting is a misused and abused tool. It should be used for when someone posts off-color or inappropriate stuff - NOT just because you disagree with a theory/concept/personal opinion/etc...


Yes indeed. Marxism/communism would work and be a wonderful thing if only you could change human nature (ahh wonderful utopia) but, alas, humans are humans and they don't change. Therefore, Marxism is a flawed theory right from the start.

Now, before you blast me on this point, please carefully consider what I'm saying - any theory that is premised on changing human nature is fatally flawed - that's all I'm trying to say.

Why do I point this out in this discussion you might ask? Easy, humans have a tendency to do stupid shit. Many will not learn or practice good gun safety and/or have lapses (especially a lot of cops!!). A handgun that is designed with the notion that "if the human does everything right, nothing bad will happen", in my mind, is flawed. I like manual safeties because they help overcome those moments of stupidity and/or lack of good training and practice. They can mean the difference between shooting your dog (or wife or kid etc.) and "oh damn! I almost shot my dog/kid/wife/etc. - thankfully there was a manual safety in place!!!".

A perfect example of where a 1911 would NOT have discharged and a Glock DID discharge IN THE HOLSTER can be found here (video of incident):


I have seen the video of this incident and, alas, it could have been avoided. However, he was not overly careless. His mistake was actually pretty simple and could have happened to anybody. IF the firearm had a manual safety and/or a grip safety, this accident would not have happened. Now you can talk all day long about what you think he did wrong but, if you try to argue that, you'll only support my position - he is human and made a mistake and, if there was a manual safety and/or a grip safety, his mistake would NOT have resulted in a BANG (and a ton of embarrassment).

There was also another story that I read where a man was holstering his Glock and it discharged because the holster had become creased and, as he was pushing the pistol down into the holster, the holster snagged the trigger and pulled it back far enough to go BANG! Fortunately for the guy, his wound was fairly superficial (but I bet it hurt like hell).

"My Glock Bores Me"

Seems like some owners feel the need to str@y from their 'rel@tionship'. :)

Glock 17

I prefer the G-17 and I conceal carry a G-26. But my ultimate dream gun is the Glock 18 full auto! >:)

Rent one...

"But my ultimate dream gun is the Glock 18 full auto!"

Rent one and get it out of your system. They're a nightmare to control! The best I could do with any semblance of repeatability was 3-5 round bursts and even with a folding front grip it wasn't accurate past bad breath range. It's a fun experience but to me it seems more like a toy than anything truly useful.

How about the G-18

With the attachment that makes it a SBR. I have seen it on youtube before and it looks pretty controllable.

Which one?

I've found the single point stocks to be flimsy but okay, while the carbine conversions are a little better. No matter what you try it's still a very light pistol with a high rate of fire. Worse than a Micro Uzi or M11/9.