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South Africa's Illegal Gold Mines

Deadly Illegal Mining Booms Below South African City of Gold
Pirate Gold Mining Thrives In The Remnants Of South Africa's Boom Times

The gold underground is matrixed with quartz inside 'reefs' throughout the Johannesburg area. It is mined, crushed and extracted using sodium cyanide as a leach solution, then precipitated out of solution by various methods. It's a relatively simple process.
The 'process' shown in the film is very crude.. hand crushing, sluice concentrating then capture using mercury to extract (then smelting).
These are the deepest mines in the world.. some miles deep. Workers in active mines wear 'ice jackets' to harvest the ore because of the heat.


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Rough Life!

It is impossible for me not to feel incredibly grateful for what I have after watching that! Wow. That is a really rough way to live, did anyone else laugh you when saw the KFC in Africa? I've seen em everywhere but Africa...?
South Africa may have half the unmined gold in the world but they also have at least half of the unmined platinum and palladium too. It's a shame that that doesn't seem to make it a rich country.

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