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Morning Joe discussion: Democrats who underestimate Rand Paul are making a mistake

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Thank you for the video.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

moron joe is unpredictable

he's actually gotten worse the longer he's been on msnbc.

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Rand Paul 2016


Morning Joe did something good.

Just keep in mind that last week they were all Justin Amash's speech was "Bad for America!" Before that, they contended that the Bundy Ranch incident was all about Anarchy, not Libertarianism, and before that they were rightfully spanked hard by guests Russell Brand and Glenn Greenwald for other issues.

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talking point

The fed got QE

the war machine got ISIS.

I Think They Like Him

It just sounds like they like him and his libertarian positions.

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Fortune favors the bold.

that is all.

Rand has Democrats & Independents in a hypnotic trance

They can't keep their eyes off him, they can't stop talking about him.

Rand is easily the best chance to get a Conservative into the White House.

The Paul team is smart, going after Hillary first so he has the best match up, the best numbers to beat her.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ron Paul vetted Rand's entire strategy. Rand is a smart guy, but he's a first term senator.

No way Rand came up with this by himself.

"If ISIS continues to

"If ISIS continues to expand... yada yada." Are you fucking kidding me? ISIS exists as a DIRECT RESULT of US policy in the region. ISIS is the horrific spawn of HER "let's support Maliki, let's destroy Assad" policies.

For the first time, I'm starting to think Rand Paul has it in him to possibly do the right things with American foreign policy. That took some balls and serious intelligence to call out Hillary like that. Truly a brilliant move I think. Hope to see more of that.

Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton. I really think so. But considering every good Christian/Republican wakes up every morning lusting after the blood of dismembered children, be they Arab, Persian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, or various other darker colored races, I worry about his chances in the Republican primary.

I saw that too.

What a bunch of d'bags. At least they said what they wanted. To get Americans to want to kill brown people again but I think Rand can outfox that one too though. When they telegraph it you can go on offense and I bet he does. He has been attacking Hitlary for a while now and making sure to point out her flaws every step of the way. This is all calculated. Ron told us that everything is political.

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Agreed. IF WE SIMPLY GOT OUR INTERESTS OUT OF THERE, there would be no ISIS threat! The reporter who was killed was doing his job at a known risk to his own life. Regrettably, he paid that price, but HE DECIDED ON HIS OWN TO BE THERE.

Be still my heart....

Are people finally taking notice?

For all his faults

And we have discussed them on this site ad infinitum, Rand is still the Democrats worst nightmare.

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Great clip

Love the way he pointed out that in a Rand / Hillary race, you would end up with a neocon on the democratic side.

Neocons on the side of democrats - from where they came and

where they belong.

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It was great.

Not much minimizing either, made me smile. :)