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Thank You to Everyone Reading DailyPaul 7 Yrs Now (Dramatic Non-Exit)

Recently there has been a lot of debate about what Dailypaul is. Is it another news aggregation site like Drudge? Does it serve a purpose? Is there any unified libertarian movement here? It is fun to watch users give ceremonial goodbyes and a rant or diatribe as to why they are leaving. I'm not sure why there are these dramatic Dailypaul exits but it is charming and characteristic that as people that support Ron Paul it appears we rarely leave quietly without some burst of self expression.

Anyway, I like reading all of these posts about local police issues and upcoming legislation. To me Dailypaul is like Drudge only it covers even more obscure local news that Drudge does not cover. The posts on legislation both state and federal are very helpful. I was buying body armor but I am for sure buying body armor NOW thanks to the post on body armor legislation. The regular links to way left field youtube "conspiracy" videos (ie MH 370) most of which I believe and ustream protest and riot videos (ie Bundy Ranch, Ferguson) are also highly enjoyable. Drudge does not offer this.

I take a lot of news and posts from here and email it to Infowars so they will cover it. Like the videos of gun confiscation in New York, and others. The economic charts- very enlightening. It is also fulfilling to read posts of the indignities users are suffering like the post about the feeling ashamed about having consented to a urine test for employment.

I guess I feel at home knowing that others have similar sensitivity to dehumanization we are going through and at least are capable of recognizing what is happening to them or experiencing outrage at the way the media is distorting events. The Henry Rollins videos have been good. The post here about how we are all going to die young if we sit too long- satisfying. I guess I want to thank you all for being alert, caring, contemplative individuals with a sense of morality and personal dignity.

Reading Michael's posts about why to carry on and to get back to what the site was created for was inspiring. I don't really know what Dailypaul was created for: libertarian ideals? I guess at one point I thought it was created to get Ron Paul elected. Now I hope it will be focusing on getting Rand Paul elected.

But if for none of that I hope it will continue to serve as a gathering place for people who are "awake" and who care about events that impact our freedom. Each day I search Drudge, DailyPaul, Infowars for news and opinions. I am very thankful for Dailypaul and I think it serves a great purpose and will continue reading as long as it exists, Anyway, this is what this site is to me and I thank you all and Michael for making it what it is.

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Why does the DP need a

Why does the DP need a "purpose" in order to justify it's existence?

Because it takes time, effort

Because it takes time, effort and resources to run and if it doesn't have a purpose that's a waste of Michael's time. Anything without a purpose in life is a complete waste of time. Know what you are doing and why. Time is too precious to squander.

I am not saying the DP is a waste, I think it serves many purposes.

excellent post


The DP is a motivator to pursue Liberty.


What news sources lack is

What news sources lack is encapsulated here, with a liberty oriented point of view I find inspiring. Every post is a learning experience, and any can be a call to act. My first toolbar link.

Yeah I use it as a news aggregate site.

If it is gone, I'm going full 4chan and "dey racis" lol but are funny and on top of anything.

I've been here

since 2007. Just before the first money bomb and loved this site, and all it's growing pains. I agree with you, This is one of my favorite sites to visit...just waiting for that next news article, or video that get me curious as to where we are going.

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"The first moneybomb"

Sometime before that first moneybomb, I walked up to Dr. Paul, and with a big smile said "Remember, remember, the 5th of November!" One of his bodyguards jumped between us and asked "What is the 5th of November?" giving me a look like I was threatening Dr Paul. Yes, we were truly grassroots, setting brush fires across the country, and the "Official Campaign" only worked to squelch our enthusiasm. If he had only known what he had.

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