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Typical voter these days

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voting is an addiction

It's harder to kick than smoking.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

These days?

Voting always has and always will do that, when people can't opt out of the system that's being voted on!

Unless you vote for the Bill of Rights, and also voting to take

away the regulations and restrictions on freedom that are continuing to happen because of the corrupt politicians. Not saying not voting is a bad thing, quite honestly I wish we didn't have to keep this thing in check. I say educate in all ways, but the question is, HOW DOES TYRANNY STOP GROWING IF NO ONE KEEPS IT IN CHECK FOR MORE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM WITHIN THE POLITICAL SYSTEM?

Another question, do you think the powers that be that know we are a threat to their established order want us to vote for more freedom??????????????

One more, is it easier to convince misinformed Americans to vote for limiting the government or not voting at all for a better free America?

Will tyranny be at our doorstep in the future if we ignore the corrupt political process?

kind people rock

Questions for Anarchists?

Please in no way think I'm trying to stir up emotional arguments. I ponder what the future holds with individual freedom and tyranny within the growth of the beast going unchecked. I like Anarchy, but it seems like a harder sell than limited government within the majority of society. I wonder how totalitarian countries came to be, was it because of people's apathy to never keep anything in check until they had no more voice to help others? I would be interested if anyone respectfully would like to share any of their answers, thoughts, or theories. Peace and Information, DAILY PAUL!

kind people rock


Yeah this about sums it up.