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Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. Here’s why he probably won’t go to jail

Will Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson ever be prosecuted for shooting Michael Brown?

Since August 9, when Wilson shot and killed Brown, an unarmed teenager, protesters have taken to the streets of the St. Louis suburb and cities around the United States to insist that Wilson be charged in Brown's death. Their demand, emblazoned on T-shirts, inked onto handmade signs, and voiced in chants of "no justice, no peace," speaks to a widely held fear that the courts and police will be more interested in protecting the rights of a white police officer with no disciplinary record than the rights of a black 18-year-old.

Local and federal investigations into the shooting are underway, and a St. Louis County grand jury has already begun to hear evidence about the case. That does not mean that a conviction, or even a trial, is guaranteed. The justice system is still a system: there are rules that must be followed, steps that must be taken, and criteria that must be fulfilled. Here's what you need to know.

Wilson could be prosecuted in federal court, state court, or possibly both


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No safe place to house him.

Cops don't go to jail because it would be "Solitary Confinement" for them. They would not last a couple days in with the general population. I am all in for a "special Prison" for just bad LE officers to do their time. We would only need one and the proposal to build one might just change attitudes for the better. It's time...

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Anytime all the media shows up

it is only to spin a narrative for the these purposes; obfuscation, implant mental images used to manipulate your emotions, or to present some aspect of the American royalty / state wonderfulness.

That is it - there is no more organic state media - it is all produced to assault your ability to think clearly. Ignore the narrative completely as that is the only way to beat it.

Soon enough it will become clear what the desired use of the narrative is and then we will all know the real story of Ferguson. For example: Post Aurora the media and American royalty attempt to disarm people yet again. Narrative = gun control

Maybe the hoodwink goal has been revealed I don't know.

Ferguson has been highly effective turning white enslaved Americans against black enslaved Americans. Highly effective nurturing police viewing us as an enemy that must be dealt with, and us feeling the same about the police. On just these points the media narrative has been successful.

Refuse to be programmed.


Liberty = Responsibility

He probably wont go to jail beacuse thankfully

you are still aloud to defend yourself in this country.

The kids was a thug. A punk.
I have no problem bashing cops - and often do. But in this case - it really seems the kid went too far and it ended up costing him big time.

Funny - they sent all these people to the funeral - did anybody bother to stop in to the convenience store the punk robbed and pay them back, pay some restitution for the emotional distress and physical harm this punk did? Yeh - he is just a good kid the cops picked on. Something tells me that clerk he grabbed is probably very happy he will never see this kid again.

What I really want to know is if the mommy who thinks here son was such an angel even bother to pen a letter to clerk and attach a check.
I am guessing not.

He didn't steal Cigars

see https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/did-michael-brown-steal...

And if you are allowed to defend yourself against someone running away, - since it is now clear that he was shooting as Brown ran away - then things have changed alot.

I know , it was a pre-emptive strike because maybe brown one day would have committed a crime, I mean, he's black, right

my favorite ridiculous theory of them all

he wasn't stealing, he paid for them, and the clerk was merely trying to give his change back.

I challenge you to view the video and point out the precise moment the alleged money was given to the cashier.

I challenge you to watch the

I challenge you to watch the video and answer these questions

Why did they leave half the cigars on the counter and only take the ones that fell on the floor ? Which he counted btw before walking away ?

Where is the angle that shows the register ? There was 6 cameras but only 2 shown

Why did nobody from the store call 911 ? Supossably someone in the store called them but the chief admits darren wilson had no clue when stopping MB

So at best with the store incident youre trying to prove MB didnt deserve to live , it could never be proof he deserved to die though

As for DW fractured face , he never once touched his face , point to it , act injured or anything in the original video of him standing by the body with another cop , even if he had assualt is not punishable by death

Not sure how a cop cusses someone for jaywalking , then flips it in reverse because someone didnt bow to him and someway , we dont know , But empties his magizine only landing half his bullets and people defend this crazy nutcase of a cop

Store didn't call...

because they didn't want their business attacked. Somebody else called and the business burned down. Wow guess the owner knew better.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Oh - well in that case he only likes to rough people up

according to your sited article "because he was carded".

Well, go figure, this kid DOES sound like a fine upstanding citizen after all - I mean - who hasnt slapped a clerk around for carding them. Hell - I wish I was young enough to get carded just so I could get back to the slap the clerk that carded you game.

And I wasnt aware it was clear he was running away. You failed to site that source. My understanding is he was shot facing the cop.

And save your he's black crap for the mental midgets.
My take is clear - he's a punk - he assaulted and officer - officer defended himself. Nothing to do with black. Nothing to do with white.

He likes roughing people up ?

Yeah, that's enough reason to kill him.

Better story, Cop over reacts because mundanes did not respect his authoritah. Screechs his car in reverse, stops too close to Brown, and opens his door on him for no reason. Brown pushes the door back and it bumps the officers face, which scares the little pussy, who is used to people cowering and doing whatever he says. he goes for his gun, tries to shoot brown, who pushes the gun away. The gun goes off, brown runs away, and the officer chases unloads 6 shots at Brown, and is such a good shot he misses all but one. Brown turns around, and tries to surrender, by laying on the ground. Panty waste cop, scared of the big black guy, mistakes surrender for charging, puts four rounds into him, the last two in the head as he was going down.

Clearly you have some anger issues

You can find 100 cases of cops being complete aholes - over reaching authority - going bat shit crazy. Sorry - but this wont be case 101. The kid was a shit head - sometimes when you act like a shit head - you get what you get.

And btw - yes - if the punk ass kid has such disregard for other peoples health and safety that he is willing to cause bodily harm just for asking for an ID - then odds are - the cop killing him saved others from danger.

The kid was trouble - and trouble begets trouble. Sad, but that the way it is in life - you play with matches - sometimes you get burned.

And someday when someone threatens your life - let me know how you accuracy and trigger control is.

How do you know what he was ?

A couple seconds of video from a quickie mart, and a radio report from someone who claims they know the police's side of the story (which has been shown to have some mistakes already ? )

We have no official police report at this point yet.

Why are you jumping to conclusions about his character ? Might you have some bias in your thinking ?

Nope - no bias in my thinking

You simply cannot put your hands on other people - its called assault and it is a felony.

It also says a lot about a person's character in general. I am not jumping to conclusions - I am basing conclusions upon the acts I see with my own eyes. The man in the store clearly has a question about the purchase and is attempting to stop Brown. Now, this has happened to me and a lot of people - like when you go to home depot and the damn door starts beeping at you.

See, being a person of good citizenship and moral fiber - I just stop and wait for the cashier to give me an ok or come check it out. What I dont do is push the clerk away and come at them in a threatening manner - I show them my receipt - they go over my cart and we all go our merry way. See, that is what people of good character do.
Brown pushes the clerk out of the way and makes a threatening gesture. That is bad character.

See - no jumping to conclusions - just basing my conclusions off the values my parents taught me and comparing them to what Brown was doing. After comparing them I use my life experience to determine Brown is a punk.

No Jumping to conclusions ?

I simply don't believe that you (or anyone) has not been aggressive at some time with some body, pushed them, moved aggressively towards them - the things you see in the video.

Imagine if a video of you was posted, that one time you got mad at the Church Ice Cream social, and because of your high blood sugar started yelling at the deacon that the King James version of the Bible was better than the new international version. Everyone would see how you intimidated him, and shook your bible at him. Maybe the Bible slipped out of your hands, and it looked like you threw it at him - If they posted that video, would that make you a punk ?

Yeah, you're not Biased at all.

Oh- I never said I was Gandhi

Of course I have been aggressive towards people - been in many a fights - served in the Marine Corp Infantry so fighting was pretty much a job description.
But you have to be a real pseudo-intellectual to think that is the same as going after a store clerk. Far from. No - never went after some dude just doing his job to try to feel "tough". I am sure I did some "punk" things as a kid - but robbing a store and grabbing a clerk isnt on my list of accolades.

And your anger just keeps pouring out. Now you have brought religion into it. Sorry, but I can't help you there in you simpleton attempt at humor(or was it irony) - either way I haven't been to church since I was like 12 - except maybe a wedding and a funeral here and there - so add religion to your list of issues to work out in therapy.

I guess we have to wait for the GJ but...

if the story I read stating Michael Brown fractured Wilson's orbital socket then approached him after being told to freeze, I can't understand why you would prosecute him.

I totally agree that too many cops have gone wild and I'm for demilitarizing the police but this case was a justified killing if the story is true.

Open your eyes

Darren Wilson isn't going to jail because there is no Michael Brown.
Posting this story above just serves to re-tell and hence solidify a narrative created by "the media." But it isn't the actual narrative.
I challenge you to do a little digging and think about it. How do you really know Michael Brown ever existed? How do you know they didn't just use pictures of a kid who died elsewhere?
How do you know? Because "the media" said so? The same "media" that said some CIA operative got beheaded?

didn't exist?

who was that body in the street laying face down, a mannequin?

you people who go around pretending to be "aware" are actually the ones with wool pulled over their eyes.

You may have a point here.

You may have a point here. The media tends to show younger pictures of Brown making him appear wide-eyed and innocent which we all know from the footage of robbery in convenience store that this was a violent man ...a bully to others it appears. Referring to him as a "gentle giant" by media is also a myth it seems. Was he hopped up on drugs as it would also appear from the cigar drug-related accessories that he stole?

Hopped up on marijuana ?? Lol

Hopped up on marijuana ?? Lol Are you lost ? How did you find this site ..

Your fishing line is

Your fishing line is showing....

he wasn't speaking symbolically

he is actually saying that we live in a truman show so organized that there actually wasn't a shooting, and everyone is an actor.

false flags exposed

Not saying this is since we don't have all info yet. How many more haven't yet been exposed? time will tell

i get false flags

that doesn't make everything a reality-tv show. when the media swoops in to control the narrative, they are just using the opportunity. why use a fake shooting, when you can use a real one.

false flags exposed

How many more haven't yet been exposed? time will tell