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New computer advice needed

Hey DP

My Lenovo "all in one" took a crap,,,, and i'm in internet DP withdrawal

I have some paypal cash to use up, and lended to me, so i'm going ebay.

i want another "all in one",,,, easy to move,,, transport between households.

i would like to go with a 23' screen.

ebay has em all around $500.
I mostly use my computer to browse the net and store my pics and videos. That's it,no programs, games,or addons. I'd like to eventually be able to download stuff from youtube,, burn it on discs to get liberty and health stuff in others hands.
so i need just the basics
questions i may have

I see Acer, Asus, HP pavillion, Gateway
any thoughts on which is better or to avoid???

Most of these are manufacture refurbished.Is that ok??? I'm willing to take the chance i guess,,,all the sellers have good ratings.

i see processors from 1.9 to 2.3,,, does that matter for what i'm doing???

What stats and figures should i be looking at and comparing??

I don't have to have touchscreen, i prefer the mouse
and most of these are manufacture refurbished.Is that ok??? I'm willing to take the chance i guess,,,all the sellers have good ratings.

what things do i want to look for that would be better, I am ashamed to say i know very little about computers , except browsing the internet, DP, and ronpaul forever altered my thoughts and path

here's links to what i was browsing,,,, not that i expect anyone to waste their time on me,,, but just in case





thank you for any advice you guys may have

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Roll your own

It ain't that hard. If an individual piece fails, simply replace it. Avoid Microsoft/Apple - they are in bed with The State. I'm using UBUNTU 14.04 (a flavor of linux). Works like a charm. Lots of free software available. 13.x is no longer supported, so much of the available software will not install on 13.x. You can find the disk (14.04) on Amazon for about $10.

Leges sine moribus vanae

Newest Best-Of Linux Distribution: Linux Mint 17 XFCE

Hello. I thought you'd like to take a look at this:


Free Download (Official Website):


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I really like this distro as

I really like this distro as well. Zorin 8 is worth a peek but not as stable.

I personally would only buy an

Apple. I've been using them since the early 80s. Simplicity, options, power, all around convince, and cost (because I value my time) are just a few of the factors to consider. And you can also get fully loaded macs on ebay with two warranties for great prices.

But hey thats just my opinion.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Another Question: Can your computer be saved?

Another Question: Can your computer be saved? Many times people come to me or a friend of mine (he is the computer geek, not me really) with stories of "dead computers". We have restored many - much to their suprise and for no charge. Just for fun and to be nice.

There are many reasons to attempt to save a computer - without spending money doing so. 1-Having a back-up computer even if you buy a new one. 2- Having a LINUX OS Computer (Many former Windows XP users have switched to Linux). 3- Having a computer to give as a gift to someone who needs one.

***If you have given up on this computer, then trying out a few things would not hurt. This is all rather simple, but if uncomfortable you can always ask a friend who is a little more comfortable with computers that you***.

If your computer TURNS ON, not all hope is lost. You have not provided such details. You said you don't know much about computers (nothing to be ashamed of: Most people don't. I only know because of my friend: It's always nice to have such a friend :).

Before you "give up", if it turns on:

Burn a Bitdefender Rescue CD on ANOTHER computer (in case yours is infected with viruses and malware which could well be the case).

---> http://www.bitdefender.com/support/how-to-create-a-bitdefend...

Download Here: http://www.bitdefender.com/support/how-to-create-a-bitdefend...

Free Burning Software (You are burning an "Image" onto CD, so when you are ready, remember to choose that): https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/7110/burning-software/As...

Load the CD on your computer. Turn the computer OFF. Then turn the computer back on and press (..and keep pressing) the F-12 key. That will take you onto the BIOS screen. From there using the arrow keys, choose Boot from CD. Press Enter. BITDEFENDER WILL LOAD and will scan your system automatically. If it finds something, it will clean it.

If that saves your computer, download Malware Bytes to your computer and run that. It has saved many computers. It's Free Too.


And last but not least:


And no matter whether you rescue this computer or not: Even if you get a new one: 3 Things EVERYONE should have loaded on their PC's:
1: A Really Good INTERNET Security Antivirus (Like Bitdefender or Kaspersky), 2-Malware Bytes and 3-Advanced System Care for maintenence.

And: Uninstall Any and ALL junk programs you don't need.

Best of luck :)

And what is it about LINUX that I love? IT IS ALSO THE COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE. People who will help you and become your friend.

LINUX IS "OUTSIDE THE MATRIX". Sort of like The Ron Paul Revolution :)

Look for LINUX Meet-Up Groups in your area. They are like us :)

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halkf the screen is going dark,,, or shady, cloudy,,,,
but also and worse

when i turn it on,,, i see the LOADING screen for like a second, then goes black,,, and then i see the "STARTING WINDOWS" for a split second and back to black,,,,

so it seems the screen is bad,,,, or whatever makes that work

because if i hit the ON/OFF button for the monitor,,, it will quickly flash on,,, meaning i can see it for like a second and then back to black
and if i were to keep repeatedly pressing that on/off button over and over it will keep flashing where i can see my password screen

so something is not allowing me to see the screen,,, it's on ,just like behind a blank screen

i did a little searching on what it could be,, and all of it seemed expensive,, as in i'd be ahead,with it's age, to buy new

my local, reasonable computer guy said i'd have to go with a certified manufacturer type repair place which equals big bucks
he could be wrong but has always steered me right

although i did read somewhere it mentioned it can be a windows update that screwed it up???? any ideas

i know the cloudy shady half screen they say the bulbs are quite intricate and also expensive

after reading my description do you recommend i still try your steps 1-2-3???

Hello. These are my recommendations for your computer.

Hello. I am not the "expert" here. My friend is and I can tell you this: Those people from "The Geek Squad" - and others - know NOTHING compared to someone like my friend. You could take it to a truly good repair shop but again: That is spending lots of money on a computer that is not worth the investment. Lenovo is a Chinese company. I use Dell. So: Your idea of a New Computer is The Best. However: Don't throw that computer away. It could be a WONDERFUL LEARNING TOOL for you down the road, so that if anything ever goes wrong with a computer of yours again, you would have the KNOW-HOW to fix it yourself - by having your old computer to practice on without fear of messing up a new computer. See? That is how I learned. Not with my New Computer, but with an OLD computer my friend rescued and installed Linux on.

I will have more ideas for you. Try what I told you. I wish you had a friend that could help you with this nearby. PAYING IS NOT WORTH IT. All your money should go to a NEW Computer --- UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUN LINUX - Then an older, used computer won't be a problem but unfortunately you are looking for a Laptop with a very LARGE Screen (23 Inches!!! On a LAPTOP??? I have NO IDEA where you could ever get that). The following is a suggestion (I like Dell Computers). ***This would be good if you could contact Fry's and tell them you want THIS computer but with WINDOWS 7 instead of 8 - or contact Dell Directly, send them this link, and tell them you want ONE LIKE THIS AT THIS PRICE but with Windows 7. ***I am sure they can do that - for THE SAME PRICE - and you will only have to wait for like a week for Dell to ship them one with Windows 7 on it. Trust me on that.Windows 7 is Microsoft's Flagship Operating System. For your needs is perfect and the price is right (actually ONE HELL of a bargain. Tell them if they work something like this for you they will have a new customer). You'll have extra money for a Large External Monitor: ***They are OUT of these now, but something like this is fine. You could contact them and ask to speak with the manager and work something out: http://www.frys.com/product/8053544?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

Want an external 24 Inch Monitor to go with that? http://www.frys.com/product/8172695?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG

If you could wait until this year's Black Friday Sale, you could get a nice NEW computer for $200. (Really...and without going to a store. From home. Too bad this happened just now).

***In the meantime you could try what I told you with a BITDEFENDER Rescue Disc. You will need a Blank DVD and of course you will have to do that on another computer. Then load it on your computer, turn the computer off, then back on and press F-12 - and keep pressing - and hopefully the BIOS screen will load without going blank.

I will keep an eye on this thread. Remember what I told you about LINUX? This is what the Linux Community is like. You can create an account on Linux Forums and plenty of people will be there to help you :)

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thank you

for the detailed reply


for now i'm gonna get the 23' asus.

i do still need to get my pics, video's and favorites off the old one so it's not going anywhere and your "learning tool advice " is a good one

learning more computer basics is on my to do list,,, but as you know time goes by quick and you tend to do things you enjoy more first
and life's been a roller coaster later

it's easy to put off learning computers when everything is working and then when tradgedy strikes, like now, you kick yourself

with the all in one i can open it up and add kapersky back on it and the two programs you recommended and go to town surfing and reading

i know there are better, cheaper choices but for me it seems the best way to go

my lenovo held up well for the abuse it took,,,, toppled over many times and bumpy car rides

thanks again for your replies

I only buy refurbished PCs and laptops

They work just as well. Make sure they have plenty of RAM. Sometimes they put small RAM on them. I always purchase ones without a camera.

Linux and Ram Memory: Very Little Is Needed.

Hello. Just in case you did not know: Many Linux Distributions can run in as little as 1 Gigagyte of RAM Memory. Standard RAM in a New Computer is 4 Gygabytes. That is considered very little for people who like Gaming, but for most users 4 Gigabytes RAM is more than enough. In Linux, 2 Gygabytes of RAM MEMORY is more than enough. 4 Gygabytes (Standard) is so much - which is so nice. Installing LINUX in a computer does not require Hardware Upgrades because it uses so very little resources. That is why is PERFECT for rescueing older computers at usually ZERO cost. Many work BETTER than when they were NEW 8 Years Ago. Run Linux? NO RAM Upgrages needed if you have 2 GB RAM.

This is one of the latest Linux Distributions. Take a look and feel free to Download to try. It's FREE, of course:

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Linux is better than Windows

Linux is better than Windows at installing drivers. Linux will 95% of the time auto install every driver you need.

My thoughts

If you are just web browsing, get yourself a chromebook. You can do all your email, documents and browsing through gmail, drive and chrome. It's light, and you can get a brand new one for about 200 - 250$ at Walmart.

For desktops I recommend going to newegg.com . You can read reviews and pick out highly rated machines.

Good luck.

Bad advice.

Chromebooks are trash. Buy a Chromebook if you don't want to use any other operating system (OS X, Windows, Linux.) There is a reason Chromebooks are so cheap, and it isn't value deal. They're trash; mentally handicapped limitations.

Used Laptop from Craigslist

Buy a used/old laptop from Craigslist for cheap, or from a family/friend. Not too old though....Try to find one that can boot from USB.
Then, like the lower two posters advocated, download a linux distro from the web (i use Fedora) and make a bootable cd/dvd/usb media. Its free. There's plenty of documentation on the web to get you started and you can ask us. Prior to this you'll need a working PC with iso burner software (free) and usb thumb drive (recommended) or cd/dvd RW drive hardware.

Getting A New Computer? R[3]VOLUTION OS

Hello, there.

I can't believe the responses you got (Except ONE: LINUX).

For what you want and what you do, Brand Names and Models should not be your concern. Your main concern should be Operating System.

That is: Apple, Microsoft or...LINUX.

NOW: If you like LINUX from what you will see below, you DO NOT NEED AN EXPENSIVE COMPUTER. All you need is 2 Gigabytes RAM and the Hard Disc can be as small as 80 Gigs, 120...it does not matter (...and a 1 Terabyte Western Digital Hard Drive is less than $70 these days anyway). So a used, good working computer would be PERFECT.

#1: I would only buy an Apple for Music or Video / Multi-Media Production. No reason to blow so much money otherwise.

#2: Windows? ONLY WINDOWS 7. And they want to "pull it out eventually" (their BEST Operating System).


In the opinion of EVERY PERSON I KNOW THAT KNOWS ABOUT COMPUTERS, Linux is far more secure.

It is also FREE (Unless you want Premium Versions which are inexpensive anyway). LINUX works wonderful on older computers too.


ZORIN OS (Linux) http://zorin-os.com/

***AWESOME***: Robolinux: www.robolinux.org

Other Linux Distributions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-PTQVeCF9k

OS First Time User Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRjXNz9JNSuE8n-Oej4Rflw

So: Apple Operating System, Microsoft Operating System or...LINUX.

REVOLUTION OS: The Story Of Linux. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxjElWL8igo

***Note: If you decide to buy a computer to install LINUX on, make sure it DOES NOT HAVE Window 8 / Windows 8.1 in it. Big Headache.

Wisdom Strategies

C_T_CZ's picture

Apple OS...

I work in a Windows dominated world (90%), with some Linux / SuSE installations (10%). When my home PC died 2 years ago I took the plunge and bought a refurbished Apple Mac Mini from the Apple site. Same cost as a cheepo Dell (around $500). Threw in 16GB RAM. I love it, love it, love it.

Generally I agree with your assessment and it's sound advice. My only comment is that music or video production is not the only reason to get an Apple. Another reason is if you want a rock solid piece of hardware coupled with the best operating system yet devised by mankind. If that's your goal (it was mine), Apple is the way to go.

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

Exactly, you just listed the best selling points for Mac.

Great & very high quality hardware, the best operating system in the world.

Allow me to make a minor correction

ALL Linux OSs flavors are free regardless of feature or distrubutor due to the GPL. Any distributor is also required to provide the source code for the OS. What you are paying for when you buy a "premium" version is the printed documentation and/or technical support.

Other than this Linux is your best bet. It is far more secure, far more versitile, far more adaptive, and if you get Compiz Fusion it is far prettier, too.

NOTE : If you must run MS Windows I would suggest learning to do so from a virtual machine. Far more secure than booting it up PLUS you get the bonus of being able to do your Linux stuff at the same time.


Avoid all in ones like the plague, Computers often have one or two pieces of hardware fail from time to time, With a personal computer (Desktop) You can replace this parts fairly easily... With an All in One you will most likely need to replace the entire system.

Try Newegg or Pricewatch.com for Premade Desktops and you will save yourself a headache and money.

The Ayes have it!

Here is a list

From Pricewatch, I've been building computers since I was 13 and I have always used Pricewatch if there is an option to test run the computer before it's shipped do it.


The Ayes have it!

I did not know about Pricewatch. Good Website. Thanks!

I did not know about Pricewatch. Good Website. Thanks!

Wisdom Strategies

I have to ask, what's with

I have to ask, what's with all the commas?



perhaps " not '

and .... not ,,,,


I purged my home of windows several years ago

It's not only because I don't trust Microsoft, but mainly because I think Windows is crap. I'm not sure how far to trust Apple, but I am pretty satisfied with OS X.

In the price range you are looking at, I would suggest a Mac Mini. Not a great gaming machine, but works pretty good as a general purpose computer; great form factor and really quiet. When I say not a great gaming machine, it doesn't mean that you can't game; for example, you can play World of Warcraft just fine, but the experience in a 25 man raid is pretty bad.

Other alternatives that I would consider are: a ChromeBook/ChromeBox or PC hardware running Linux (less gaming options currently than OS X, if that make a difference for you).

I have owned a couple of Asus and Dells over the years; had no hardware issue with either.

love your subject :-)

got me to thinking...how'd you do that?

it must be really dark where you are; or dirty, hot/cold...etc? lol

thanks for the smiles :)



I still have electricity :-)

None of those

All-in-ones are dangerous in my not-so-humble opinion. One thing breaks, the whole unit is bound to have problems and nothing is very replaceable. I'd get a tower and a separate monitor.

You should be good with an intel i5 (i7 if at all possible) processor. Get the highest GHz you can go before the price jumps big.

ASUS or GIGABYTE motherboard

8 gigs minimum memory

AMD graphics cards are the best bang for your buck right now. Graphics cards are EXTREMELY important. Nvidia is great also (head to head competitors)

You could probably find a pretty killer tower on eBay for cheap (if that is where you are the most comfortable buying it).

Check if you have a MicroCenter near you, awesome prices and service.

good advice!

if a laptop is what you want...
look at processors/cpu benchmarks (many i5 benchmarks BETTER than i7)

None of the computers you

None of the computers you listed are running Linux?

Buy a laptop with HDMI output and plug it into your big screen!

you can always

install Linux yourself