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Multimillionaire CEO of Centreplate caught beating defenceless puppy (VIDEO)


A MULTIMILLIONAIRE sports catering CEO has been caught on tape abusing and beating a defenceless puppy.

Des Hague was in the elevator of a Vancouver apartment building when he repeatedly kicked the terrified Doberman in the stomach as the terrified dog cowered against the wall.

The sickening surveillance video shows Hague yanking hard on the dog’s leash, pulling it up sharply around its neck, causing the animal to choke.

Hague is the head of Centerplate, a $6 billion-dollar company which provides snacks at sports and entertainment arenas — including the New Orleans Superdome and Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco — across the US.

The vicious attack on the puppy, which belonged to a friend of Hague’s, has led to calls for venues to boycott the company, which has fined and reprimanded the CEO.

Centerplate released a statement which read: “In no way do we condone the mistreatment of animals. This is a personal matter involving our CEO that we are currently investigating.”
The company said Mr Hague had agreed to undergo anger management therapy. He has also agreed to donate $100,000 to an animal protection shelter.


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Another narcissistic psychopath.......

blaming the victim--“I am ashamed and deeply embarrassed a minor frustration with a friend’s pet caused me to lose control of my emotional response." The pet frustrated him, and made him do it--Oh, ok, I get it.




I bet

I bet it is all GMO too.

What does his being a

What does his being a "MULTIMILLIONAIRE" have to do with anything?

I'm not against people being wealthy.

I'm not either

but wealthy people are the ones screwing us.

It's partly the studies that have been done recently

showing such a strong correlation between being a CEO and being a psychopath and the bulk of his sanction being a fine.

Defend Liberty!

I've met one (formerly)

I've met one (formerly) wealthy person who is a full-fledged pathological liar, but I've met far more unbalanced people WITHOUT a great deal of wealth. Just my experience on the matter.

The ones who are most successful

know when they can get away with their bad stuff and in the game of climbing to the top, they are most successful since nothing is off-limits. The ones who are not good at covering it up go to jail. This guy was probably very good at it, but didn't think anyone would view that elevator surveillance tape.

I knew one so good at getting away with being horrible, his former employee once told me that the way to get rid of a bad boss is to get him promoted. Unfortunately, his advice came too late for me and I'd already had my career ruined by his former bad boss, not that I was ready to play at that level of getting him promoted out of my hair anyway.

Defend Liberty!

Why boycott the company and

Why boycott the company and have all of the employee of that company suffer because they work for this guy? They didn't know that this guys was an animal abuser. Heck, if the company does bad he may very well fire some of the employees before he takes any cut in his pension. Also, how do we know if it is really this CEO if the face keeps getting blocked out in the video? Just saying. Not that I am condoning his actions, however.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

In theory, if the company is

In theory, if the company is boycotted because of the actions of this guy the board of directors and investors will have him replaced. If/when they replace them business will go back to normal or maybe business will get better as people would appreciate the company's actions.


...boycotting a company for any personal reason is prefectly legitimate. If that company fails, there is always another company to takes it's place. It's called "FREE MARKETS."

Anger management is a joke for people like him

He wasn't angry at all. That was all cold calculation. An angry person doesn't go on an elevator ride. An angry person does their crap on the spot and gets arrested.

Defend Liberty!

I joined a facebook page to

I joined a facebook page to boycott this guy. To the person who posted this -- Thanks!!!

Let's make this known to as many people as possible. This CEO guy is in a not so strong position since his company provides services to the public.

psychopath scumbag desmond hague

desmond hague
desmond hague

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Centerplate condones the mistreatment of animals

they did not fire him but put this psychopath on company probation. boycott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would have beat his ass if i was there and even after the fact. after the fact it would not have been very NAP of me but i would take the consequences for my violent actions. he better hope i never catch him slippin out in public!

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bigmikedude's picture

What is the horror and mental trauma to a

harmless helpless puppy being physically brutalized, that only wishes for love and companionship, that has no clue why someone is now brutally beating it senseless, worth?

$100,000 printed worthless U.S. paper dollars.

Glad I'm not our dictator. That POS would endure a public stoning.

For a week.

All I could think of is

All I could think of is psychopath.

LittleWing's picture

As disgusting as this is

what is even more disgusting to me is that people are sickened by this enough to comment and express outrage and condemnation, but children being slaughtered by the hundreds?? ...crickets.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

I don't get it...

One day we are up voting the post advocating "Non of my business" http://www.dailypaul.com/324758/the-biggest-thing-libertaria..., and then we are somehow, one way or another concerned about children being slaughtered, or dogs getting beat up, as though it is our business...
I honestly ask: What am I missing? If Libertarians have a "non of my business" disposition, why does this post get any attention at all?

LittleWing's picture

In your own words

in the comment you referenced, you answered the question. ;)
"Please don't confuse the role of the government with the heart of individuals."

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Maybe because most media

Maybe because most media refuse to broadcast images of people blown to pieces, therefore it "doesn't exist".

The two things are related!

The two things are related!

That guy needs to be put to

That guy needs to be put to sleep.

capital punishment is a bit harsh

but i think an old fashioned ass whoopin is in order. he should fear walking out his door every day for the rest of his life. something tells me this was not an isolated incident.

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You have no authority. Yes what he did to the dog was disgusting but death, really? You sound scary then the politicians in DC.

no authority needed

YOU and people with attitudes like you, would be the first in line to euthanize the dog if it had decided to no longer accept being mistreated and attacked the person on the other end of the leash! Even though the dogs actions would have been an act of self defense.

You talking to me?

I would euthanize a dog in that situation, pa lease. Wow quite a leap there.

Yes-I probably am scarier

Yes-I probably am scarier than politicians in dc, I'd cut off your welfare and shoot you coming across the border illegally as well.

Your name matches your intelligence

Wow! You are scary. LOL


Why would anyone who dislikes animals that much even live with themselves?

The balls to think this a$$hat can buy his way out of the abuse case is even more sickening.