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DNC blasts Rand Paul for "blame America" WSJ op-ed

This morning, Rand Paul ran an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal where he laid out his troubling foreign policy worldview.

Below please find a response from DNC National Press Secretary Michael Czin to Paul’s vision:

“It’s disappointing that Rand Paul, as a Senator and a potential presidential candidate, blames America for all the problems in the world, while offering reckless ideas that would only alienate us from the global community.

“Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Paul. Last week he criticized American policy to the president of another country on foreign soil. This week he’s blaming the Obama Administration for another nation’s civil war. That type of “blame America” rhetoric may win Paul accolades at a conference of isolationists but it does nothing to improve our standing in the world. In fact, Paul’s proposals would make America less safe and less secure.

“Simply put, if Rand Paul had a foreign policy slogan, it would be – The Rand Paul Doctrine: Blame America. Retreat from the World.”


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You (the author of this

You (the author of this thread) may want to indicate that you are quoting from the source, and that those words are not yours. I refer specifically to this passage: "This morning, Rand Paul ran an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal where he laid out his troubling foreign policy worldview."

What a ridiculous

What a ridiculous response...Did they even read what he said? There is a big difference between blaming America and blaming American foreign policy!

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.


Isn't that how liberals are typically characterized? What a joke.

I think even liberals will see through that BS.


It's how Republicans attacked John Kerry in 2004.

DNC? what vs. an apolgy tour?

So the president goes to multiple foreign lands and apologizes for America? What is more "blame America" than that? Someone needs to hash tag that and show them real blowback.

Did someone say 'Blame America?'

Isn't it funny? The only people who seem to 'blame America' are those that 'blame Americans' for speaking about blowback.

Blame America Guy


I haven't noticed any blowback.
Have you?
These people are really something.
We'll never be completely safe until we destroy the rest of humanity.
Makes me sick.


this reads like a 7-year old

a 7-year old who's parent tells them to put shoes on, refuses to wear shoes anyway, goes outside, steps on glass, and cries about taking heat for their bad decisions.

The 7-year old cries, "blaming me, makes me less secure" and “simply put, if my Mom had an outdoor policy, it would be – The Mommy Doctrine: Blame me for not listening!”

Sounds about right to me.

Aside from using the words "reckless", "alienate" and two references of "less", I completely agree.

Rand 2016!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You could put that

on a neocon site and there would be no difference. I would hope most "liberals" would see through that statement.

My first thought

Why is he quoting Jennifer Rubin? I thought the post said "DNC response"?

Since this is "Throwback Thrusday", I decided that this old Tom Woods vid is more than appropriate:


They just solidified Rand's statements and sentiments.

Democrat voters take notice, the DNC plans to run a pro-war war hawk.


this shows the D's are running pro-war this election cycle.