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Security at the Emergency Room

I took my little kid to the emergency room this morning. There was a black armored car outside and they asked to look in my purse at the security check point as I entered. I put my bag down and opened it, and then snapped it closed and said this is offensive, I'm here to take my child to the emergency room. I walked passed them and stood in line to check in. I heard them talking about me to their supervisor as I stood in line. After I checked in, a second guy approached and said I was supposed to go through security. I didn't have a speech ready for him and instead I lamely said something like, I'm not a terrorist. This is ridiculous.
I sat down with my crying child and a third man approached and tried to get my consent. I asked him what was next? -security checks and frisks at the grocery store? He said that's how it is now, it's in high schools, airports, etc. and that he didn't like it either but it's for safety. I kept arguing with him and then he asked if I had guns, knives, pepper spray, mace, etc. in my purse. I said no and nobody bugged me after that. It's probably a good thing I was armed with a crying child or I might have been assaulted for my failure to comply. It makes me so mad and if I told the truth about what I thought I would just look like a nut.

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But if you were an Illegal!

I bet that you wouldn't be questioned or searched. And in fact, you would be given care for free.

Cough at him and say

I think I might have caught tuberculosis from a illegal.

Money talks and dogs bark

I think " get the hell out of

I think " get the hell out of my way" would have been a good answer

You might be surprised

that many people are thinking exactly what you are thinking, and wouldn't consider you a nut.

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I doubt it,

not to the extreme that I'm thinking. I'd say the police state is taking over the country, that we are ruled by a shadow government, and that people who are carrying out these types of orders are basically working for the devil (or storm troopers for darth vader). I told my husband that I had given security a hard time and he told me this wasn't the place for that. I don't even have support from him so I'm not inclined to think anyone else would believe it either.

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You. Are. Not. A-lone.

(Subject is a musical reference.)

WOW. Just, mind-blowing wow. I wonder if the author of that short song (from Close Encounters of the Third Kind) realized the dual potential meaning of the last syllable.

"You are not a loan!"

Anyway, I and many others on this site are feeling the same feelings you are feeling when reading about your difficulties.

We will prevail. Tyranny might take some of us. We will still prevail.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Well, you've come to the right

place. More than a few of us think the police state is here, especially after swat raiding a grandma's house and the events in Ferguson. I become very concerned when I see tanks on tires, flash bang grenades, CS gas, rubber bullets and all that kevlar. Husbands can sometimes be weenies, I would have done the same thing had my child been sick.

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician and...

when you can, try taking your business else where.

Mirand Sharma

Just curious, do you have to

Just curious, do you have to submit to a search every day when you show up at the hospital. Maybe you should have a body cavity search every day when you leave, after all you could be smuggling out some drugs.

Do searches still sound good now?

Definitely getting easier in Texas to do this

since the stand alone ER's keep popping up. And most if not all of them welcome people to come in and check them out before you have an emergency. The frisk/search questions would be great to bring up.

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can you expand on that

are you referring to overcrowded ERs or something else?

Liberty for safty

Sorry Mr. Franklin I guess some people weren't listening ...

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